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  1. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    Poor USSF getting ate alive huh
  2. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    think we'll have a type XXI?

    Calm down Papaw
  3. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    Oh dear
  4. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    You killed CV's with the new commander skills!!!

    Dabs arent for everyone I suppose
  5. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    So cruisers and dd's not doing their jobs- time to buff BB's.

    Glue and window sandwiches are yummy yum yum
  6. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    So cruisers and dd's not doing their jobs- time to buff BB's.

    I can taste the windows
  7. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    Dead eye is not that useful!

    Oooh and adventure thread
  8. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69


    10/10 Troll post if not yikes on that cringe tism scale
  9. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    Ranked Sprint = Complete Garbage

    It's not too bad imo the steel gain isn't that high so just farm it out in silver and let it reset WG is clearly pushing CBs to be the competitive mode and the rewards are starting to reflect that
  10. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    You have outdone yourselves, WG... Congratulations

    Ranked is a crap show the steel now reflects
  11. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    dont see how people can defend how op cv are

    [edited] doesn't have CVs wonder why no one has jumped over there
  12. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    Not loving the Parseval

    Yea like most CVs they struggle bus at lower tier but are doable at least its not Implacable
  13. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    The Richtofen good salt farming CV

    I still have 160k free xp Im saving for her just got Parceval modded out and everything so far Im enjoying them more then the RN line
  14. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    The argument *after the stale as hell bow in radar meta* is that they dont like it now it changed so take it away or I'll throw a tantrum and cry
  15. AdmiralYiffingtonUwU69

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I know pro League players that dont reek of the ego and entitlement this post does lol god this games community is hilarious