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  1. Congrats, DeGrasse is a fun tier 6 cruiser and hopefully you will enjoy it
  2. Yami, Khab and Z-23 (cause Z-46 & Z-52 are gems)
  3. Have 11 tier 10s, got 10 SC ( thanks GK problem) and since out of pocket for a few days, they will be waiting for my return...hopefully contain treasures and not junk
  4. That is unless you ran your Kurfurst this morning....
  5. Best - Santa Crates that gave me so many fun premiums (Lo Yang, Atago, Gremy, Atlanta), do not second guess any of the pile of cash I donated Worst - Duca, by far... Reviews overhyped, bought as a trainer for all those Italian ships that we have seen.....
  6. Z-52 is great, German DD grind not too bad, some fun options - gems are the Z-46 and Z-52. Fun torp machines and hydro can be a powerful tool
  7. Would love for tier 10 premium camo to have a sale, 5,000 doubloons spendy, and with 11 tier 10 ships, small fortune to outfit them all
  8. Love the speed boost ones for my Russian DDs, smoke booster on my Sims...
  9. Was wondering where the shortfall came from, powered thru all my 11 tier 10 this morning, was one container short
  10. Just meh, can perform at times, fragile, big citidel and steering goes out a lot, dpm is poor, long range lots of shell shatters, poor HE performance, needs to run IFHE, close up the AP performs well, torps are there but only three per side, painfully slow while long ranged, not reliable damage tools - much better tier 6 cruisers, but it is a very good looking ship.
  11. Amazing how many threads on this - your torps your problem.... must be some deterrent in the game and in real battles of course torping your own ships did happen. Sometimes accidents happen, but hopefully system like this makes people think and analyze the situation before acting
  12. Thank you, other thread answers "what's inside" question... was hoping for some great stuff, but nothing listed makes me want to plop down cash..
  13. Have been underwhelmed by past container events based around the collectibles - has anyone purchased, and if you have did you get value out of it? $3 per is pretty steep if a third of the containers are an easy to get collectible...
  14. DD capping - seen and done plenty of stupid things here - but in many a situation no win for the DD, if not somewhat aggressive then the other team builds an advantage that sometimes is difficult to overcome, and capping a blank takes less time then capping a captured cap. Been yelled at in chat many a time for just " giving the reds that cap"... Damage farming happens all the time, have grinded most of cruiser lines, now doing American and in the Omaha - and it amazing how many reds try to farm you - see you as an easy, farmable morsel - and I have to admit I have done it too, crappy ships like the Omaha are easy to take out, one less enemy ship, and the more capable ships can always be taken out later. No such thing as kill stealing, easiest way to win is to destroy enemy. This game for the most part does not reduce the damage capabilities of and enemy ship with 1 hp vs full health, have lost games where a low health BB goes off and heals, the comes back and turns the game, that DD with 45 hp that devastating torp strike, or hides and gets a solo warrior... so when there is an opportunity to kill an enemy ship, you take advantage
  15. For some reason did not get the Mighty Bis with this result - I must be being stupid - am fully upgraded - got parcel and captain - so really getting Dreadnought, not causing