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  1. I really agree with this Big Hunt is a really enjoyable mode where you lose nothing and just gain some fun and lots of rewards with it I really enjoyed the mode itself so far :D
  2. HuTao_prpr

    PTS 0.10.3

    Hi, can you not remove the 150mm guns from the Z-23? The destroyer is already fine enough and yet you're gonna make unnecessary changes to it.
  3. HuTao_prpr

    LEGO 1:350 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    That's amazing
  4. HuTao_prpr

    CV/No CV game modes

    dude can you give me a tl;dr please i appreciate the long reply but you don't have to put much effort on something i posted using half of my braincells
  5. Exactly? Musashi had a bundle with the commemorative flag that is not available right now I just hope he gets the idea that some commemorative flags are limited in the shops.
  6. HuTao_prpr

    CV/No CV game modes

    I thought for sure people who didn't accept the CV rework left the game long ago. I guess there's still some left.
  7. I think the comic sans font made OP's post more like a joke, but he sounds like he's serious lawl
  8. You used money to buy Flint? What?
  9. HuTao_prpr

    3 Suggestions

    Turenne's gun sectors are wack lol
  10. i say "gg" even when losing a game, only if the round made me feel good.
  11. HuTao_prpr

    Make them Listen

    aww dammit you warned me too late
  12. HuTao_prpr


    Just Dodge (tm)
  13. HuTao_prpr

    Who have you seen in game

    I had this dude named Eurobeat in my division He's weird but pretty good at the game
  14. HuTao_prpr

    3 Suggestions

    1.) I'm sure the game devs already addressed that years ago. They can't do it because of game engine limitations. 2.) I'm pretty sure Lazo has a quick launching spotter aircraft and it's just a Quality of Life thingy. 3.) It's also addressed long time ago. It will cause a strain in the matchmaker and will make you wait for 20 minutes just like that game from the snails.