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  1. Kyaru_

    The ship tab of the armory

    The armory in browser is very convenient and is faster to load than in-game
  2. Can't wait to go back to sleep~

    source: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/82651469


    1. Atomic_Manatee


      Who are you? or...Who did you use to be?

    2. Kyaru_


      I was Kochiya Sanae

  3. Kyaru_

    Z23 (Nimi) the best

    took me too long to make this have fun watching :D
  4. Kyaru_

    Worst teams EVER

  5. Hai~ just passing by and came across you, just wanted to say: your forum avatar is really cute, what anime is she from? 

    1. Kyaru_


      I was a bit late about this
      It's Kyaru, from Princess Connect! Re:Dive

    2. Rolkatsuki


      Omg! Wow I started watching that anime sometime after posting this status

  6. The torp arcs and long range torps on IJN heavy cruisers looks like they are meant to kite, and Yoshino's really long range guns looks like it can put up a fair fight from a distance as well (which is the main reason why I'm really interested in buying the ship)
  7. Oh? You can use it in competitive modes as well? I'm glad to know that! I do wonder if I could play it like Smolensk with no smokescreens, since I don't really use Smol's smokescreens and I am actively doing open-water kiting with it.
  8. Ahue, alright then ^^ I do like long range fire starting, i did spec my Smolensk with range mod and AFT just to get longer reach The 20km torpedoes looks tempting as well, I want to try those since I didn't get to fire torps longer that 12km which are in Italian cruisers and I don't own a Shimakaze.
  9. Ah, I don't have a Zao and I currently don't plan on grinding towards the IJN cruiser line... But I get what you mean, thank you~ I'll try to save my coal as much as I can lol
  10. I've been thinking of spending my coal on getting Yoshino as my second tier 10 coal boat, Everyone I asked has been recommending me to get the Thunderer, but I don't feel like playing battleships anymore. So, is it still fun to play Yoshino in the current state of the game? I just want a really fun tier 10 ship like Smolensk and throw HE at everyone.
  11. Kyaru_

    Corrupt file

    Did you try the chkdsk command yet? Probably bad sectors in your drive. also might be a sign your hard drive is dying if it's old
  12. I don't see any problem with it at all (except the minor inconvenience to grind ships all over again) I'm playing from Asia but registered in NA in the first place, but i got my Asia account since local internet cafes only has Asian clients and i can't use my NA account with them.
  13. Gone Reduced to atoms
  14. Kyaru_

    █ [PROJX] - Casual Gaming Clan █

    Hey this looks like an interesting clan