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  1. I prefer DDs, but during tier 10 ranked, I take in cruisers or battleships. Just played one match early today, took out my Zao, there were two DMs and a Moskva on the reds, so way too much radar for our DD (who was forced to hang with the main pack, so was not very successful. The Reds had a Shima that was taken out first due to radar.
  2. If ya like grinding, and ya want to use up a lot of resources, then regrind is for you. For me, yes started the regrind with an idea that “hey let me re experience a line that I did back at the beginning of time, the US BBs. Started OK then reached Colorado, which while having some buffs, was still a pile in today’s meta. Was getting tiered up all the time, and in 7/8/9, a lot of grinding is required. Spent wayyy toooo many credits, some free exp on base hull and other upgrades, used some camo and flags to speed things up, but by the time got my Montana back, was a bit disappointed. Tried it on two lines I enjoyed, RN CLs and US DDs, and just the time and resources necessary to grind made it unpleasant. At that point, I had enough points to get Colbert (which I think is pretty Meh), and bought it because I did not want to do another line to get the rest of the points for the Ohio. at the time I started the regrinds, I had almost 400 million credits, by the end had only 150 million, used up a lot of free exp and most of my red dragon flags for a ship a hardly play. For myself personally, unless the put a Stalingrad or Somers out there, will not be doing the research B again. Better things to do with my time, and with 185 ships, too many great ships to waste my time chasing one more Port Queen
  3. Panzer1113

    Credit Earning

    Ahhh, for profit game - while you don’t have to pay to play, it sure does help to have premium time to not lose credits on tier 10 games.
  4. Panzer1113

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    Have the Drake, and after 6 games, 2 wins, 4 losses. Doing ok on damage, but feels like I struggle to be impactful to the game. Not really enjoying so far - guess destiny for the British heavies will be Port Queens- much more enjoyable ships to play then these.
  5. Panzer1113

    Should I Sell My Mahan?

    Sold mine when I was moving up the DD line, was always short of credits, bought back when I regrind the line. I you need to sell now, can always get back when you are in a better credit situation
  6. Panzer1113

    Weekend Spree

    Tough weekend, some good games could not carry hard enough to win, quite a few games where my team was just rolled over by the red team, some games wondering “where are my teammates?” while trying to stop a roll, couple of games being in the wrong place at the wrong time (turning just in time for that random torp spread to hit you). Lots of radar (seems like always on my side of the map) and wayyyyy to many CVs. Was grinding Devonshire, got tired of it (not very impressed and tiered up all the time), used free exp to move all the way up to the Drake. Think the Drake is Meh, not sure we needed another HE spammer. Good fire chance, but long reload and somewhat floaty shells means you are trying to stay at distance shooting at BBs. Terrible DD hunter, and don’t think it is a good cruiser counter. Does not have a great wiggle, so took some cits from distance. Not sure why I would bring the British heavies to the battle unless grinding the line.
  7. Panzer1113

    Worst ship in the game

    Gas-can - Tier 8, ya get tiered up against 10s all the time. Four anemic guns up front, secondaries do nothing, getting the second turret in play opens up you broadside and you gat cit’ed - my worst doubloons purchase.
  8. Took out Gas-can last night - was tiered up into a tier 10 game. Had 134 secondary hits for a bit over 4000 in damage and the secondaries lit one fire... really is a dumpster fire of a ship - really the worst tier 8 ship in the game - you need such a deep commander build (IFHE, secondaries, DE, etc) to make it somewhat playable, unless you try to stay way back and lob HE all day.
  9. Panzer1113

    Hawkins, and why she's my new favorite T5 ship

    Bah ha ha - it was a pile of burning waste material- sold it as quickly as I could
  10. Glad you enjoyed, for we started out fun, lower levels OK, but once you pass tier 5, start getting into higher level exp requirements and it gets back into a grind. Then you are buying ships, spending credits (like 80 million). I didn’t keep a lot of my tech tree ships, so did not have dedicated captains, so had to move captains in which required commander exp, and by the time you get to 8/9 a lot of games are required to move forward unless you were sitting on a pile of exp. I have 186 ships, love to play different ships (along with a few favorites). Regrind required repeated play over the same territory and deprived me of some fun tier10 ships for awhile. Overall, the first line you regrind was ok for me, but doing it over and over again just was not fun for me, felt like work and this game is supposed to be fun. At the end, could not face regrinding another line for the 2000 needed points for the Ohio, so got the Colbert. Not all that impressed, with it so for all the work got a new ship that is not as good as many other tier 10 cruisers (Zao, Smol, Hindy, Wooster, DM, Henri).
  11. Panzer1113

    Reset Research?

    Really no logical reason, unless you are sooo bored with the games that you want to exert a great deal of effort, credits and resources for a couple of just ok tier 10 ships or in the future upgrades that for a couple of ships is nice, but for others don’t do much or is balanced against something that can be pretty detrimental (Shima Leg Upgrade).
  12. Did the regrind for the Colbert, don’t think I will ever regrind again. Really is a huge waste of credits and flags/camo/elite Commander exp/free exp for base hulls/doubloons for demounting upgrades. Really, the Colbert and Ohio are the two most expensive ships in the game, not in terms of money, but in terms of time and resources. I had to grind three lines, equal to 3 tier 10 ships, pay the millions of credits, use other resources, for one tier 10 ship. It is really a racket, worst thing in the game (in my opinion).
  13. Panzer1113

    Bad Days?

    Sigh, been a tough 2020 so far, since January have lost almost a 10th of a % off my overall win % - and with as many games as I have, that is a lot of bad days the last month and 1/2..
  14. Panzer1113

    Post your SC loot here

    50 50% Credits Camo - also fun to run on my Missouri and to a lesser extent on my tier 8 premiums (except Roma which I have the K camo). Great for credit earning directives