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    I think the problem with Texas (and I bet Olympia as well) is that you can’t just pump out the water and support the ship on blocks because the hull is in such bad shape that the weight of the ship will collapse it. It needs significant structural reinforcing to be able to bear its own weight out of water.

    The funds were allocated several years ago for Texas’ dry berth but all or most of those funds had to be spent just to keep her in one piece.
  3. Quick Khab guide/advice?

    I don’t run IFHE on mine. Any mod, flag or skill for boosting rudder shift, firepower or speed. I also do repair party and no smoke. I’m not the best Khab player by any stretch, but that’s what works best for me.
  4. About a year and a half ago I was in my Murmansk and took a double citadel early on that put me somewhere near death. I don’t remember what the number was, but under 100. I guess no one then wanted to waste a salvo on such a low health ship. Spent the rest of the match spamming HE at the enemy with no one shooting back at me, and ended the game with something like 120k in damage done, several kills, and still alive.
  5. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    Went and found it on the patch note page. Please note that with the release of Update 0.7.8, the "Go Navy!" category will be removed from the game, and all Eagles and Sharks tokens will be converted into credits. So hurry to use them!
  6. Go Navy Event Clarifications

    The patch notes say that tokens have to be redeemed before the new patch goes live and all tokens still in your inventory will be converted to credits. Someone posted that a few days ago, but I don’t remember exactly where.
  7. Random Generated Maps

    I agree. It would reward the “crossing the T” tactic that was the primary objective of naval tactics from Horatio Nelson to the end of the big gun era when missiles made it obsolete.
  8. Random Generated Maps

    The thing with Ocean being “the most realistic” map is that yes....most naval battles were fought in open water with no close island cover. But they were also NOT fought at anything resembling the ranges this game presents. This game has entire lines of ships that are designed to use islands as either cover with high arc, long flight time shells or as ambush points to approach enemy ships undetected with short range torpedos. I don’t mind playing on Ocean from time to time, but I think making it a more common map in the rotation would be a detriment. Realistic?...yes. Fitting for this particular game’s mechanics? Once I a while, for the challenge but not commonly. I think it’s fine right where it is now in the rotation. My 2 pence.....
  9. How to pronounce Worcester

    I’m the same way....if someone shows annoyance at something like that, I’m just gonna keep doing it. It’s my smartass nature!!!! Being in Texas, I work with a lot of Latinos and one of the girls gets all worked up if you pronounce something wrong in Spanish so I will say stuff like “pie-ko dee gallow”, pronounce tortilla with the l’s or tell her that Taco Bell is actual authentic Mexican cuisine and watch the steam come out her ears.
  10. We Don't Want Sharks to Defect to Our Team!

    Oh...we’re coming!!! And we’re gonna be hungry when we get there. So you better hide all your chicks!!!
  11. 2ndary Kraken

    I got 6 secondary kills in Republique like my 2nd or 3rd game in it. As I recall I had like 150k-ish damage in that game but only 1 or 2 of the kills were over 1000 damage done. So sort of a secondary kill stealing kraken.
  12. Wrong Answers Only: 15

    HMCS Johnny Manziel
  13. Oh, joy. Copper.

    Soon they’ll bring in tin, nickel, rubber, sailcloth, lubricating grease for the torpedo polisher and split coal into lignite and anthracite.
  14. Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    I played the new Narai this morning for the first time. Maybe an anomaly and we were all good players but it was just a random group of 7. 4 battleships and 3 cruisers. 5 stars, didn’t lose a single friendly. Was easy peasy. I had a MUCH tougher time last week with Raptor Rescue than this one. Day off tomorrow so I’ll do it a few times and see if this was just an outlier.
  15. Wrong Answers Only: 09

    That is the good ship lollipop.