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  1. I just created a fictional paper cruiser project. 
    A Des Moines Class cruiser armed with the guns of that of the Alaska class Battlecruisers(large cruisers) in twin mounts and being fitted with auto loaders just like the Des Moines was.  

    The real CA-151 was never named which is why I picked this number.    I also named her Cheyenne after the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.   One Cleveland class cruiser, USS Vicksburg was named Cheyenne, but renamed Vicksburg during construction.  

    This infact remains me of the  Deutschland class heavy cruisers from the Kriegsmarine. Although such an idea was likely not thought up back in the late 1940s, it’s still fun to experiment with on paper. 

    I’m sending this suggestion to WG to see if maybe they’ll be interested at recreate my idea as a premium tier 10 cruiser.