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  1. Kochiyaaa

    PT, Balance Changes

    omg thanks for the christmas gift wargaming german battleship buff is all we needed
  2. Kochiyaaa

    PT, Balance Changes

    german BBs buff and it's freedom dispersion god exists
  3. Kochiyaaa

    one round in a Zara

    SAP is a work of art, as proven in your game :omegalul:
  4. Kochiyaaa

    one round in a Zara

  5. Kochiyaaa

    one round in a Zara

    and surprisingly, she's a great ship
  6. Kochiyaaa

    Looking for a clan!

    You can join my clan We welcome everyone xd
  7. Kochiyaaa

    The WoWS Experience #1

    ara ara I'm sure you can also make videos such as these! Thank you btw ^^
  8. a low effort video i made at least i had fun while making this video
  9. Kochiyaaa

    WoWS 0.8.7 update

    sums up the whole situation
  10. Kochiyaaa

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    alright so you're sailing at low speeds in a Kitakaze when it's a CV match aaaaand you're broadside against enterpat's rocket planes that's like you're just asking for it keep moving and Just Dodge™
  11. Kochiyaaa

    So tell me, what is wrong with this picture?

    The IFHE Secondary Musashi build thing kinda threw me off But yeah, as said by others, the AI CVs in Co-op just flies straight to your flak, which is the reason why you can swat some flies with it. Playing it in randoms will be a different story.
  12. It took me 3 hours to edit this, and a lot of attempts on taking some footage...