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  1. Try playing the GC with NO commander post commander rework. Actually plays better than having one dispersion wise. Feels like I'm getting more vertical dispersion with a commander.
  2. Tapioka70

    Commander Skills Update

    I remember when LESTA brought the team together after the BETA and realized that things needed to be changed. I think they are this level of fixing. NOT ENJOYABLE. An important rule of good user interface design is not to make users RELEARN a system. You can adapt and change it in small parts but not wholesale changes at once. The last commander rework was well done in that respect. This one is pretty poorly executed and thought through in my opinion. It affects too many aspects of the game at once. Hard to quantify what to fix first. /Rant over.
  3. Having just unlocked the HIZEN, looking at it in port it's quite beautiful (with the regular camo). The 3D detail is OUTSTANDING, and I just wanted to commend the ART dept. @ LESTA. Job really well done! The modelling and texturing of all the details is really top tier. So job well done Art dept. (again) and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2021.
  4. Tapioka70

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    No, geometry and textures are cosmetic improvements only.
  5. Tapioka70

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Me too, been getting kicked out of the game several times over the last two evenings PST time. Ping all over the place..
  6. While I like improvements to the game, I feel like lately you have been rushing out changes with insufficient testing. For example, the reticle changes for rockets on CV's. You've completely neutered the Indomitable. That's a PREMIUM ship that people PAID for. It already had a high skill ceiling, now it can't do much. It certainly can't defend itself. I don't think I will be buying premiums anytime soon. It's like every three months "global" changes impact premium ships. That's not good game development, and certainly not good customer relations.
  7. That's a good suggestion, I like that idea.
  8. Hello WG, I really like this game, been playing for five years now. However, I have to say something about Steel. Players work hard for it, play many games and hours. Steel ships should be a reward for that loyalty and time spent. I've seen lately the Shikishima and the new FDR and they seem pretty poor picks and very expensive. Suggestion: Since these ships are gatekept with this resource, when a player purchases it, it should be FUN. Not a REGRET. This should also apply to Research bureau as well. If you didn't have CC's playing them the player base wouldn't know. From a marketing perspective you can build hype and excitement for upcoming ships and the game and not be such a disappointment. Opportunity missed. Thank you for reading.
  9. Tapioka70

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    WCG is obnoxious and pretty useless. Please make it optional. It's not like I get anything useful from it, I get my news elsewhere. I prefer the straight .exe file. Thank you.
  10. Hello WG, A few people on WOWS Reddit mentioned the XP allocation being bugged on 9.7 operations (this week's map in particular). I too noticed that as well. For example in a cruiser I got 7 kills x14 citadels where as my team mates kill 1-2 ships and they got more XP than I did. Did the XP allocation change? The other bug I've had for two patches now on operations is in the end screen. If I get 5 stars it only shows the last 4 of 5. If I exit to port and go back to the operation results it displays all 5 stars. Not game breaking but a visual bug that I've seen for two patches now. Thanks for reading...
  11. Tapioka70

    Base XP payouts are so low

    Directive 4 - 27K Base XP x 4 Nations. That's a LOT of games. During Xmas too. No family time not important. Yeah, playing COOP might be faster, time wise.
  12. Tapioka70

    Base XP payouts are so low

    Hands down this PR grind is the stupidest thing LESTA has implemented, even with the boosters.
  13. Tapioka70

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  14. Tapioka70

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    After playing years in randoms, I found that clan battles much more fun and less frustrating than randoms. You can coordinate, make friends, and have a really good time. Plus you get bonuses in XP, credits, Coal and Steel. Come and join us @ TF39! We are looking for team members! Come join us and find out what you've been missing!
  15. Tapioka70

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    So having read through this long thread, no one knows or wants to say how to counter x4 klebers? Of course it's dependent on the skill of the players, but what is the counter? Moskva, Desmoines? (but klebers are fast so they outrun them...) The ship's guns need to be high velocity. The only counter I know is CVs but they are not in Clan Battles right now. ...anyone?...