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  1. SabotToothTiger

    ANNOUNCING: Anchors Away Tour 2019

    Dates for the USS Hornet in San Francisco are not showing...will it be posted or is it listed somewhere else?
  2. SabotToothTiger


    I got my GC from a crate. I paid for the crate, ergo it wasn't free.
  3. SabotToothTiger

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #11 (16-04-2019)

    Thanks Aslain, as always youre "spot on". And thank you to the other players that replied with help. Much appreciated.
  4. SabotToothTiger

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #11 (16-04-2019)

    windows defender is now saying Aslains modpack is a trojan horse ( Trojan:32Win32/Azden.Alcl )and automatically quarrentining. First time this has happened with this modpack Anyone else have similar issues or work arounds?
  5. SabotToothTiger

    Viribus, Exeter, Yahagi and Neustrashimy Changes

    Wargames can now mark on their social media pages as being safe from my wallet. ...carry on.
  6. Joined AOD a few months back for clan battles and found the clan to be so much more. Great teamwork, fun forums, reliable voice coms and a great clan leadership. I then discovered that AOD is so much more, an entire gaming community. Chances are, if you're playing it...AOD has a division for it. Highly recommend checking out AOD. I definitely wasn't disappointed when I did. AOD not only met my expectations, but far surpassed it.
  7. SabotToothTiger

    Atago reload atrocious, need buff

    Even with the nerf to Concealment mods and captain skill, Atago only went from 9.1km to 9.3km. Atago still has amazing concealment (only .2km change) and is still competitive at Tier X.
  8. SabotToothTiger

    Client unstable

    Funniest thing I have read in awhile....+1 comps for you. HAHAHA !!
  9. SabotToothTiger

    Atago reload atrocious, need buff

    As much as I would LOVE to have the reload in this amazing ship buffed and shave a few seconds off, Ill take the forward firing torpedo arcs and stealth torpedo launch capability over 2 seconds on the main guns any day. Don't get me wrong, I'll never turn down a buff on a favorite ship but in my humble opinion the Atago is just fine as it is. Previous poster already stated, the Atago is an ambush Cruiser....especially in the current Tier X favored MM meta. Line up, stealth torp, fire a few salvos until targeted and then go "black" and slip away. You can almost say that the Atago plays like a submarine that's stuck on the surface. Atago is one of the few Tier 8's that can still survive/compete in a Tier X match....and we all know that happens MUCH too often these days. Just IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).
  10. SabotToothTiger

    AA Defense Rating Help

    Awesome, thanks for the info Admiral.
  11. SabotToothTiger

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I have marked myself "Safe from CV rework" on my social media page ...Carry on
  12. SabotToothTiger

    Suggestion for 0.8.0 data

    Notser also has a short video on YouTube on how to adjust your throttle to throw off the flak altogether....allowing a CV player to just walk right through the flak screens. It's very informative to watch.
  13. SabotToothTiger

    Suggestion for 0.8.0 data

    Good point...thanks for bringing that up. I was unaware that this was already looked into, thanks.
  14. SabotToothTiger

    Suggestion for 0.8.0 data

    Right now the current trend is to spec your aircraft into speed boost....dump as much ordinance as you can on the first pass then F-key out. Lather rinse repeat. iChase has a good video demonstrating this tactic on YouTube.
  15. SabotToothTiger

    Suggestion for 0.8.0 data

    Deno, Thanks...couldn't agree more. Thank you for not reading too deep into the topic. Mature constructive feedback and thought process is always accepted. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this all gets adjusted.