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  1. Balthaczar

    Who have you seen in game

    :-) Very good game.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond, WG. It is immensely appreciated.
  3. No, you are the terrible person. I reached out to the community, as well as Wargaming asking a simple question. Death is death, it is a loss of life. Everyone has dignity, the core element to a person, and when it's taken away - it's important those who knew the person do what they can to remember them. It is exactly what I did, and what anyone should do. Nothing was selfish about this act. You are spinning things around, putting words in mouths not belonging to you, and making incorrect assumptions. On a side note, my selfish faux? LOL. I am a psych major and have counseled for over 13 years and have served as a public servant on boards of education. Do not ever make an assumption about a person and their intent - it's simply wrong. If anything, I recommend you work on thinking before speaking. Respond rather than react. As far as Wargaming is concerned, they've reached out and apologized immensely and opened an investigation as to why it was handled the way it was. Have a great day.
  4. No. I am and have been the leader for 3 years. Our clan is not similar to others, do not assume. If you've nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
  5. Back to you - First, I never said anything about the incident cause being related to or due to WoWs. Common sense dictates not every company or game publisher is going to do something - but we as good Samaritans have the right to ask and should. You are a terrible person and not open-minded. You have obviously not encountered anything of the sort, therefore, can't comprehend this but rather make a post criticizing those it affected.
  6. We have changed our clan tag to DRIP in his honor. I will not respond to negative comments from those who're unable to comprehend the loss of life or value life itself, regardless of circumstances. I appreciate and am extremely, extremely, grateful to those who had something positive to contribute.
  7. I recommend you put yourself in the situation, which you cannot, as you're alive. Would you want your clan leader or clan to reach out to the community on your behalf when you were very active, known by many, etc.? Yes, yes you would.
  8. I did not say what was involved. I said he was killed and posted the article. Facts are facts, the family already notified, and they reached out for help themselves. Do not discard someone's dignity.
  9. Thank you so very much for your response. It means so very much.
  10. He was a major contributing factor to our clan's philosophy - play without salt, be courteous, always willing to help others, etc. He was one of my recruiters, as well as a great person (most importantly).
  11. I did, and I also chose to go above and beyond since life was taken, someone's dignity and contact WarGaming to see if anything at all could be said or done in honor. That's it.
  12. I agree. I also wasn't asking for much more than a word about him. His financial needs for memorial services etc. was taken care of.
  13. Nope, not over the game at all. I was bringing it to their attention because WoWs is mainly what they played, they also knew each other etc. But, it was not over the game at all.
  14. Way to focus on that as an issue, rather than what's in front of your face.
  15. I did not provide his full ID, or the ID of the other player in-game. Providing real-world facts, specifically of those no longer with us and those who will be locked up for life would, I assume, be exempt.