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  1. Please help me understand the point you're trying to make. In the video you provided, ironically titled "over nerfed", the poor little tier 5 CV only does 162K damage. What level of damage should a tier 5 CV be able to do?
  2. Silver_not_grey

    Are Divs a good thing in randoms?

    I think WG got it right with 3-player divisions. Coming from another game (WoW) that has similar mechanics, I can say the 3-player limit on divisions is a much better solution. In WoW you can have 5-player premade teams drop into a 10-player battle random battle - this produces a very lopsided result, and a horrific side-effect known as spawn camping (definitely not good).
  3. Sir, an excellent job of research! The Game Bang Theory article provides a detailed description, with relevant examples, of how game mechanics drive toxicity. The video on counter play would be an excellent brown-bag training aid for WG developers.
  4. The WASD hack is a counter for stealth torping. Learning how to shoot into smoke is a counter for smoke spam. What's the counter for dual CVs in a tier 5 match? Take a break from the game?
  5. I find your response unprofessional and disappointing. On a more positive note, my front yard is looking great.
  6. You are absolutely incorrect. I'm not a toxic person and CVs make me so angry I would prefer do yardwork in 100 degree weather.
  7. Silver_not_grey

    Any ranked 3v3 updates?

    I had great time, this was the best ranked format I've played in. The games were fast and lively, with just enough salt to keep it interesting. I ranked out in a potato-ish 47 games with a 49% win rate. If you're playing DD you'll have a big advantage in saving stars. With the 3x3 format, capping nets you a disproportionally large amount of XP compared to doing damage. Best DD:: #1 Z-46 (hydro rules); #2 Black; #3 Mogador (they were beastly) Best CA/CL: #1 Alaska; #2 any cruiser with decent hydro and torps (Roon was surprisingly good) Best BB: #1 Pommerns (team with the most Pommerns wins); #2 Any BB willing to push the cap. Worst Ships: Any BB that sniped from behind an island; Neptune (they sank sooooo fast); Missouri (seemed squishy). Russian radar cruisers (not that useful, hydro was better).
  8. Carpeted bathrooms is horribly common in new construction homes (on the left coast). Put vinyl planks in mine - was easy and looks great.
  9. Silver_not_grey


    As a WoW refugee, I can assure you the sarcasm within this comment is totally founded. Within one release cycle, an American company completely ruined the best game ever designed.
  10. Silver_not_grey

    So WG... you still think this is a good idea?

    I hear it has homing torpedoes, and a 4.0 KM detect range.
  11. Silver_not_grey

    Kitakami Sighting

    Thanks for replay tips; here's a couple of screenshots from the replay. The only enemy DD left is a Halland (no smoke), so it had to be the Kitakami that smoked up.
  12. Silver_not_grey

    Kitakami Sighting

    Sorry, I'm an old guy. I might have it but I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to see it.
  13. Silver_not_grey

    Kitakami Sighting

    I encountered a Kitakami in a random this evening. Nobody detected it until late in the game when only 3 ships were left - then we noticed why... it has smoke. Overall it wasn't a decisive element in the game (they lost) and it finished in the bottom 1/3 of the scoreboard. Also, it appeared to have an AA mount on the stern, but our CV never tested it.
  14. Silver_not_grey

    Are Their a Lot of Trolls like this in Game?

    Well said, exactly what I was thinking.
  15. Silver_not_grey

    Ranks is not broken? Really?

    Actually, no you will not; I'm living proof of that, lol.