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  1. Selling Modules/Equipment bugged?

    Same here. I decided this morning to take Notser's advice and re-buy Cleveland, Pensacola, New Orleans and Baltimore for the line split. I had enough credits to buy all 4 and upgrade the first 3. So I go to inventory to sell off the stock modules and get the perpetual spinners.
  2. Also have the DD crawling with German soldiers looking for souvenirs and then it explodes. Then every minute or so repeat the animation
  3. murmansk the squishyest ship?

    I can’t believe (unless I missed it) that no one has mentioned the Kirov. I hated every minute in that ship and got deleted many times before I got through it. When I see one on opposing teams I begin to drool, even DD AP pens it. I have a Murmansk and though I don’t play it often, I usually do pretty well in it when I do. And when shooting at Omaha/Murmansk/Marblehead I see quite a few bounces if they angle. It IS squishy when uptiered or played carelessly but if you use its high speed and good turning it’s hard to be hit.
  4. Missing WW1 found

    I didn't even know dial up was still a thing...lol
  5. Missing WW1 found

    What surprised me.....AOL is still a thing?
  6. Get Dets out of Ranked

    In ranked battles I run it on EVERYTHING. Even well armored BBs can be detonated if a torp hits you in the magazine area. As far as I recall I've never had a detonation in a ranked game.
  7. Get Dets out of Ranked

    As I said....you get 10 of them every time you get detonated. I don't use det flags on anything but DD's in random battles and it happens pretty rarely to the other ship types, but enough that I always have a crapload of them for ranked and usually still have a crapload even after each ranked season. You also get them from daily crates and missions. I've never bought any flags at all and other than the specials (dragon, wyvern, ouroboros, etc.) I rarely run short of any of them.
  8. Get Dets out of Ranked

    When not in ranked I only run det flags on DDs because if you don't you get detonated like 1/3 of the time. All other ships I get detonated pretty rarely, but often enough that when ranked rolls around I have plenty of them to use on ALL ships. Each time It happens you get 10 of them for free. Add this to all of them you get from crates and missions and that's one of the flags I will probably never run out of. Playing ranked without a det flag is like playing ranked with no camo...which I see all to often as well.
  9. I like this idea. As long as they make the missions pretty easily accomplished so most everyone can complete them. I say this since I’ve seen a lot of people saying they don’t have the time to grind out long missions and also with the holiday season there are even more that are strapped for time. Also just to throw this idea in the mix.....add a mission for some premium account time since that was given away as well. For me premium is more valuable than credits, XP, and flags combined because it helps to get the other 3 just from playing.
  10. If this is how they treat people who give them money, I for one will not be giving them any more of mine. And that is most definitely how it CAN hurt WG. I have nothing against them trying to lure people back who haven’t played in a while, but snubbing the people who do play every day and support them finacially whilst doing so is not a good move on their part. Now as someone pointed out....the holiday season isn’t over yet and there may well be some rewards coming for loyal and paying customers. I hope so. Otherwise this is going to turn into a PR disaster for WG.
  11. Is this a valid reason to be a team killer?

    From what I understand and remember, WG keeps a record of every player’s team damage stats and if you reach a certain threshold you can have your account suspended for a certain time frame or if it’s bad enough permanently banned outright.
  12. Is this a valid reason to be a team killer?

    For me, it’s better that the a-hole turns pink instead of me. Report him, send a replay etc. Also, two wrongs don’t make a right, but three rights DO make a left.
  13. First Impressions.....

    You missed out on the hilarious fun of the low tiers.....2 games this morning where both teams were basically all made up of Long Jiangs and they were all throwing torps around like crazy......and obviously getting no hits. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!!!
  14. How to Get Hit, RL Version

    just had a game in my Shima and launched 2 spreads at a Bismark from 11.5km. Hit 6 out of 10 and the dude threw a fit. I told him that I really hadn't expected any hits at all and it didn't improve his mood at all!!!
  15. WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    I got this one in a loss and didn't sink anything. Also it appeared in the chat in game, so it must be something specific to the match and not a win/loss thing