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  1. I apologize if your eyes got offended by my opinion over the rework. The perma-spotting thing didn't really quite change with the game since the RTS in my view. I did the same thing in the old gameplay by hovering a fighter squad over a destroyer to keep it spotted through the match. So when I played as the CVs in the rework, I don't think hanging out with an enemy DD using the planes isn't gonna help the team much. So I prioritized other targets other than the DDs. I only target them whenever they chose to go after my carrier. The AA sector for DDs can be left as is, just 100% - 100% can already deal with the planes with consistent damage, so I don't think that's a problem at all. The Hatsuharu had "terrible" destroyer AA but can still damage and take down planes using its own weapons. What I just don't get that you said that I haven't played enough. I clearly had 4.4k battles in the game already. If that's what you think about my opinion on the internet over a video game, then I think it's fine ^^
  2. I wish I got richer when I posted this then.
  3. I'm sure that the current meta is on the transitioning phase of the rework, anyone still interested (i mean by "not quitting the game yet") in the rework play is still developing new strats or just getting used to the new system. If the high damage dealing DDs survivability in the rework is low, I'm sure the devs will do something about it soon.
  4. I see :o I agree with your balancing reasons too, the reduction of spotting ships is pretty good, but what if it's in a cyclone or storm? Maybe some workaround can be done on that too.
  5. ye bad reacts only
  6. A "not so daijoubu" review on the rework I have been playing three years of playing World of Warships. And I seriously think that the carrier rework is good for the game. The gameplay does NOT feel out of place, it brought the style closer to the surface ships and very easy to get into. Whether you are playing a surface ship or a carrier, both sides are actually excellent at doing their job. The AA can melt down planes, even if you're not in a ship designed for AA. The carriers are easy to play and very friendly. Before the rework, I was playing Aircraft Carriers too. But I got discouraged from playing it because of getting matched against the premium carriers such as Saipan, Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin. I stopped at Hiryu and played cruisers and destroyers instead. Battleship gameplay wore me out, so if you checked my stats, you'll see that I have more Battleship plays than the other. (But I decided to be a cruiser and destroyer main nowadays lmbo) When the rework was revealed, I was pessimistic about the whole style of it. On my side, I thought that the carrier game play will be very stale and uninteresting. The more I look at it, I feel like the carriers will remain to be boring because of how the attacks work, and the removal of fighter vs fighter game mechanic. I got invited to the Open Test, but I can't join since my hard drive can't take much space anymore. I've been wanting to try it out. I got really curious on Wargaming's take on the rework at that time. I was watching Farazelleth and Notser's gameplay instead, and saw that the rework really has full of potential. I haven't touched the game very much until the 0.8.0 update hits the live servers. They took away my Hiryu, my Ryujo, my Zuiho and my Hosho from my port. I used this opportunity to test the CV rework by starting fresh, so I got the Ranger. First impressions (Carrier Gameplay) I took out the Ranger for a spin with a 3-point captain (I haven't realized that there's a free respeccing and free retraining at this point), and went into battle. At my first games in it, was pretty frustrated and angry because I thought that the Anti-air of the ships are very overpowered. My planes gets shot down at the moment it enters the AA range of my target. First impressions (Surface Gameplay) At that time, I wondered if my Anti-air spec'd ships would do in the rework. I took out my AA build ARP Haruna with a 15-point captain for some couple of battles. The AA can sweep the skies against tier 4 and tier 6 carriers of both nations. I tried out the AA sector thingy and it made the AA very effective. At my second match, I realized that I can use timings to switch to the other side of reinforcement to keep inflicting damage to the planes, because I saw that after the CV's attack run, the planes often goes to the other side and circle around to make another attempt to damage you again. Improving myself in the carriers I tried the Ranger again, but this time, I tried to learn things slowly. I watched the how the AA works and did some basic maneuvering. the infamous WASD HACKS apparently works fine in the air, but your aircraft keeps getting damage though since the flak patterns gets very random very much. And then at that time, I realized I was targeting a normal Nurnberg. I thought to myself "The Nurnberg's AA is not supposed be THAT good", then I realized it was my mistake. "DD GAMEPLAY IS DEAD" Permaspotting? That wasn't really an issue. You're actually helping a lot for the team because the carrier could've dealt a bigger damage to your allies. With maneuverability and swift switching of AA sectors, you can actually shoot down the planes. Also, torpedoes launched by surface ships can't be spotted by any aircraft now. Perhaps for game balancing purposes. EDIT: This section has been discussed with some friends on discord. I haven't experienced much of a high tier DD play except for the Kitakaze, but I find playing the Shiratsuyu and Aigle fun to play in the rework. "INFINITE PLANES REEEEE" And so are torpedoes coming from the destroyers. I ran out of planes once while playing the Ranger, and it took me like a minute to recover my important planes. The game punishes you for making a mistake, especially at the most crucial times such as pushing, defending and area contesting. When my planes are still recovering, I can see my teammates getting destroyed one by one. And it costed the game very much. Press F to Pay Respects. And to warp back home and fly again. I can see this "exploit" to concern a lot of players. I don't know if it was a legit strategy since I figured it out by myself too while adapting to the gameplay. I do press F to recall back my strike aircraft when the AA is too much in an area. I, too, was concerned about this and should be dealt with immediately. Here's an idea for WG: maybe those catapult fighters or fighter consumables by the CV should be able to chase and shoot down the remaining planes unused by the player. The used planes should be able to escape since they don't have a payload anymore. Community Feedback. I keep seeing some players (mostly on Discord) getting good at the game at every round. There are people getting 70+ planes shot down using a Molotov, a carrier dealing 120k damage etc. The game just did a reset on everyone's skills on the game. Now that I view people those who are consistent on complaining on how the CV Rework went, are people who are just lazy to re-learn the basic ropes OR just wanted to scream at everyone because they're quitting. (Such pathetic losers to me, tbh) Thank you for reading this lmbo P.S. I'm on the Lexington right now. Currently enjoying the rework. To Midway, I go! P.P.S. Someone did half a million damage in a Hakuryu. You might wanna do something about that, wargaming ;^)
  7. HarunaKai

    Bring Back old CVs

    Not gonna lie I was pessimistic about the rework at my first impression, thinking it would be boring as hell But when I figured things out, several cool things can happen. Like wiping out a whole squadron in one run using a non AA ship, killing a Hood using Ranger's torpedo bombers etc. I think it's pretty good on my view, I had no problems with it
  8. HarunaKai

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I just wanna say that the gameplay makes no room for error and the ship's AA is too strong even when their AA rating in the stat cards is low. You can't make any rooms for error when playing the carriers. Also there's this bug when your squadron dies.
  9. HarunaKai

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    well my announcement thread went down lol i'm going to evacuate to this safer place
  10. i have crippling depression

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  11. I'm still alright.

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