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  1. Panzer1113

    End of the Forum

    For many years this forum has been part of my daily routine - will miss ya all - good luck and good gaming
  2. Panzer1113

    Somers at Auction tomorrow

    For me, one of the best in the game - and i play it all the time. It has aged well, +
  3. Panzer1113

    Pan American Cruisers

    Been around a long time, grinded all the lines.... This line is maybe the worst ships to pay in the game - sooooooo very situational - guns at the higher tiers are terrible - your only impact for the game is maybe to shoot down a few planes and soak up damage while everyone shoots at you - you really have to be lucky that your team is doing well and you get in a good firing position behind a island and opposition sails towards you broadside - or to sacrifice yourself to bully some DDs out of a cap - I believe that the Santander is the worst tier nine tech tree ship (move over Seattle). Wish WoWS stats was working so I could see how bad the ships were doing in this line.
  4. Panzer1113

    Supercontainer Nerf Incoming with 12.4

    Guess they though the event was too generous - really surprises me sometimes on what WG targets - and supplies their version of a "solution" to....
  5. Panzer1113

    Considering line to reset

    I only reset when the double points come and have one line I enjoy grinding- in this case American DDs - but do not mind not having the tier 10 available to play ( I enjoy the Somers more) . I have a trained up captain for each ship, so no retraining needed. You really want a line that you enjoy the tier 8 and especially tier 9 ships, since of course the majority of the work. Fletcher is one of the best tier 9 tech tree ships, so playing does not feel like a chore.
  6. Maybe one of the Lighthouse Auctions
  7. Got lucky and it was my first bundle so cost 350 dubs- really a meh ship - can bully DDs with mix of consumables- but really not impactful against any same tier or above cruisers or BBS - 152s just do not do too much damage without he at higher levels - so over 100 hit games still only 40K damage- and since you are shooting all the time - ya get lots of people shooting at you - the heal is good- torps don’t have enough range for much help on damage front- overall not very impactful- if your team doing well - can do ok- if you team is doing badly will not turn the tide- overall a very forgettable ship - port queen
  8. Panzer1113

    Pan Am, Love it!

    Well, sometimes the RNG gods smile - Santander the tier 9 tech tree ship was my first bundle for 350 dubs - so I got it. Played a couple of battles - was of course low tier with superships in the game - handles well, turrets turn quite nicely, and back turret has 360 degree turning, so guns can stay on target through maneuvering - torps are a bit short range at 10.5 for this level - would have liked to have seen 13.5 - consumables are nice - can help you bully smoked DDs - and recover HP - and this ship needs to recover a lot of HP because it has to fire it's guns all the time to create damage since all AP and only 152MM - so ya have to send a lot of shells down range - which keeps ya spotted (along with all the planes in the game between CVs and the hybrid ships) - while improved angles - AP does not generate a lot of damage - so can expect 400 to 500 damage when shells hit (between all the rick/non-pens) - so lots of hits means long time being spotted and taking damage and you have to land a lot to get a decent damage game. Also, if your team not doing well, this thing will not turn the tide. If this tier 9 is indicative of tier 10 performance - will not play the line too much - while having a nice list of consumables is fun, very niche line
  9. Panzer1113

    SuperContainer time

    100 AA flags
  10. Panzer1113

    500 ships Collector badge/emblem

    Need about 20 more port slots
  11. Find the tier 9 DDs more competitive then cruisers and BB, especially when it seems you are always uptiered. So, Fletcher, Kitakaze, Chung Mu, Yug are alll tier 9s I play on occasion - depending on what missions are out there.
  12. Panzer1113

    2,250,000 credits is the new Admiral Makarov

    Out of an eight Mega set I bought, four were 2.25 million credit drops - was a bit disappointed to say the least....
  13. So for my 55 tier 10 ships - got 11 Mega Crates and got..... Econ Boosters Commander Exp Cammo Free I guess - but the force was not with me
  14. Panzer1113

    Santa's Gifts

    Broke down and bought 8 Megas 4 - 2.25M credits -10% chance and got this four times crappy luck (already have almost 900Million credits) 2 - 12,500 coal 1 - Econ credits and a Maya - have almost all the tier 5 - 7 ships, so expected either Maya , Toulon, Collinwood or KS destroyer - not terrible - guess out of the group was ok