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  1. We played several games in Aegis. Our final game just now had an error that resulted in NO movement by any bot. Their main guns did not shoot; only their AA and secondaries. This means that the transports also did not move and despite killing EVERY red ship, we lost the match as we did not achieve the primary mission of getting a transport out of the action zone. Lots of flags wasted. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.
  2. Aardvar

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I appreciate the Hotfix and the information in this thread. I agree with the suggestions to provide separate controls for player sounds versus team sounds. Is it possible to have the Wiki Editors create a page dedicated to the Audio controls and clearly identify what sounds each and every control affects? A similar page for graphics controls would be desirable also.
  3. Completed the 100 aircraft mission, indicates that I will receive 10 Type 59 camos. Did all 8 Mission tasks and the Mission counter shows 8/10 completed. What are the other 2? Should it have been * or were we to get a credited mission for the completion of each 4 task series? Didn't have an autopilot problem today. My CVs just went straight last weekend. The AA change worked well for me. Biggest problem was queue time. Waited over 7 min, then 8 min, then 10 min and still no game at Tier 4. Gave up and did my CVs first and then returned and was able to get after a reasonable delay. The Research Bureau effort is too time consuming so I bailed on that.
  4. Aardvar

    Buying advice, GK or Kreml?

    The GK is my favorite Tier 10 ship. I have it set up to brawl with a secondary build and the faster reload, accepting the 19 km range. Works great that way in Co-op. Armor is good even when broadside as happens frequently in Co-op brawls. The FDG is so-so and expensive to play without permanent camo. I have both with perm camo and 19 point commanders. If doing it again, I'd skip the FDG with FXP and just do the GK. While no one can speak to the Kreml yet, I do have the Sinop and play it in Narai. You will want to have and keep that boat. Using a secondary build on that ship also. So suggest you work you way up the USSR BBs.
  5. Aardvar

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    All the same [edited] as before - DD players are still not satisfied and will not be until CVs are driven from the game. Went into the CV rework fully and have 8 CVs, all with 19 point Commanders. Turning out to be a big mistake. Sorry I purchased the GZ now. The only solution is to remove CVs from Random games (Co-ops are okay, the bot DDs don't cry) and set the CVs up in a new competitive mode that pits CVs, BBs, and CLs/CAs againts one another - no DDs allowed. A player suggested something like the Coral Sea and Midway battles that were all about the CVs with surface ships lending AA support. That would be challenging.
  6. Bought the Graf Zeppelin specifically for its aircraft speed. Now that speed is being nerfed by as much as 40 knots! Refund please!
  7. As a minimum, the obscene extra 33% service cost assessed against CVs should be reduced - even better eliminated.
  8. I have 8 CVs - 2 at Tier 4, 3 at Tier 6 and 3 at Tier 8 including Graf Zeppelin. All have 19 point Captains. I decided the service cost for CVs at Tier 10 doesn't make sense for me and am not pushing to get a Tier 10 CV. The 45 second delay reinforces that decision. This "improvement" is another nerf to appease the DD mafia, IMO. It also raises an important question: what is the role of the CV? There does not seem to be a single facet of the CV game that is designed for success. And while the Tier 10 super-CV players are posting good stats, the average CV players at tiers 6 and 8 are struggling. I do more in one game with a BB than in 3 games with a CV. So why should I keep playing them? I find them fun but that's not an adequate approach for an entire class.
  9. CVs are here to stay; WG has too much invested in them. If you hate the game with CVs, it might be time to find another game that you enjoy more. Those of us who like CVs are not going to stop playing them for you. In fact, it drives me to target DDs even more.
  10. Aardvar

    Actually got a CV Compliment

    I tend to give CVs a compliment most games as too many players automatically report CVs as a means of driving those players from that class. So unless you really do awful in your CV and do not try to help your team mates, you'll get a compliment from me.
  11. Aardvar

    Getting good at CV - like riding a bike?

    Playing the Tier 4 CVs is not exciting but is a decent way to become familiar with the plane controls and different weapon lead times. I do play them in Random versus Co-op these days. Then jump to the Tier 6s for additional practice and play them in Operations, especially Aegis and Killer Whale. They can contribute in those Opns while delivering some decent rewards. While I do play them in Co-op consisently, I do not expect much from those games. Even less with my Tier 8 CVs. I have a 19 point Captain on all 8 of my CVs for maximum effectiveness but the gain in performance for that investment is small. I just figured that if I was playing them enough that I would at least be earning some Elite Commander XP. I hope that WG will better balance their economy and XP earnings since the triple nerf. Be aware that CVS incur a 33% increased service cost compared to non-CVs. That's 240,000 creadits for a T10 Random match!
  12. I got 33 cits with my DeGrasse in Aegis.
  13. Aardvar

    T7 Ops and CV's

    I and several clan mates enjoy playing CVs in Opns and are also disappointed that a CV is allowed but not available for Tier 7 Opns. I was hoping that WG would at least allow T6s in those. The idea of allowing a T8 so that premium CVs would have some additional value is a great concept. After all, we do get the Tier 8 Richelieu BB in the Hermes operation so there is some precedent for that. And if the Lexington in Narai becomes active again, the use of a Tier 8 to counter it is appropriate.
  14. Aardvar

    Premium CV's In Co-Op... any Point?

    In Co-op, I play Ryujo, Ranger, Furious - all Tier 6; as well as GZ, Implacable, and Lexington - all Tier 8. All have a 19 point Captain. They all play with about the same level of DoT effectiveness, IMO. I enjoy playing the CVs since the rework and so I "fly" despite the fact that I can earn more of everything in non-CVs. I kept 3 Tier 6 CVs as they do better in Operations than Co-op and I rotate the 3 when playing consecutive games as our Clan does frequently. The CVs work well in Aegis and Killer Whale and earn decent rewards for the time spent. The Tier 8s were just an extension of the 6s for me and hopefully will be more suitable over time as balance is improved. I found the GZ no better than the tech tree CVs. I'm guessing that at some point, WG must make the CVs more effective. I am not planning on getting a Tier 10 CV. The Co-op T10 service cost is 180k credits; it's 75k at Tier 8, and 30k at Tier 6. Even with premium account, permanent camo, etc., it's very difficult to break even in Co-op with a CV at Tier 10. It's hard at Tier 8 most games. This is due to the 33% extra service cost charged to each CV for its special consumables. The GZ is only 52,500 credits to play in Co-op so that is the primary advantage to a premium CV at the moment, IMO. So enjoy the 6s in Opns. Mess around with the 8s. And hope that WG makes everything better in the future.
  15. Aardvar

    Matchupinfluencer bots?

    Played a Co-op and had a three ship Division, all pink, and all with the name matchupinfluencer_## with the ## being different numbers. They played like bots, not humans IMO. Checked the Contacts and found numerous "players"with that name but with different ending numbers. Checked #10 and "it" had Zero random games and 9 Co-ops, playing multiple ships. Has anybody else encountered these "players"? Might WG be testing a new means of determining tier alignments? Or might some enterprising gremlin be attempting to sabotage WG's work?