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  1. If the whole point of this exercise is to get veteran players to play in lower tiers, play around with the matchmaker limiting to 2 tiers. I play Tier X because Tier VIII is really no fun to play against Tier X. (Which is why buying Tier VIII premiums doesn't make sense, especially at those prices). CV's even in a worse spot right now. I actually enjoy TierV as it's relaxing and fun to play. (what a concept, it's a game!) Me too, no re-grinding for me either. Time is precious, have other things to do in life!
  2. 1. I don't see the benefit of regrinding lines. People's free time is at a premium. Keep the game fun and engaging without having to "regrind" lines. Do you not respect the amount of hours people put into your game? I see ranked as the most egregious example of this. 2. Instead, find new modes to enjoy these ships, like more scenarios. Those are underutilized.
  3. Tapioka70

    AA since 8.5

    Yes, 8.5 definitely broke the AA mechanic. Can barely do any damage. Planes don't regenerate very quickly anymore, and most importantly planes just suddenly die. In the past you could see orange planes, but not now, they just pop off (briefly red) Unintended consequences?
  4. Tapioka70

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    This game mode is so bad, I debate whether it's worth the grind for benham. Am I missing something?
  5. Hey Wargaming, I just want to compliment the art department on the beautiful 3d model of the carrier Implacable. Really nice detailing, and the lower desk interior spaces are really well covered. Materials and texturing top notch too! Looking forward to the Audacious. Thumbs up from me! Well done!
  6. Hey WG, Now that CVs are back in full play., give the khaba some rudder shift back. I can't out turn dive bombers, easy prey. That or give khaba better AA.
  7. Tapioka70

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    Bismarck Permanent Camos missing. Hello, My Bismarck is missing 2 permanent camos earned from previous events. The battle damaged one and the one with yellow turrets before the battle. Anyone else missing these or just me? Thanks.
  8. Sorry, But this version 8.0 is a MESS. Horrible decision to put 2 CVs per match. They pulled enemy CV's from Coop too, so how am I supposed to learn the new mechanics? Hope we don't have to endure this until the next patch. Make a CV randoms mode and one without, no fun otherwise.
  9. Tapioka70

    Honestly, the UK DDs are pretty crappy...

    No I have to agree too. I'm really struggling with the jutland. Anemic guns (except AP) Yes, you can play defensive, but you get really low scores. I can't seem to make this UK DD line work for me. Am I missing something? Maybe it's the fact I need IFHE? Look like AP is the only way to go but so many bounces..
  10. Tapioka70

    CV Rework Feedback

    Here's my feedback after playing: ------------------------ General Feedback: Sound fx messed up, very confusing. Couldn't play very well as the gameplay with cvs is quite confusing to play. fighter support to me is a pretty messed up mechanic. If another enemy plane unit is nearby shouldn't I be able to send my fighters to attack? Also dislike the waiting of getting to target, why can I not send off other planes and switch to them once they reach target? Good concept but needs a lot more work on the mechanics. I would focus on how planes setup attacks and higher fighter cover provide support. CV: Likes: Love the camera over the planes POV. Much more fun and the AA burst are great. Visually looks good. Dislikes: Not realistic at all. Dive bombers don't attack like that. (I know it's an arcade type of game but I want some historical aspect to this) Camera top down view for attack. Like a Stuka attack, need good altitude first. Frustrating to play the planes, not intuitive at all. Difficult to control and maneuver. Can't set up any attack. No sense of altitude. Planes move way to easily making difficult to setup attack. Planes die like flies. Not realistic or fun. No sense of the AA I'm up against or their bubbles. Get rid of rockets. Just focus on the mechanics of torp planes and bombers first. Can't tell in the UI how many attacks I have remaining. Why only two bombs torps at a time? ------------------------- Keep up the good work though! I know it's not easy!
  11. Sorry if this had been mentioned already but if you don't get reported over a certain time span (every three months I think) you are awarded special camos with decent bonuses. It's like a reward system for good behaviour. I used to get these fairly frequently but haven't lately. I bet this happens frequently to people when playing ranked. I have also heard "but not confirmed" that when you accumulate a lot of karma point in a certain time period that you chances on getting a super container % go slightly higher. But there is no way to confirm that, but I can say I got a super container once shortly after being complimented a few times.
  12. Tapioka70

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    I suspect the delay on rewards is because of potential cheating. I read in another thread that someone reported bots being played to WG on NA server. I remember seeing the top score being 18K which is awfully high (someone said 5.6 games/hour non-stop). So if they are investigating this, they don't want to give the cheaters the rewards while denying the legit players. So we will have to wait in the meantime...
  13. Tapioka70

    Hall of Fame Rewards for 10/17/2018

    I have the same problem. Where are the crates from the Hall of Fame rewards? Strange.
  14. Tapioka70

    Go Navy loyalty/tokens math

    I'm confused, do the sharks get additional tokens every day for winning? If so how many tokens do you get a day?
  15. Strange it's down for me too. Pacific Time Zone.