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  1. Tapioka70

    Sub Torps doing S turns?!?!

    In addendum, I thought I would add this. You really have put in RNG in this game. Your really poor game design mechanics really make this game COMPLETELY unpredictable and chaotic. Well done!
  2. Your Acoustic torps are really broken. As a DD I'm going 50+ kts AWAY from them, and I try to juke the torps. No luck. In a DD. Pretty messed up mechanic you have there. And yes I did hit DCP because someone set me on fire. Your special submarine operation is pretty broken still two years later. How come there is no UI for acoustic lock or not or some sort of distance in which you can outturn like an AA missile? "F" for fail in game design.
  3. Did you think this through? Tier 9 against "superships" is another flawed concept by "LESTA" studios. Have your played a Tulsa against a "supership"? Probably not because you don't really test much, you rely on the player base to do that for you right? Then you look at spreadsheets. But do spreadsheets tell you whether players had fun or it was a fair fight? More questions than answers. Let's put more into the game but not think things through. Maybe if you put more effort into +2 Matchmaking, you might make more money. Just a thought.
  4. oh and BTW, alot of these new Sub players are new. Good thing you're recruiting them at Tier X wince they just randomly go around the map all game. Truly a RANDOMS mode.
  5. Further to this, how are supposed to GUESS where they are? HOW? Let's us know WG with on of your AMAZING videos. Tell us your SECRETS. Do we get homing ASW? NOPE.
  6. Another LOVELY game with subs in it. Worse game design ever. When are you going to fix the mechanics for it? STILL WAITING!!!! How many patches has it been now? Perhaps you can start with spotting mechanics. I have a better IDEA, please REMOVE. Thank you.
  7. After all these months and years, subs are still not balanced in the game. Getting tired of this "Forever" testing. Please balance (which you seem to not be able to do) or just remove already. Seems pretty ridiculous at all Tiers really. Thank you, Tap.
  8. If you can give subs the lowest detection in the game, then give them the lowest torp range in the game. Case in point Italian dds. They have to get in close to fight other dds. Give subs 4km torp range. Since they can almost be on top of you, torp you and never see them. Make them have to take risks instead of pinging from far away. Really poor game design.
  9. You've been testing for a VERY VERY long time. You should have plenty of data by now to realize: 1. Majority dislike the implementation of submarines. 2. They are still broken vis a vis spotting mechanics. Please remove them and put them in operations. Tier 9-10 in particular is pretty unenjoyable right now as a result.
  10. Tapioka70


    The most broken mechanic of subs is the spotting. They can just out spot you, send torps and there is ZERO I can do about it. Can't even send my short range ASW. if I get closer to use them I'm equally dead. DD's are even more at a disadvantage. PLUS some subs just spend the WHOLE game chasing after a CV. Pretty dumb. All the while we (the player base) have to endure this nonsense. Put them in a game mode. Stop trying to put a square peg into a round hole. You've been doing this for two years now! Pretty embarrassing. Hopefully the new DEV team can sort this out with some common sense. I can tell you this much, I REFUSE to spend any money on this game as long as we are your Q&A dept. In fact you should compensate us for all this "real world" testing.
  11. Just wanted to remind you that when people buy a premium ship and it no longer works well. That's because you change the spotting mechanics with subs. I will not spend any more money because it's not as advertised. Stop testing on the live server. I think you have more than sufficient "data". I guess you need to Q&A with the public because you have no proper Q&A dept? Do your spreadsheets say whether we are having fun with subs?
  12. How much longer do we have to endure your sub testing? Love the broken spotting mechanics and ZERO counter play. Do you have a new Executive producer yet? Your game SERIOUSLY needs one. /RANT over
  13. Now there are many games where the sub just chases a CV around all game. Great game design! Meanwhile how many years has it been since a new map?
  14. Tapioka70

    Subs = No money

    Subs = No money Subs are so game breaking for me, that I will not spend ZERO on this game until it is fixed. I'm sure I'm not alone. Why spend money on a broken game? I've been playing this game for six years, but never remember the game being this bad. My biggest grievance with these subs are the spotting mechanics. Zero counterplay for dds and cruisers... Stop letting the player base be your Q&A dept. too. And a last note. The Wows community is awesome. They are passionate about the game and have financially supported the development. But from a Brand perspective, LESTA has a BIG way to go on creating good faith with the community.
  15. This game has become 5D chess, with subs, CVs, superships, what next? World of Fantasyships.