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  1. Yup, many chasing the "dream ship" list - that rare list at 1% - I have been in the game for years - and have most of the ships on the lists - but still four possibilities on the tiers 5 to 7 and 10 on the 8/9 - and most of the lower tier ships are not ones I am interested in - in the past much better chances for Doubloons or premium time - now such reduced odds that no real incentive to buy any crates this year....
  2. For the Mega crates - 21% chance of getting something of value (180 Prem - 1%, 2.500 Doubloons -5%, ship -15%) - and on the ships 80% chance of tier 5-7 - if you do not have them all. If they will still be $5 per crate - if you bought 10 - maybe two will have real value - so given the odds - if there is a ship you really want, would be better off just buying it for the most part....
  3. Panzer1113

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    Black is a good boat if played correctly - and can be a killer when divisioned - I play mine a bit, can be strong in ranked - in this season going against other tier 9s - bought it with steel in the dim past and still enjoy it. If you are a DD main, it is a must have... is it super OP now? No, power creep has evened the playing field a bit, but it is still strong and fun to play.
  4. Panzer1113

    Premiums that are so bad that is funny?

    Good list, for me the worst is the Cheshire - tier 8 British cruiser - only six guns - while increased heal - the ship is just awful
  5. Do not play my Rangar much - but it is super impactful - they can occupy entire sides of the battle - setting things on fire (11% fire chance) and having three or four ships all shooting at you - which means they are not shooting at your teammates - does good damage. My preference is for torp boats, but it is a very good ship
  6. Panzer1113

    Italian Destroyers are absolutely unplayable

    I free exp'ed to tier 10 from tier 8, and as a DD main - have to agree with you that the line is weak - Have the PE - and the torps are strong - meaning that if you get in close - you can confirm a kill - with the slower, tepid hitting torps of the line - the suicide run - ends up being a suicide run - because the target starts to turn and 3 or 4 torps does not take the target out - you really have to get close to get any more on target - while can cause problems for enemy DDs, just takes too much damage - overall will continue to take PE out if I want a Kamikaze boat, but I only kept the tier 10 AR, just to have the tier 10 for this line
  7. sigh, I have in excess of 2,500 expendable camos and perm camos I have bought - many of the expendable camos were the "prizes" of loot boxes - so not sure what is good about this change
  8. Not sure why a 9X9 brawl format. Brawls in the past were small number of ships, some very quick, intense combat. Now feels just like random, in terms of time and while different mixes of ships and 9 person divisions, and rewards are the same as for the shorter duration brawls in the past. In terms of the missions, ya got to get 41 wins in two days - not sure that is possible unless you are playing all day. Three matches for me took about 35 minutes. Two wins and a loss - so at that math about 11.6 hours of play time - so not for me. Also, some of the missions this week do not progress with Brawls - so not really good design in my opinion.
  9. Panzer1113

    Bronze Ranked Recommendations!

    For DDs, Z-39 is the best, hydro makes a difference and two full racks of toros with decent speed and range (8.5 km).
  10. Panzer1113

    Weekend Spree, 4 to 6 February 2022

    Sigh, for some reason, lots oh losses on Sunday in Randoms - one of those days no matter how much or little you do, your team still loses....
  11. Hmm my win rate in my Kamikaze is only 63.36% while my win rate in my Fūjin is 66.87% , so from my experience your statement that the Fūjin is superior is correct
  12. Panzer1113

    Premium Ship Review - Repulse

    Well, just got the Repulse - and while only played three battles, was not impressed at all. While having decent sized guns and great range with a decent reload time is good, only having 6 guns really impacts the performance of the ship. Plus it is really squishy, and just takes both AP and HE damage by the bushel. Additionally, with such poor AA, was feasted on by CVs in the game. Repulse just can't get enough shells on ship, especially at range (even with good sigma) or start fires to be sniper - or way too few shells to be a brawler against ships with 8, 10, or 12 guns..... Perm port queen for me here - no reason to take it out if I can take out Warspite or Arizona or WV 41
  13. Panzer1113

    What did you get in your December SC?

    50 Camo - and not good camo
  14. Panzer1113

    New Year's Night and Our Festive Collection

    Been some great New Year's events in the past, this year's event - not so much...like many here, does not inspire me to do much - 2021 Holiday events have been pretty weak - including the worst Santa Containers I have seen in all my years playing the game
  15. Panzer1113

    Today, in a free box

    Congrats on the new Port Queen