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  1. MisterSlithers

    Clan Battle Participation

    They arent going to make CBs pve centric
  2. MisterSlithers

    Jet planes on carriers

    ME 262's
  3. MisterSlithers

    Clan Battle Participation

    CBs arent really in the game for CO OP clans because you're ALWAYS going to get people who will steam roll you and not think twice about it. Youre playing against people who dont play co op who always play against real players
  4. I've tried to invite people I game with in other games to this game when they hear "World of Warships and Wargaming" it's always the same answer "Ewww their games are f'ing trash why do you play them"
  5. Is what it is I can't change it I play League and a few other MOBAs thats where I get my pvp excitement. I really dont know what WG can do except open up the flood gates and let CVs into every mode and not restrict them now
  6. Most certainly the funniest one I read the snuggling part f'ing ended me
  7. I wont lie this was the most impressive thing I've read
  8. MisterSlithers

    13th Season Ranked Observations

    Same terrible crap same terrible MM same coddling of players that shouldnt happen and same save star garbage yea 2 days just like last season Im done thats my observation
  9. MisterSlithers

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Because WG caught it finally after doing it for a while the back lash was enough for them to not do rentals again we have people who apparently have issues trying to tie their own shoes and then give them a high tier rental ship. It did not go well last ranked season it wont work at t9
  10. MisterSlithers

    What ships do you plan to use in Rank?

    Jutland maybe Kitikaze (idk really not big on IJN gun boats) maaaaybe Buffalo idk yet Im still not used to USN cruisers and possibly 46
  11. MisterSlithers

    Islands of Ice

    This is deja vu the other day me and a few friends where talking about that old map and how much we missed it
  12. MisterSlithers


    I got the tech tree T5 and Im loving it so far 12 battles and Im averaging about 65k I really dig these
  13. MisterSlithers

    Commander skills for upcoming French DDs

    Yea this
  14. MisterSlithers

    Graf Zeppelin Buffs and How to Play Her? (Him?)

    I got it for free out of a crate I kinda feel shafted wish I would have got Enterprise