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  1. Unicorn_Snot

    Torpedo tubes destroyed

    Torpedo tubes destroyed! That is something I use to hear from my DD captain once in a blue moon. Ever since the new patch came out I've been hearing that every other game. In fact last night I heard it twice in one game on my Minekaze, both from rocket plane attacks. I have preventive maintenance and I'm not playing any more different then I use too. Any one else been seeing this happen more lately?
  2. Unicorn_Snot

    Do any ships actually scare you...

    The ship I play the most is a Fubuki and the ship that always makes me sigh is the Kamikaze R. There so stealthy that even with my Fubuki at 6.1km detection range they can keep me spotted while I can't spot them. The only other ship that scares me is a CV that is two tiers higher then me. One well aimed rocket plane salvo can eat away half of my health in one go.
  3. Giving this a bump for those that didn't see this and could use a week of premium time during the holidays.
  4. Unicorn_Snot

    Why am I so unlucky in this ship?

    I have one ship that is cursed like this, Hatsuharu. I have to say 90% of the games I play in this thing I'm always put in higher tier games. My Fubuki which is also a tier VI destroyer only gets up tiered maybe 30% of the time. There is nothing more frustrating in a tier VI destroyer then going up against a tier VIII carrier that can chew away half of your health with one volley of rocket planes.
  5. Unicorn_Snot

    Get in there and fight maggot!

    Don't listen to this guy! After all, I would never send a full salvo of torps into a cloud of smoke.
  6. I've been playing this game for a little while now and have settled in to playing mostly destroyers. I like the cat and mouse game that is destroyers and play mostly Japanese tier V and VI with the Fubuki being my favorite. With that being said I've learned that they are fragile ships and just running in head first isn't the best idea. The problem I'm having is when it's a domination map and people get pissed that I don't go charging in to get the cap. I've learned over many battles that if I don't have someone watching my back I get sent back to the port rather quickly. Even when I do have backup if I get spotted and have more then a few people shooting at me I can easily loose 1/2 to 2/3 my health before I can even get into smoke. So why do people still think that a destroyer MUST go charging in to get the cap right from the get go? I've managed to kill a lot of ships by just hanging outside of the circle and letting them make the mistake of getting spotted first. 9 times out of 10 after the enemy does take the cap they high tail it out of there leaving it easy to grab it a few minutes afterwards. I do still charge in sometimes mostly when there aren't any carriers but most of the time if I do charge in,I'm running back out with hardly any health left.
  7. It is odd that you only see toxic chat once in a while considering what it's like in other games especially WoT. I think it has to do with the slow paced game play that is WoW. It brings a different type of person to the game. Generally more of us old timers that have been playing online for over twenty years that prefer something slower paced compared to the twitchy go go fast play style of first person shooters.
  8. Unicorn_Snot

    Rare but bad tonight ( connection)

    I've been noticing some ping jumps the last few days but I thought it was on my end. I usually hover around 30-40ms but I've been having it spike up to 200ms just enough to give me some rubber banding.It's not consistent thought and seems rather random. I've only seen it a few times today but yesterday I was getting it every match.
  9. I stopped playing World of Tanks because of the tier matchmaking. A tier 5 tank getting put in with tier 7 tanks that you can't even penetrate to do damage to. In World of Warships you can at least still do damage to higher tier ships but they still have an advantage. More health,better range, more damage etc. It's getting to the point that 75% of the games I get put into I'm at the bottom tier and the top tier is two levels above me. I like to play this game for fun so I'm not concerned about climbing tiers. At the moment the highest tier I have is 6. But even trying to play at tier 4 where the tier matchmaking is better I usually get thrown into a group with no less then two carriers and every third game you put me in with three. And at that tier AA is useless and if your in a destroyer you could be toast in minutes. It's getting old and frustrating. I don't play games to get frustrated, I play them for fun. And if I'm not having fun with a game... I move on.