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  1. Spar_2016

    Scharnhorst, Tier IX Battlecruiser?

    Your evaluation and mine are very similar. I thought perhaps we might see 4 triple 11 inch guns but 3 triple 12 inch would be very acceptable. About the only other thing i would like to see is a bit more speed. Say 32 knots, but German ships do seem to be a bit slower than everyone else. I look forward to seeing you when it's released.
  2. Spar_2016


    And yet a new fleet of carriers are coming out.
  3. Respectfully, I disagree. We have seen tech tree ships nerfed or buffed repeatedly. This occurs whether you have "paid" for upgrades or run it totally stock.
  4. And yet Wargaming seems to have no problem nerfing tech tree ships whenever the mood strikes them. Don't try to sell the idea that tech tree ships are "free". If you have a premium account, ever purchased Doubloons, or signals or camo you have paid for that ship and its upgrades.
  5. Good idea! We've talked about only playing tier 1 and 2 ships. In co-op. No cv's.
  6. Sir, Common sense keeps me from trying to even try to discuss this further with you. One or both of us will only get upset. I keep telling my friends that this only a game that should enjoyed. And even though I am not a rocket scientist, I will continue to enjoy the game. I wish you all the best.
  7. It's not that our voice is the only one that should matter. It's that it doesn't matter at all.
  8. If you are waiting to make the perfect decision.......You will never make any decision. If your trying to release a perfect ship....It will never be released. Put the ship out and let the regular player decide. It's our time and our money that allows WarGaming to stay in business. Believe me, we WILL let you know our feelings.
  9. Like some of the earlier contrbuters, I also belong to a clan. A bunch of old guys that play for the fun of it. Honestly, as a "competitive" we are terrible. But we have fun! Would we like to have the latest and greatest ships? Sure, but with or without these ships we enjoy the game. I feel sorry for those out there that seem to have forgotten this a game and hopefully you can enjoy it.
  10. Spar_2016

    Update 0.8.0 timing and free XP sale

    I'm beginning to wonder if 1,000,000 FXP is worth paying for the Alaska, or any ship. I really haven't paid a lot of attention to the development time of other FXP ships in the past. It seems that we have been waiting a very long time to actually see this ship. Like some others, when Alaska was first announced I was very excited. After months of waiting, not so much any more. Alaska will probably be available for at least a few months so I think I will wait a couple more months to see if she is worth the asking price. To bad you can't buy steel with any excess FXP you've earned.
  11. Scharnhorst. Not a holiday surprise, just a working ship day in and day out. Not the highest xp and credits in every game, but steady on both and a lot of fun. Hope Alaska does as well.
  12. Agree 100 percent.  WoT chat and toxic actions of your own team destroyed any chance of enjoying the game.

    1. FirestormMk3


      Yeah.  I could actually see myself playing there again if it had a co-op mode like this game does.  That game has such a toxic community that even with terrible co-op rewards I'd take it just to get away from them.

  13. Spar_2016


    Or, a lot of existing players will find another game to spend their time and money.
  14. Spar_2016

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Really looking forward to Little White Mouse full review. Hopefully before Kron and Mosashi are removed.