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  1. Dear Wargaming, 

    I really don't like the new training room that was added in 0.7.0. I prefer the older training which can be enabled in game folder. I really use the training room for tests involving stationary targets. I dislike the new training room because you can't choose if bots can attack or move,  You can't fight whatever you want from different nations and tiers, and tests in the new training room are impossible. I hope you do at some point please bring the old training room back or turn the new training room into the old one in the next update or 2 updates from now. It would really help and make it easy for all players that wish the old training room was still here today. And hopefully enough people will prefer the old training room and want it back for you to bring back the old training room(the one where you can fight unmoving and infighting targets, select ships from different tiers and nations  for enemies freely, like a Yamato and tier 2 DD for example.) within a few weeks.

    I hope this makes you think this request will work, and I'll write again if something is wrong.


                                              Andrew Kennedy.