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  1. I just created a fictional paper cruiser project. 
    A Des Moines Class cruiser armed with the guns of that of the Alaska class Battlecruisers(large cruisers) in twin mounts and being fitted with auto loaders just like the Des Moines was.  

    The real CA-151 was never named which is why I picked this number.    I also named her Cheyenne after the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.   One Cleveland class cruiser, USS Vicksburg was named Cheyenne, but renamed Vicksburg during construction.  

    This infact remains me of the  Deutschland class heavy cruisers from the Kriegsmarine. Although such an idea was likely not thought up back in the late 1940s, it’s still fun to experiment with on paper. 

    I’m sending this suggestion to WG to see if maybe they’ll be interested at recreate my idea as a premium tier 10 cruiser. 


  2. AndrewKennedy

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    No, Friendly fire helps nothing. WG is just too reckless. It must to eliminated from every battle type
  3. AndrewKennedy

    Replay Problems

    Since the last update, whenever I try to run a replay, it won’t load at all despite having a strong computer. What can I do to fix this?
  4. It’s been 3 1/2 years since WG released World of Warships. And they still haven’t disabled friendly fire for every single mode( including Coop and Random). And I’d like to know why they haven’t. The game is better without friendly fire. All friendly fire does is negatively affect the game and cause trouble. 


    Does anyone else agree?

  5. Update 0.8.0 has completely ruined the entire game. WG changed CV gameplay, coop matchmaking, and made enemy CV bots rarer than ever. All this has ruined the game. Whether people are just over complaining, or are struggling to get adapted to the new gameplay, WG must fix this trouble and put it right.

  6. Honestly, the Worcester is hard to play even in coop. It needs to be improved so that she's easier to use so players can really feel like WG is treating thief Worcesters like tier 10s.

  7. Worcester needs an accuratacy improvement so that it can get more respect  and be easier to play and be easier for her to hit enemies. All tier 10s(including Worcester) deserve more respect than every other tier. 

  8. I always wander why Kronstadt and Stalingrad were called cruisers when they really play like battleships. So honestly, Henri IV will still have the biggest guns of all t10 cruisers. 

    I still wander if Kronstadt and Stalingrad will be reclassified soon.

  9. I got a bad super container again. And it makes me wander, are super containers with doubloons, ships, and credits rarer than super containers with bad awards like signals and upgrades?

  10. I always wandered for a long time why they don't allow us to sell ARP Ships. I really don't find any good use for my ARP ships. And I wandered, what if you could sell ARP ships? Yes, you can't get them back, but maybe get a lot of credits, doubloons or free xp from selling an ARP ship.  If WG sees this, hopefully they like the idea.

  11. For some reason I always get bad super containers and I don't need signals.

    So this made me think, what if signals and upgrades were banned from super containers? What if, Wargaming took signals out of super containers? 

    This would mean players would would start to have more credits/free exp/doubloons in their bank if signals were removed from supercontainers. It would be a big impact on the game. I think it should be applied.

  12. Okay, this teamkilling needs to end forever as to many people have been killed because of teamkilling. It is the stupidest thing even put into the game and needs to be removed. Teamkilling and friendly fire shouldn't exist at all. It needs to be over in Co op, Random, ranked, and clan battles. Hopefully enough people want friendly fire and teamkilling to be extinct in WOWS. 

    1. AndrewKennedy


      WG could get sabotaged soon if too many people want teamkilling to go extinct.

  13. At first I thought I hated the new training room, but when I went into training room battle alone against 6 bots, they weren't moving nor shooting. So HA! We can still conduct tests on sitting and unarmed targets! I was well fooled!

  14. Dear Wargaming, 

    I really don't like the new training room that was added in 0.7.0. I prefer the older training which can be enabled in game folder. I really use the training room for tests involving stationary targets. I dislike the new training room because you can't choose if bots can attack or move,  You can't fight whatever you want from different nations and tiers, and tests in the new training room are impossible. I hope you do at some point please bring the old training room back or turn the new training room into the old one in the next update or 2 updates from now. It would really help and make it easy for all players that wish the old training room was still here today. And hopefully enough people will prefer the old training room and want it back for you to bring back the old training room(the one where you can fight unmoving and infighting targets, select ships from different tiers and nations  for enemies freely, like a Yamato and tier 2 DD for example.) within a few weeks.

    I hope this makes you think this request will work, and I'll write again if something is wrong.


                                              Andrew Kennedy.