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  1. DoubleDog2

    Clan Brawl

    Why even play our clan has no chance
  2. DoubleDog2

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    Why even play our clan has no chance
  3. DoubleDog2

    Hasn't been fun for a long time

    At this point I look at like this, "A pig in makeup is still a [edited]pig" We did ok in clan battles yesterday 3 out of 7 but this Naval Battle [edited] is just that. Hard to earn stars when you are on [edited] teams 6 battles in a row. 6 defeats in a row again this afternoon. If I could, I would turn off Naval Battles and Clan Battles.
  4. 1. Just had another 6 game losing streak 2. Our average to poor clan gets our butts kick over and over. Clan battles, no one shows up to play do to losing over and over. Naval battles, basically no chance, especial when it is based on xp or damage. Young average clan has no chance in recruiting better players. Our invite to clan is about 5%. Established clans are like corporations, gobble up all the good players and crapon mom and pop. 3. I'm thinking about booting 25 plus members out of the clan and just play with deputy commanders. Ignore the naval battles, clan battles and all the extra [edited]. Have fun in division random
  5. DoubleDog2

    Clan Brawl

    It's all just more [edited]. Lose 6 battles in a row in Naval battles. Have a crapclan do to no one wants to join a young shity team. Match making is [edited]garbage
  6. I'm thinking this is how they get people to quit. About a 20% victory in T6 through T10 for the last 5 days. Some battles are not even close.
  7. Is there a way to look at a clan's page on a different server. We are playing [-50-] clan in Naval Battles. They are on CIS server. They are kicking our butt. Just curious to see their stats Thank you DoubleDog2