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  1. MaxVladimus

    Russian Bias out biasing itself

    Petropavlovsk doesn't have torpedos.
  2. MaxVladimus

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Helena - Boise - Nueve de Julio
  3. MaxVladimus

    Enjoy the scenery

    The plane that we see on Ranked Battles is a Messerschmitt Me 323. The largest land-based transport aircraft of WW2. @Hapa_Fodder Your picture shows a building based at the Borobudur Temple, a buddhist temple located on the island of Java, Indonesia.
  4. Tonight I had the chance to get close enough to one of those aircraft that drops the buffs on Ranked Battles. I didn't know what type of aircraft it was, so I made some research and I discovered that it's a German Messerschmitt Me 323!
  5. MaxVladimus

    I like Pi

    The irrational number of Pi is the ratio between of circle's circumference c to its diameter d. The Egyptians were the first to discover this relationship but it was Archimedes, in Greece 250 BCE, who first calculated its value. He estimated 3.14. , in China 263 CE, estimated the value 3.14159, the most accurate value for more than 1200 years.
  6. Halland is the guilty!
  7. MaxVladimus

    Gerador de fumaça

    porque existe um raio de detecção ao disparar o armamento principal dentro e atrás de uma cortina de fumaça. Esse valor varia de navio para navio, e você pode vê-lo pressionando o botão H durante a batalha. 2km ou menos é a chamada "distância assegurada", não importa onde você esteja ou se disparou ou não, você verá o adversário, assim como ele te verá também.
  8. MaxVladimus

    Mondays are weird

    holy ship... that player has 2,774 battles with the Graf Zeppelin... and 9 million xp!
  9. MaxVladimus

    Graf zeppelin black observations.

    Good text and very useful info in there. I have the Graf Zeppelin and I use the secondary build on her, yes, it's a tricky carrier to master it. But if you know well her strengths and weakness, she can be a powerful carrier on your hands. Her Attack planes are more effective against cruisers (especially light cruisers). Two days ago I made an 8k damage with a single rocket drop on a Shchors. The AP bombs, you really need a lot of luck to score 2 citadel hits, but if you hit you'll deal 14k damage almost the same damage as a BB salvo.
  10. MaxVladimus

    Battle of Java Sea

  11. MaxVladimus

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    they also forgot the Venezia.
  12. MaxVladimus


    Quanto maior a distância, maior a dispersão. E também enquanto os seus projéteis estão viajando pelo ar, o outro sujeito tem um tempo para mudar a velocidade dele e a direção (esse tempo também depende da distância dele com você).
  13. MaxVladimus

    ST, changes to test ships

    And it's OK for Saint Louis and Saint-Louis; and Lion and Lyon; Almafi and Amagi