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  1. Aardvar

    Anyone trying to do part 4+?

    Finished Directive 4 this morning. Wanted the 5th boost to ensure completing Stage V of the PR grind for the free T8 camouflage. Working the 950K XP mission also for the free T8 camouflage - have 673K of it done. Could care less about Dir 5. Doing Directives 3 and 4 was a grind but it feels good that they are past tense now. Having the Gorizia helped significantly.
  2. Aardvar

    Service Costs in Co-op Mode

    The most significant factor in earning credits in Co-op games is to minimize the ship’s Service Cost. As it differs in Random and Co-op, the following table may be useful to new Co-op players. Tier R & O Co-op – 15% Perm Camo Premium Prem Camo X 180000 135000 114750 47250 67500 23625 IX 120000 90000 76500 58500 45000 29250 VIII 75000 56250 47813 42188 36376 29532 VII 42000 31500 26775 23625 26675 20082 VI 23000 17250 14663 12938 16388 12291 R & O is the Service Cost in Random mode and in Operations mode without reductions. Co-op is the Service Cost in Co-op mode without reductions (75% of Random). -15% is the Service Cost in Co-op mode reduced by the 15% clan base reduction. Perm Camo is the Service Cost in Co-op mode reduced by both the 15% clan base reduction and the reduction for permanent camouflage at that tier. For example, Tier X has a -50% permanent camouflage reduction so the total reduction is 65%. Premium is the Service Cost in Co-op mode without reductions for Premium ships (50% of Co-op cost). Prem Camo is the Service Cost in Co-op mode for Premium ships reduced by both the 15% clan base reduction and the reduction for permanent camouflage at that tier (50% of Perm Camo cost). Note 1 – The use of the India Bravo Terrathree reduces each of the above values by 10%. It is best used with a Tier X ship that is without permanent camouflage. Note 2 – Premium ships excluding those at Tier X have an additional credit bonus built into their hull and earn more credits per game to accompany their lower Service Cost. In general, Tier IX Premium ships return the best net credits per base XP earned; followed by those at Tier VIII. Note 3 – The above table excludes Aircraft Carriers which have a higher Service Cost than other ships. In Co-op mode, the Service Cost for Aircraft Carriers without reductions are: Tier X 180,000, Tier VIII 75,000, Tier VI 22,500, and Tier IV 4,500. A Tier X Aircraft Carrier with only the 15% clan base reduction would incur a Service Cost of 180,000 times 85% = 153,000 credits. Tier VIII Premium Aircraft Carriers have a Co-op Service Cost of 52,500 without reductions. Note 4 – The above table and Note 3 exclude the expense for ammunition and aircraft. These costs are not included in the Service Cost but are an additional expense. There is an extensive table in the Wiki for those costs.
  3. Aardvar

    Part 3 Progress Thread

    Finished at 1830 EST. Did the 4 Gorizia missions and then wrapped up the torp hits with 5 games in my GZ.
  4. Aardvar

    I am officially broke (credits)

    Hate to say it, Thunder, but I have 1.167 BILLION credits! When credit poor, play only your Premium ships. They net double what a tech tree ship returns. Mine all average over 200 credits for each base XP achieved. Missouri and Alaska are my best earners - on a NET basis - about 100K/game.
  5. And now I really wonder if players will feel generous and participate in the Save the Children charity event. Not related, I know, but anger makes people close their wallets. Best thing to do is simply drop a Zero off most of the task requirements, i.e. 27,000 Base XP reduced to 2,700 Base XP.
  6. Aardvar

    Co op, best ship type?

