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  1. Welp they fixed it! Hadn’t played a cruiser battle since I initially posted. Played a battleship battle an hour ago and surprisingly it was unlocked somehow. So pumped to finally have it!
  2. Good point. I’ve never posted anything on the forums before and I wasn’t entirely sure where to navigate to. Until recently I had been traveling and I couldn’t find the right thread so I posted it here. Where should it have gone?
  3. YES I am aware of that. Wargaming support also said they are aware of the problem. So I guess it’s good they understand what I’m trying to say.
  4. Well like i said with the preceding emblems, I didn’t need to have completed 100 battles. The moment the counter went past the specified amount, it was unlocked.
  5. I did indeed send a ticket. Was just looking for community feedback. Wasn’t sure if anybody else was in the same situation.
  6. Is wargaming going to address the problem of the commander elite emblems not being unlocked after meeting the requirement? I know when I met the requirements for the previous emblems they unlocked automatically. After dedicating serious hours for this emblem it’s not unlocked. WTH?