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  1. Panzer1113

    Auction For Rare Ships Coming?

    One thing, on the rare ships, with the power creep that has been happening over the past few year, many of these ships are no longer really OP. Ships like the Belfast, Kutzs, and Gremy are not what they once were - and with all the up-tiering at 5-6-7-8, even more counters. My Belfast sits in port most of the time since sooooo many radar ships now or CVs - that it does not have the impact it had
  2. Panzer1113

    Weekend Spree, 24-26 September 2021

    Progressing through the last missions on Dockyard, have to say the event has felt super-grindy this time - for a tier 8 cruiser. Have about 150 snowflakes dust off still - spent some coal on Napoli - played one battle and not bad cruiser - though range of guns felt short for tier 10 cruiser. Progressed up to Johan De Witt and spent some silver buying and outfitting. Overall, some new toys to play with which is always fun...
  3. Panzer1113

    Dutch cruisers

    Gimmick line, airstrike is a joke, too easy to avoid and too limited range to take advantage of. Cruisers of this line need to stay at range and HE spam, lurer of using airstrike function draws people in too close - and the function is too easy to avoid as soon the opponent sees it coming, changing direction or slowing down - understand was added to discourage campers, if that is the case then add range to the function - should be able to call it in at visual range.
  4. Panzer1113

    Hayate : To be or not to be.....

    Have about every DD, would say I am a DD main, Gearing is my most played ship, bur on the Hayate - just is Meh - if the free exp is burning a hole in your pocket, then why not, but my Hayate stays in port a lot - I play my Shima a lot more if I am going to take out a tier 10 IJN DD.
  5. Panzer1113


    I will also be in this decision point in a few days - Leaning towards Stalingrad (which I have always wanted), but Austin is intriguing, Bourg or Shika does have some appeal also....
  6. Panzer1113

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    100 India delta flags
  7. Panzer1113

    Research Bureau - Can we get a rework?

    For me: Not something I really enjoy doing. Feels more like a chore then something I enjoy. Given this, only do it when the double points are available. I know the intent is for people to use resources - and it does accomplish that - I would be more enthusiastic if some of the steel ships were accessible for RB points,
  8. Panzer1113

    Post for results of the free Distant Voyages Crate.

    14 Ouroboros flags - only one I am getting - no use throwing money at this
  9. Panzer1113

    Get Druid or Vampire II?

    I went with Druid, already have the Daring - Druid has some uniqueness about her - have to say pretty fun to play
  10. Panzer1113


    Got Druid, since out of the DD options in RB, it is a bit different. Interesting in some games where the DD hunting comes into play - other good damage games farming BBs, but in those games not sure how much positive impact to the team since BBs can just heal some of the damage. I am not disappointed that I got it, and I have fun playing, but if you are looking for impact Vamp II or PE may be a better.
  11. Have 58,200 Research Bureau points to use. Not a big fan of RB, but decided to re-grind to take advantage of double point opportunity. This is enough points to get either the Druid, Vampire II or Paolo Emilio. I am a DD main, and normally like torp boats over gunboats. Have played almost all DDs in game other, but of course have not played any of these. All these DDs have some interesting features. Druid seems like something different, all forward guns, no torps, and while smoke is short-duration, looks to play like a RN light cruiser (which line I like). Vampire II has crawl smoke, but is just an off-take on a Daring (which I already have). Have seen a few PE's playing, and quick-hit kamikaze playstyle has some appeal. Was wondering any feedback from people who have these on their merits? Have watched vids that are out there, but was wondering if the community had some advice?
  12. Panzer1113

    How good are the new German DD's?

    Have in the past enthusiastically grinded all the DD lines, but this Z-31 early access DD has shown me that I may not grind the new line. I am really confused at what it can do to help a team, especially going against normal DD opponents. Cap or cap contest - no.... DD hunter - no .... fire starter - not really ... cruiser hunter - ya got to be kidding... Guess the only thing it is made for is Co-OP - where bot Cruisers are stupid and drive up to you smoke broadside so you get easy Cits, or BB are dumb and you can get in close range to torp with the slow torp speed. Some ships in the game, you take out because they are fun or give you some advantage, especially if it fits your play style. See no advantage to this new line, and I guess the only reason to grind would be just to have another tier 10. Not sure how the tier 10 boat will be to make that desirable.