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  1. Panzer1113

    So I bought the 40k Pre-Sale Pack

  2. Panzer1113

    is anyone actually liking nevsky?

    Just had a couple of games in one. One game, my team was getting rolled, 5 ships shooting at me, got too broadside vs a BB, took a 30K hit vs a salvo from a Lennin - next game, my team rolled, got to shoot at distance, arsonist and over 100K in damage - laser beam shell flight, easy to get shells on target - just not a lot in every salvo. Running IFHE - think it is OK, just if you like brawling, this ship is not for you.
  3. Panzer1113

    Ohio? or Colbert?

    I had the same dilemma point, had 60K research points, would have to reset another line to get Ohio, or get the Colbert. Already had the Georgia, was not sure just having another turret was worth it - and the thought of doing another reset was not worth it - so got the Colbert - and have only played a few games in it. Does not have the laser shells of the Smol, so hitting at distance more difficult, and just takes punishing hits - really plays like the Atlanta - but at tier 10, the accuracy of ships is such that make it very hard to survive - no matter what your firing position, someone has a shot at you at tier 10. Best if played in a Division, where you have a smoking buddy to provide cover... Can't say that the regrinding I did was really worth it.....
  4. Panzer1113

    Admiral Makarov in Premium Shop

    Had the Makarov for a long time, and have not played her much (got her out of a Santa Crate two X-mas ago). Guess for a collector - but why buy a premium, when there is a Tech Tree equiv if you want it. There are better captain trainers out there in the Russian line -
  5. Panzer1113

    The magical unicorn Soviet container does exist

    15 tokens per, so 105 -
  6. Panzer1113

    T6 french Dunkerque or T7 Scharnhorst

    Is this a real question? Have both, the Sharn is soooo superior (and fun), the Dunk, while cheaper is one of my worst tier 6 BB, very power creeped.
  7. Panzer1113

    Doomed to 5 token containers

    just opened 9, 7 - 5 token and 2 -15 token - so 65 total tokens for 9 containers
  8. Panzer1113

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    True - Fujin, and the Kami twins are the most OP ships in the game....(though Smol and Stali are up there)
  9. Panzer1113

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    sigh, would make me very sad - could not have games like this where ya carry your team to victory as low tier
  10. Panzer1113

    Russian Cruiser Event Rewards

    Daily crates for me, have been repeating - 5, 5, 5.....
  11. Panzer1113

    Russian Cruiser Event...Wow, just wow.

    Just finished first set of directives, got 7 containers - 6 - 5 token - one 15 - so for seven containers _ got 45 tokens or 6.43 per container...…..
  12. one of those - no interest events - Since on some of these ships, I already have multiple camos - and these camos do not do anything different (some events in the past did have camo as a reward that had a different bonus), do I really want to work to get another skin? No
  13. Panzer1113

    Hayate Ehhh

    I am generating about 200K free exp every three weeks (that is using flags), so will take about 30 weeks to get enough for this - not worth it in my book
  14. Panzer1113

    Hayate or Smaland - which to choose?

    2 mill is a lot for a ship. I will most likely use my free exp to move up the Russian Cruiser lines faster once the rework comes out. Like dd play, but 2 mill...
  15. Panzer1113

    Is the Dunkerque worth the price?

    Power creep has really impacted my Dunk - now barely play it - Arizona is much better at tier six, WV can be fun with 16 inch guns. I would not waste money on Dunk it at this point (ends up being HE spammer now)...