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  1. RumpledSteelskins

    Question for you CV players out there

    Thanks for all the advice!!! I went ahead this morning and got Ryujo. I’m gonna play it in co-op and scenarios until I get to where I can kill bots effectively and go from there. I considered waiting some more, but free XP is relatively easy to come by (I have literally hundreds of flags and camos to boost it), so I pulled the trigger. First time out was 5 star win in Killer Whale, so off to a good start.
  2. So I tried the new CVs when the rework came out and didn't care for them, but I also know the tier 4's are junk and that's all I've played on the live server. The grind to 68k with those ships is just too much to contemplate!! I recently used up most of my free XP to purchase Alaska, but I've built my reserve back up to about 110k, so I'm thinking about free XPing one CV line to tier 6 and giving it another go with a "less junk" CV. Hosho and Langley have about 20k exp on them and Hermes is about 10k. So between Ryujo, Ranger and Furious, which would you recommend? I'm fairly confident that if I DO end up enjoying CV play more, I will most likely end up eventually grinding all 3 lines, so I'm more interested in which tier 6 you'd recommend, not the line as a whole. Thanks in advance.
  3. RumpledSteelskins

    Naval Training Center

    From what I understand of the plans for this, I’m not opposed to the idea of it, but the rewards need to be rethought. Basically by giving big buffs to ships that have completed a re-grind, they’re basically making it manditory for everyone to do it. A “stock” Yamato will be at a significant disadvantage to one that has 15% more hit points...and that’s just at the entry level 1 buff. Obviously the numbers can (and most likely will) be changed and toned down some, but if this goes forward in the format they’re proposing, it won’t be optional to do these re-grinds if you want to keep your ship competitive. I first saw anything about sort of “prestige” leveling idea a few months ago. Back then the best idea I saw was that you could reset a particular line to the start and maybe receive a perma camo for each ship on the re-grind as a reward for the first time you went up the line or maybe a special flag that has bonuses like the veterans flag or the ranked division flags. Any other stuff would be cosmetic only. For example, if you reset a line, your ships on the second grind might have a plus or a star after the ship name in the team list. This way you’re not giving the re-ground ships a distinct advantage over their “first time” counterparts and doing those lines all over again would be purely voluntary.
  4. RumpledSteelskins

    Savage Battle needs a hard mode.

    Lol....I wish I had screenshots of yesterday when my experience was the exact opposite. Loss, loss, loss, loss etc. Not as bad as your win streak, but I was winning maybe 1 of 5.
  5. RumpledSteelskins

    PSA: Yoshino is in Armory

    Lol....do Germans even understand German?
  6. RumpledSteelskins

    Why all the scary news stories over this Russian frigate?

    Ive seen several. Oops....wasn’t finished. Lol. There was one this morning from (if I recall) the Miami Herald talking about how powerful the ship is, and making hay over the fact that it was in Havana just 100 miles away. Phrases like “officials and defense department personnel are keeping a close eye on the ships movements”. I’m not saying they’re making like there is an imminent attack coming, it just seems like they’d sensationalizing the crap out of this to me. I know that’s what a lot of news outlets do, it it annoys me.
  7. I have like 3 news stories on my iPhone google news feed about the Russian warship that’s sailing around in the Caribbean. They make it sound like this thing could bring down the apocalypse if it wanted to. It’s a 5000 ton frigate for gods sake....I know it’s their latest and most advanced, and I’m sure it’s a quite capable vessel. But it’s half the size of an Arleigh Burke class!!! And it’s one bloody ship( with some support vessels)!!! Something tells me that if the Russians wanted to start some crap using this ship, she (or he, as the Russians would say) would have a very eventful, but short life!!!
  8. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to “who”. And I didn’t think of that....may well have been a CC or tester.
  9. It can’t be this one because I saw one in a game this morning. So you can get one right now(with a credit card I would assume).
  10. RumpledSteelskins

    Why the German BBs do not function as a line

    This^^ Especially after they nerfed the 4 point skill. I don’t even use concealment on RN even though thats part of THEIR “national flavor”. BBs in my estimation are SUPPOSED to be spotted and fired at to tank damage. Any salvo fired at a BB isn’t being fired at a squishy cruiser or a low HP pool DD, which is good for the team. Intelligent use of positioning, DC and RP is what keeps BBs alive....not stealth.
  11. RumpledSteelskins

    Tier 4 CV's torp damage needs upgrading.

    If I recall, most shipborne toroedos in WW2 were 24”. And most air dropped torpedos were 18”. So much smaller overall with much smaller warheads. I don’t think aerial torps should have anywhere near the striking power of ship launched ones. Having said that, getting hit in a tier 3-5 BB with a tier 4 CV torp in this game barely registers as damage, so I wouldn’t be against something of a buff to them. But nowhere near the potency of your Clemson or Phoenix torps....maybe buff them up to 6000-6500 or so?
  12. RumpledSteelskins

    Silly ship questions RU

    Or used on any premium Russian ship without retraining.
  13. RumpledSteelskins

    Substitute 1 CV for One Submarine per team???

    I couldn’t agree more. I’m not a fan of the CV rework, but I can live with it, especially if they keep improving it. I’m still confident that they’ll eventually get it more or less right. But I don’t see how WW2 era subs can be effectively included in this game. Sure...they can do subs like in the Halloween event that move at 30+ knots submerged and reload torpedos in 30 seconds, but that is fantasy land stuff in terms of any sort of immersion or accuracy. And yes...this is an “arcade” style game not a simulator, but in most aspects SOME lip service is paid to accuracy. Those Halloween subs, while fun to play in that event, are pure fantasy, even by modern submarine standards in a lot of cases. Making subs that fit with the regular game (I.e. Random Battles) just won’t work imo.
  14. RumpledSteelskins

    Sold my Montana?!

    For some reason it just seems Montana is more accurate to me. I know it’s not on paper....maybe just RNGsus favors me in Monty over Yammy. I never seem to get those sweet long range salvos with her and with Monty it seems to happen quite a bit.
  15. RumpledSteelskins

    Sold my Montana?!

    Lol...I started reading that and thought it was me in the Montana, but the Hindy I hit, I killed outright. It was in a Clan Battle. I actually apologized to the poor guy too!! Montana is my favorite BB hands down for exactly that reason....the guns are accurate, hit like trucks and are numerous. Lots of people, even at tier 10, don’t realize that 20+ km doesn’t make you any sort of safe from Monty.