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  1. MisterSlithers

    Most games zero damage - Hermes

    That seems to be happening after the rework idk I never noticed it before but lately since I came back from a break from the game it seems that the game is laggy'er then normal other night my ping was all over the place
  2. MisterSlithers

    Ranked Sprint

    Ahhh ranked T7 again they must be bringing the Belfast back in a few weeks lol
  3. So in other words you have nothing and just want to complain
  4. Then by all means list them puddin
  5. Look pap online games arent your little corner market and never will be Im sorry your generation has a hard time when things like this happens a lil research about online gaming would go a long way things CONSTANTLY change in other games WOWS not so much so when it does happen it happens to be a shock. Now I love playing dds Im still doing fine Im sorry if others arent thats not my problem and its not my problem if some old guy potatoes and a CV jumps on him because hes a lone thats the old dudes fault not the company not the CV. Had some old timer go ballistic the other night because he was alone straight lining and ate every single torp I had I was able to finish him off in 3 salvos. All his fault. If Im goofing off in a CV and I see someone buy themselves and away from a AA cruiser guess whats gonna happen? Im not gonna care if hes a older guy and I ruin that game for him (because he can que right back)
  6. Thats right I forgot WG gamers are terrified of those things
  7. Actually yea you where complaining and no its not a straw man because you definitely give off the ( I spent money the entire game needs to be catered to me) attitude and sorry dude but anyone who spends that much on a F2P game needs help take a trip see the world get out of what holler your in.
  8. MisterSlithers

    RN CVs are dead

    I play a bit of everything rockets annoy me in DDs and Haku AP bombs scare me other then that meeeeeh dont care my paint gets fresh before every match anyway
  9. 1'000 dollars a year on a F2P game................OOOOOOOOF buddy OOOOOOOOOF. Thats your own stupidity and your own fault not WGs and it no matter what you think does not entitle you to anything like I said welcome to gaming suckers are born every minute but yes can I have your stuff
  10. MisterSlithers

    RN CVs are dead

    So are CVs still alpha striking stuff into oblivion? If so I must have missed that. Haku AP bombs need toned down a little for sure and the only thing OP is the spotting or them just like cruisers lul fighting DDs
  11. MisterSlithers

    RN CVs are dead

    Only problem I have with CVs is their spotting the damage they do isnt all that unless its Haku bombs and yea I dont think anything should really have stealth as a option. Oh no theyll never do that with CVs dude someone would still cry that something touched the ship that they have a model of and it made them cry. Personally Id be fine with that I was fine with CVs before some people where just really really good at them and the community didnt want to learn how to play them so those few that did got to the point that nothing could touch them. And I still firmly believe some of the whine is boomer gen entitlement
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ but ya know Also if SWTOR can struggle bus a long for how many years then well WOWS will too
  13. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH the only thing thats wrong is that a certain coddled class of ships has something that can touch them in their safe space now. You mean when WG starts using a system of ELO for their ranked play? When island huggers who cant really be fired on get a penalty for stagnant play? When Radar cant go through islands and has a shortened range and time?
  14. Welcome to online games things change they always will no matter how hard you throw a tantrum and not as many people care as you'd hope plus can we have your stuff
  15. MisterSlithers

    RN CVs are dead

    I still do decently enough in my DD's the magical "P" button does wonders