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  1. I have a 49.92 win rate, was above 50%, but have had a really bad 7 days lately. I guess I need to count myself as a “Drag”; forcing my teammates to carry my sorry, solo behind in games. Maybe there is a drag anonymous out there that I and my fellow sub-50% players can be a part of. Sit in a circle, recount our failings.:.
  2. My first Tier X (and battle)!

    Congrats on your first tier 10, now you have to decide if you are going to buy perm camo or not. Shima is a fun DD, but really seems to be a boom or bust boat ( great games or that unexpected DD or Radar ship encounter where you are deleated early). Good luck moving forward, plenty of great tier 10 DDs to grind( Gearing, Z-52 and Yueyang are my favorites).
  3. Some times also double up when you get a ship in an event that you all ready have or sell a ship you got through an event that you did not want to keep.
  4. IJN- best mix of guns and torps with decent concealment - plays closer to DDs then most of the other cruiser lines
  5. 8 straight losses, I blame MM

    Has been an interesting few days here, lost 11 in a row last night, after a terrible weekend. For some reason rolling quite a few “tails” lately. Should win about 40% of games, no matter how I perform- but for some reason living large in loserville right now
  6. Only bring radar if you are playing with a smoke buddy. Picking radar SOLO just transforms you into farmable damage piñata...
  7. 100 ships in port- Almost every premium, tech tree almost every tier 10 (except CVs). Only keep the most fun tech tree or ones that I earned or bought perm camo for.
  8. Weekend spree

    Really brutal weekend. Worst win % have had ever for a weekend. Weekend where kept rolling “tails” when called “heads”. Grinding Richelieu, tiered up match after match, searching for wins to get 100% bonus. Took out Aigle multiple times to try to get a couple more Crates (love the camo), 22% win percentage, just some bad matchups for a DD with 6.8 detection range. Lots of imbalanced matches, for some reason had quite a few AFK teammates, had a number of close matches where teammates kept their guns out of the game for pivotal time periods by sailing behind islands or sailing at the edge of the map, or RNG rolled against us. Also took quite a few below water cits, where you are shaking you head while you are sinking and see the holes below the waterline.
  9. What's going to happen Indi?

    One of my permanent Port Queens - every once-in-awhile, while going through my plethora of ships, I see her and say "what the hell", and take her out - quickly tiered up into a tier 9 match and reminded of why she stays in port. Would love to see something to make this ship viable.
  10. Have all three free exp ships (just got the Musashi), grinding French bb line so have used a bit of free exp and elite commander point lately
  11. would love for something to be done to the Duca, for all my purchases, she is the one I regret the most - barely competitive when top tier - terrible when up tiered - only thing it does well is being a very pretty Port Queen...
  12. Team Killer Status

    There are a few self-styled comedians around that may do this, but this is rare. More often then not, just poor situational awareness.
  13. Team Killer Status

    Wearing the pinkness of shame makes ya have to be better than normal in some things, stop hitting other ships on your team.... with guns, torps or just plain running into them - simple
  14. The Sims, just don’t

    Have played pretty much all the DDs, have had the Sims for quite a while since I got it in a santa crate - can be fun, and the exp bonus is useful, but as people have said, soooo many other better DDs at tier 7. Also, for me really struggles when up tiered and in radar heavy games - good knife fighter, but many games you can’t get into knife fighting range before you are spotted and focused fired upon. I would recommend a lot of other DDs before I would recommend the Sims.
  15. Also a west coast player, when server population get too low, stop taking out tier 8 ships (because always up tiered as a Solo), sustained losing streak (like last night four Lyon losses in a row), or when my wife's voice reaches a certain pitch when she is complaining about the pew, pew, pew game I am playing...