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  1. just had a game in my Shima and launched 2 spreads at a Bismark from 11.5km. Hit 6 out of 10 and the dude threw a fit. I told him that I really hadn't expected any hits at all and it didn't improve his mood at all!!!
  2. I got this one in a loss and didn't sink anything. Also it appeared in the chat in game, so it must be something specific to the match and not a win/loss thing
  3. Didn't see the first one....sorry.
  4. Look at tasks 4, 8 and 9 in the same mission. They say SHIP and can be done in any class ship. All others say cruiser only. As far as I can tell all the other campaigns are pretty clear as to whether the task has to be completed with a specific class or can be done by any ship. This is the only one I've seen where it isn't made clear just by reading the description. Probably just an oversight from WG but thought maybe people should be aware of it.
  5. It says receive 1,500,000 potential damage in a battle and survive. Tiers 9 and 10 ships. I received 1,919,600 potential damage, and survived. Was tier 10. Only when I took all these screenshots and came here to ask why I didn't get the reward did I notice that there is only a cruiser symbol on the mission. All the others SAY cruiser if that's the only ship eligible. This one says SHIPS like the ones that don't matter what class you use.
  6. Well I'll keep plugging away at them then. Like I said, maybe I've just hit a stretch of bad luck lately because since the patch which changed them, the "try your luck" has yielded exactly zero supercontainers for me. I've never had a drought like this since they started with them.
  7. Before the lastest changes to the supercontainers (0.6.8?) I used to average one about every 2 weeks or so. I am a retired old fart so I almost always get all 3 per day. Always "try your luck" (why the hell not?). When they started putting the special upgrades in them I started getting almost nothing but smoke generator and speed boost upgrades. Occasionally a hydroaccoustic. VERY occasionally something other than upgrades. To the point that I think I've sold about 5 of each of speed and smoke because every conceivable ship I could use them on already have them. Now with the the changes they say those upgrades are a lot rarer and they've put more flags and consumables back in them. I wouldn't know because since the change I haven't gotten a single SC from the daily 3. Today I finished the first Yamamoto mission and got my 2 crates for it. Crate # 1--speed boost upgrade Crate # 2--spotter plane upgrade So in my personal experience, they've made SCs MUCH rarer. Maybe I'm just really unlucky lately. To the point that the 2 I HAVE gotten have the same old junk in them that was supposed to be rarer when you DO get one.
  8. ​I actually have never had a problem with a human....people, on the other hand piss me off all the time!!!
  9. I am taking a do this. Lol.
  10. My only reply was "let's check the scoreboard at the end of the match" because I knew I would be at or near the top. No response. I've actually taken far worse undeserved abuse in chat before this and ignored it. Like I said, for a year I've just ignored it. For some reason this morning I just snapped and had to get it off my chest. And I already feel better so I guess it was the right decision to "unload" it here.
  11. This is my first forum post. Been playing for a year and I read a lot of posts here but have never been inclined to post til now. I had a match this morning where I was called "useless" in chat by a member of my team. At the point that he said that, I had done over 100k damage, had 3 kills, 2 solo caps and one cap assist. We were winning quite handily, so even IF I had been useless (instead of doing quite well, thank you very much!!), there really wasn't any reason for it. I ended up first on the team with 4 kills, 140k damage, High Caliber and Confederate. I understand that chat can be quite toxic and that a-holes are gonna be a-holes, and I'm certainly not the first person to bring this topic up here. Bad apples in chat happen all the time and I usually just ignore them. I don't have a problem being called "useless" or worse if I am in fact doing something dumb. And I do dumb stuff all the time!! But it really wound me up this time for some reason and I felt that it was time to throw my 2 pennies at the issue. If you're going to throw insults at players in least have the common decency to look around and see if it's accurate!!! I know the "scoreboard" during a match doesn't show a lot, but it DOES show how many kills a player has up to that point (I had 3 if he'd bothered to check) and in my humble opinion anyone with even 1 kill is NOT "useless".