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  1. Loss - finish first, keep star. .. then Loss finish 2nd or 3rd on team, lose a star... then win get a star.... vicious cycle...
  2. Duca is a meh tier 6 cruiser that needs 14 point captain to be somewhat competitive. Does have some supporters, and have to say one of the prettiest belles at the ball, but once you peel away the makeup.... lots of warts. Mine sits in port while more impactful tier 6 cruisers get taken out (Molotov, Leander, Spee, De Grasse, Perth, Cleveland).
  3. Glad you are enjoying it, please feel free to bring to any random, I do enjoying shooting Pensacolas very much, love harvesting damage and citadel flags of them. Take great pleasure in seeing multiple Pensi’s on the red team...
  4. If you are going the entire “free” route then Fiji is a pretty strong tech tree ship to grind out a 19-point captain on. Use any of the free camo you get to lever up the captain experience, when you can. If you want to spend a little get some doubloons and buy premium time on weekends or when you are going to power out some randoms. Spending a bit more and getting at least one premium that can help the captain grind is recommended, too bad the Belfast is no longer available to pair with the Fiji - could use Cambeltown (cheap) since concealment build works on both. Good luck, just takes time
  5. I think it would be a great option, but should be appropriately priced.
  6. Have found it of marginal value, and 4-points is a significant investment in the skill. After the initial build on a DD to concealment expert, only 9 points left for valuable 3-point skills like BOS, Super, TAE, DE, SE. For me, more impactful skills then RPF.
  7. Aki has been my go to ship, no radar or Hydro, you can have some monster ranked games... but have had a lot of games that once you are spotted the slow, sluggish maneuverability of the ship means that you can be pounded pretty quickly.
  8. To Pay or Not to Pay

    Better is such a "relative" concept, matters on your definition. Premium ships run between OP to crap, vs tech tree equv. Premiums can provide a better tool, maybe a unique set of abilities, but if the tool does not fit abilities or inclinations of the individual, then it will be of little impact. I have bought premiums that are fun, and those that fit my game style. You can do well in the game without premium ships, premiums can facilitate gameplay or progression, and credit generation, but for the most part will not be transformational in nature
  9. Had both the Kut and Belfast. Sold the Kut after testing with the new mechanics, found that it affected 25% to 30% of my smokes, those smokes that were done defensively before the changes, could harvest damage, after change many times ships close or within the smoke firing detection envelope, so damage numbers down. Also, Kut was being up tiered sooo much, tired of being in tier 10 matches with so much radar. Belfast was fine after the mechanics change, tier 7 MM still ok, easier to control engagements. So, my first santa Crate ship was ... The Kut...., so sold it, but got it back...
  10. Have played almost all the DDs in the game, got the Galant in a santa Crate, 10 games, 20% win rate, definition of a meh boat....
  11. So gives you progression up to that point. For me last year, santa convoy game me a Fuso, I had not grinded any of the IJN BB line at that point, so got to start grinding at tier 6 - got my Yami a while ago, I still have never grinded 3 through 5 (though have cartoon Kongos).
  12. Should I get the Perth?

    Santa Crate, I have enjoyed - fun to play
  13. At the Mu, can't say that I like it better then the Fletch. Extra smokes are nice, but given radar/hydro in upper tier play - plus tendancy for opposing DDs to charge your smoke - not that great a value to me. Got trapped on Epicenter for two straight matches and felt I could not join the center DD fight very well. For me (so far), do not feel like I have that many more torp hits given reduced visibility. So far for me, pretty Meh, only playing since I am grinding. Tried using radar, but unless divisioning, of limited value.
  14. Right, got Montana...

    You pretty much have my favorite tier 10s, only ones you are missing are DM - good time to grind the line before the split, but it is painful... American DD line is fun, similar, but different then German, I enjoy both... and while the Izumo is terrible, Yami can be a monster...
  15. Is Gneisenau a good ship?

    For me Gneis has been impacted by the power creep in BBs. When the German BBs first introduced, the Gneis was great, ok mains, really good secondaries/ AA and OhMy God Torps!!!! Was great to play, first ship I ever bought perm camo for. Loved playing against slow Colorados and brawl against Nagatos. But, since intro, Colorado buffed, RN line introduced (KGV strong for tier 7, fire starter that negates Gneis great armor) and now addional strong tier 7 premiums. Get burned down a lot, survival build more valuable then secondary build since it seems to be brawling with Bis/Tirp ( better secondaries range), RN BBs and 16 inch guns on US and IJN BBs. For me Gneis has become port queen, behind all my tier 7 premium BBs and pretty much everyone of my other BB...