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  1. RumpledSteelskins

    Who Would You Like to See?

    I thought of another one..... maybe some special skills that are only active in port while he’s sitting at his desk.
  2. RumpledSteelskins

    Who Would You Like to See?

    Ahh yes this would be good! Give me some details on why? Well....he would be a good addition with the new CVs coming in (a little late to do it at launch obviously!!!). Mainly he was famous as commander of the Kido Butai (IJN carrier strike force) for the first months of the war. Not necessarily the greatest commander of all time, but I’m sort of an IJN fanboy, and he’s probably 2nd to Yamamoto in fame, so I’d like to see him.
  3. RumpledSteelskins

    Who Would You Like to See?

    Chuichi Nagumo
  4. RumpledSteelskins

    Premium Consumable Use

    The only thing I do slightly differently that those above (and this will change when the new CVs come in) is I run the standard fighter and also DFAA in randoms. Change to premium in ranked. Right now with hardly any CVs in games, they’re sorta wasteful. If you get a CV game it can be a bit of a detritment, but it’s rare enough that I don’t worry about the reduced cooldown vs. credit cost. With the CV rework though, those consumables will be imperative to run premium, at least at first while CV madness is going on.
  5. RumpledSteelskins

    Pink Amnesty

    I’d like to see it go back to the days where if you saw a pink player you KNEW he was an intentional team killer. You hardly ever saw one, but if you did, you knew to avoid them. Nowadays it’s not uncommon to have 2 or 3 pinks every game. Still just as rare to have one of them be a greifer, but now you don’t see it coming when it happens.
  6. RumpledSteelskins

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Must be once per account then because I just tried and didn’t work. Someone above posted what you get and that’s exactly what I got....10 camos and a flag. The camos are ugly as sin, but not gonna complain about freebies, and they have decent bonuses.
  7. RumpledSteelskins

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    I got this one a while back and now the code doesn’t work, so maybe it’s one per account?
  8. RumpledSteelskins

    Narai Operation

    I was doing this one yesterday in my newly aquired Flint. Trying to train up my Buffalo skipper for upcoming ranked season. The rest of the team wanted to just stay in the healing circle so I had to peel off to kill all 5 of the transports and then try to get all the way over to the other side to get the CV because no one would leave the repair aura. I almost pulled it off too!! The carrier was about 1/3 health when it escaped. We still won with 4 stars and that (with every commander XP buffing flag and camo I could cram on) got me just under 50k commander XP.
  9. RumpledSteelskins

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Stat wise you’re correct but the one big difference is that you can have 5 terrible losses in the Chester and still have enough XP to move on from it. You can probably upgrade it and unlock tier 3 with 2 good wins. Even back when the tier 4 Karlshrue was terrible it didn’t take all that long to unlock the Konigsberg at tier 5. Tier 5 is where you start having to spend a good amount of time in a ship to grind through it, even if you do well with it. And if it’s terrible, it’s gonna leave a lasting impression.
  10. RumpledSteelskins

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Here’s a funny Emerald story. When I was grinding through it I got an Arsonist award once. This was before the 30s fires on DDs. Secondaries set 2 or 3 fires on a DD and he burned to death!!! Like Forrest Gump “that’s all I got to say ‘bout that”. I hated that ship and never looked back from it. When they did that “ship tour” thing a while back, I re-bought a few ships to do those..... but when Emerald came up? No.
  11. RumpledSteelskins

    I am stuck with a clan????

    Lol....yeah....I’ve seen those before...never tried them though. I did get some supposedly bacon flavored hard candy at a specialty store once but it was nasty. Didn’t taste like bacon at all. Edit:Actually now that I look closer, that candy was the same logo as that gum....so it’s probably nasty too
  12. RumpledSteelskins

    I am stuck with a clan????

    Bacon is a universal food for me. I could eat sushi with it. I could sprinkle it on ice cream (I’ve actually done that one), I could but it on corn flakes. I would use bacon flavored chewing gum. I would drink bacon soda.
  13. Good luck with that this. I agree with everything you said and I for one do try and help DDs and push with them. I play everything but CVs, but consider myself a BB/CA main since they’re what I’m good at. I am fairly sucky with DDs even though I think they’re the most fun ship to play. But on a random team of 12 you’ll be really really lucky if even half of your team thinks this way. There are just too many people out there who don’t want to get their pretty camo scratched or just don’t pay any attention at all to what’s happening.
  14. RumpledSteelskins

    I am stuck with a clan????

    I will second (lol....third?....fourth?) about Wolf clans. Wolf2 is a great bunch. We’ve been playing Clan Battles and doing pretty well, but there is absolutely no pressure to play in it or any salt whatsoever when we do, win or lose. It’s all for fun. There are guys that I see in the online list every night we play Clan Battle that don’t play in it....they joined the clan for the lone wolf aspect, and there isn’t a bit of pressure on them to do anything else. There are a group of us that do play and we just do it for the fun of it (and for steel.....got enough to buy Flint this season). Some nights we don’t have enough takers....oh well....try tomorrow. No 3-4 nights a week 2 hour pratice sessions in training rooms. No rules about having teamspeak or discord. No minimum WR or player rating. No rules about being available certain times for playing. Just do your own thing.
  15. RumpledSteelskins

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    That’s what I was thinking. Usually if they allow you to “earn” a free premium it’s sorta poopy. Even if they sell it as well.