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  1. RumpledSteelskins

    Client says it is still running even though you already Exited??

    Same here...hotfix didn’t work for me either. I’ve been alt-tabbing out and killing the game from task manager while waiting for the patch to fix it.
  2. RumpledSteelskins

    Bring Back Ocean Map

    Whenever this topic comes up I always say this....Ocean IS the most realistic map in a pretty unrealistic game. I love when it does come up (rarely) as a nice change of pace and a different style of game. But I was around when it WAS in the regular rotation and that was too much. The game is designed to have the islands to use as cover and line of sight blocking. Some ships in the game are at a serious disadvantage without islands, giving other ships a big advantage when playing on that map....especially BBs and really fast gunboat DDs. I certainly don’t advocate for Ocean to be removed, but its current status of coming up quite seldom is just fine. If you want to fight more historically realistic naval battles (that usually have no land in sight), play Rule the Waves. WOWS as designed doesn’t work well on open ocean maps.
  3. RumpledSteelskins

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    I hate cryptic puzzles!! I’m much better at being a smartass!!!! Someone else figure out the puzzle and just tell me the code!!!
  4. RumpledSteelskins

    Birthday Port - There is a Hidden Code

    Isn’t Mothma a giant Japanese moth that is friends with a pair of tiny girls that live in a birdcage?
  5. RumpledSteelskins

    Alternating ships Game after Game

    I am much the same. If its a ship in a line I’m grinding I will play it again if I lose the first game (or several ), but even if I really really want to finish a ship and obtain the next one in a line, I have a tough time playing a ship that has already won its “daily double” bonus. It just seems to be a waste if I can’t get that xp bonus for the first win. So I’ll usually play something that hasnt got a win yet that day.
  6. RumpledSteelskins

    Code for a Unsinkable Sam container

    Worked just fine!! Thanks a lot!!!
  7. RumpledSteelskins

    New Bonus Code

    Yep....all 5 worked for me as well....thanx all!!!!
  8. RumpledSteelskins

    Finally 8.8 is here - 2 lines in reset, 2 SCs Rcd - Vid

    I will have to read the blurb in detail when I get home from work tonight then. I just sorta skimmed it this morning while the update was downloading and jumped in real quick to have a look at stuff and played one game to get a camo, then had to leave for work.
  9. RumpledSteelskins

    Finally 8.8 is here - 2 lines in reset, 2 SCs Rcd - Vid

    I saw that you were supposed to get the rewards for reset lines. The only reset I have done so far is German BB and I’m back to Bismark currently. I got nothing for FDG or GK this morning, so I figured you got them when you researched the ships again. Apparently that isn’t the case and I need to submit a ticket.
  10. RumpledSteelskins

    This Upcoming Election Season....

    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, but good luck with it coming true. The anonymity of the chat system in any online sphere pretty much guarantees that people will spew their political vomit all over the screen far more so than they would if standing face to face with you, and the closer we get to the elections, the worse it will get. I actually have some fairly strong political beliefs myself, but I’m a firm believer in the old adage that you don’t debate politics or religion......you have a much better chance of success trying to push water uphill with a fork.
  11. RumpledSteelskins

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    Same story here....it’s a side effect of the Wolf clans....a lot of our guys take the “lone wolf” part quite seriously. We have a fair number of guys who like to play clan battles, and we do pretty well I think for a casual clan with no comms (we’ve gotten to storm league last couple of times), but getting 7 of us together on CB nights is hit or miss at best.
  12. RumpledSteelskins

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    I’m a bit of an IJN fanboy and Yamato has always been my favorite battleship. Also I love the pagoda mast of Fuso....especially when its on fire...lol. The IJN heavy cruisers are also favorites of mine, especially Myoko. I do love the look of the Iowa class and also the Fletchers. Bismark is a handsome looking ship and also the Roma.
  13. RumpledSteelskins

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    Amazingly enough, I 5 starred Newport the very first try when it was introduced way back when with a totally random team. I can’t remember ever getting 5 stars on it since....maybe once or twice, but I don’t play it often. It is the one scenario I rarely play because it’s so tough that I consider it a waste of time since it’s about 50/50 that it will be a fail and not worth doing.
  14. RumpledSteelskins

    I'm better than you

    I have 22.....so.....22.
  15. RumpledSteelskins

    Thanks for the Dale Earnhardt, Jr FLAG !!!!!

    So with this flag on a ship it will only turn to port and not to starboard?