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  1. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

  2. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

    0.9.1 patch just landed. Come join us and rank up!
  3. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

    Hey Hyper, always a pleasure playing with you. Anytime you want to div up and play send me an invite Master Chief!
  4. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

    Cheers, thanks @pyrodice
  5. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

    Yes it does have new players.
  6. My good friend and I have formed TF39 with the intention to build a fun, solid team of players intent on working towards Clan Battles. We are also willing to train anyone new to the game that wants to have a good time, but also to win! We can help you win resources, share valuable tips & strategies. Quality games over quantity, we respect your time! Some requirements to join us: NA Server: Have at least one Tier X ship. Active players play a few times a week. Use Discord for Clan Battles and Divisions Respectful of team members To apply use the clan tab in game or contact myself Tapioka70 or IronClad25.
  7. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    New Clan Battle season starting soon. Come join us!
  8. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    Ever since I started divisioning with this clan, randoms are way more fun. Join us!
  9. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    Come join us, looking for some good players! No commitments!
  10. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    Come join us! No drama and lots of fun.
  11. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    Happy New Year Everyone! All the best for 2020!
  12. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Clan Recruiting For N.A.

    I 2nd this message. Come join us, it really is fun and there are clan bonuses too! We are active players and willing to make the time. Cheers! Tap.
  13. Tapioka70

    [TF39] Recruiting for NA

    Happy Holidays everyone!
  14. Tapioka70

    Base XP payouts are so low

    Directive 4 - 27K Base XP x 4 Nations. That's a LOT of games. During Xmas too. No family time not important. Yeah, playing COOP might be faster, time wise.