    OP asked what are the best ships for making credits in Co-op. Responses included the study by Little White Mouse that is accurate in general. LWM posted results of gross credit earnings. I did a spreadsheet that tracked 20 games in each of my T8-T10 premium and special ships. I based the results on net credits earned PER base XP point earned. This takes into account the clan base bonuses and all the various camouflages bonuses. I used NO flags during this study except the Military Month Contributor flag that provides a 5% credit bonus. Our D-Day clan base does provide an automatic 15% reduction in service cost. I have Premium Time as well. The table shows the Average BXP, Average Net Credits Earned, and Average Credits per BXP point. I figured that 20 games was an adequate sample for my use. I am not a DD guy so I was quite surprised by the Kidd's results. I have started but only done a few sample games in lower tier premium; in general so far, the T6 & T7 DDs seem to do better than the other classes - by about 15 credits/BXP. Premiums do better than tech tree ships due to the credit bonus built into their hull - not the camouflage. My Graf Zeppelin CV only gets about 120 credits/BXP. Most T8-T10 tech tree ships that I did a few samples with averaged between 50-100 credits/BXP. Note that the Sims and Atlanta have a Ship XP bonus built into their hull as well. Co-op Ship service costs are 75% of that in Random. A T9 tech tree ship with permanent camouflage and the 15% clan base reduction will cost 58,500 in service cost. A Premium T9 costs only 29, 532. That's the biggest reason to park tech tree ships in favor of Premiums when working up credits.
  7. Aardvar

    5 most played ships in co-op

    My 5 most played ships in Co-op are: Tirpitz - 840 Grosser Kurfurst - 812 Yamato - 620 Missouri - 552 Bismarck - 507 I was surprised that I had that many Co-op games in the Yamato. 21, 980 Co-op battles played so far.
  8. Aardvar


    Congratulations, Thunder. I now have 38 19-point Commanders. Should get #39 next week. I think my first one was the Bismarck, followed by the Kaiser. I have over 900 Random games in that boat. Albeit, I haven't played but 30 or so Randoms total in the past 2 years. Have over 21K Co-ops now but get most of my Elite Commander XP using Operations, especially Aegis and Narai.
  9. Aardvar

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Note that WG is not showing any New Year's love for the lower tier premiums this year. T2-T4 premiums earned 300 coal last year for their snowflakes. While they have not stated that these ships will not have snowflakes, they have been left out of the discussion and that is the obvious conclusion.
  10. Aardvar

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    Perhaps a simple solution would be to start the bots with 100 points more than at present.
  11. We played several games in Aegis. Our final game just now had an error that resulted in NO movement by any bot. Their main guns did not shoot; only their AA and secondaries. This means that the transports also did not move and despite killing EVERY red ship, we lost the match as we did not achieve the primary mission of getting a transport out of the action zone. Lots of flags wasted. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.
  12. Aardvar

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I appreciate the Hotfix and the information in this thread. I agree with the suggestions to provide separate controls for player sounds versus team sounds. Is it possible to have the Wiki Editors create a page dedicated to the Audio controls and clearly identify what sounds each and every control affects? A similar page for graphics controls would be desirable also.
  13. Completed the 100 aircraft mission, indicates that I will receive 10 Type 59 camos. Did all 8 Mission tasks and the Mission counter shows 8/10 completed. What are the other 2? Should it have been * or were we to get a credited mission for the completion of each 4 task series? Didn't have an autopilot problem today. My CVs just went straight last weekend. The AA change worked well for me. Biggest problem was queue time. Waited over 7 min, then 8 min, then 10 min and still no game at Tier 4. Gave up and did my CVs first and then returned and was able to get after a reasonable delay. The Research Bureau effort is too time consuming so I bailed on that.
  14. Aardvar

    Buying advice, GK or Kreml?

    The GK is my favorite Tier 10 ship. I have it set up to brawl with a secondary build and the faster reload, accepting the 19 km range. Works great that way in Co-op. Armor is good even when broadside as happens frequently in Co-op brawls. The FDG is so-so and expensive to play without permanent camo. I have both with perm camo and 19 point commanders. If doing it again, I'd skip the FDG with FXP and just do the GK. While no one can speak to the Kreml yet, I do have the Sinop and play it in Narai. You will want to have and keep that boat. Using a secondary build on that ship also. So suggest you work you way up the USSR BBs.
  15. Aardvar

    CV Changes and Improvements!

    All the same [edited] as before - DD players are still not satisfied and will not be until CVs are driven from the game. Went into the CV rework fully and have 8 CVs, all with 19 point Commanders. Turning out to be a big mistake. Sorry I purchased the GZ now. The only solution is to remove CVs from Random games (Co-ops are okay, the bot DDs don't cry) and set the CVs up in a new competitive mode that pits CVs, BBs, and CLs/CAs againts one another - no DDs allowed. A player suggested something like the Coral Sea and Midway battles that were all about the CVs with surface ships lending AA support. That would be challenging.