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  1. Weekend spree

    Dedicated part of Friday and good part of Saturday to play all my tier 2 through tier 4 ships that have been ported for awhile (18), once apiece. Was reminded in many cases of the shortfall of low tier play. Had several games where seal cubbing CV drivers where dominating lesser CV beginners. Painfully slow ships like the Katori, shortcomings of several ships that helped port them ( example terrible guns in Cambeltown that makes DD heavy games unplayable), and some really head scratchers in terms of losses. Overall, reinforced why tier 5 and up are the more fun tiers.
  2. Will you keep Akizuki?

    Yes, will sell the ship and move my 19 point captain up. I have a Harakaze, plays the same (another torp launcher vs turret), so covered for tier 8 and of course a premium, so no dedicated captain
  3. Kidd or Harekaze

    Hare, the different gun configurations are great- I have both and play my Hare almost every day.
  4. My premium time has just lapsed, received six month through X-mas crates - and now just a "standard" player. A this point have grinded all but the end of the American light cruiser line - have about 40K left on the Cleveland and will save up free exp - and exp past the Seattle some time in the future (no hurry). I have 225 million credits, and without the need to grind credits or exp - will not renew my premium - going for buy a day or two of premium when I can play more or for some event. I do think it is one of the better things to get when you are heavy into the grind - credit, exp and captains exp helped make some of the longer grinds more pleasant and especially the credit chasing that you do when you are moving up quickly. Still a bit shocking to see the post battle stats and the lowering of the earning without premium time - especially at tier 10 without perm camo...
  5. Low tier weekend

    As someone who has been playing the game for a couple of years, and now have over 100 ships in port, sometimes difficult to decide what to play. Spend most of my time tier 6 to 10, so have a lot of ships who never get out of port. Have fourteen tier 2 to 4 ships that I have not really played in awhile. Good tech tree ships (Clemson, Izyaslav) that I kept because they were fun to play and competitive in their tier, good premiums (Cambeltown, König Albert, Smith) that I bought with doubloons as trainers, free ships ( Vampire, Katori, Tachibana Lima, Emden), and a bunch of others that I got through X-mas containers or bought at a steep discount. A lot of pretty interesting ships that have been virtually rusting for quite a while. Have not sold any since they are not worth much, or the fear the I would get them back in a container at the expense of something more valuable. So, this weekend, to shake the rust off this ships, going to be a low tier only weekend for me. Re-experience some great lower-tier ships, or get reacquainted with some ships that were bad and sitting in port for a reason. Put the grinding and credit, experience production aside and just try to enjoy some low tier games.
  6. I want a refund for Roma!

    Have the Roma, enjoy the ship, but have not taken her out much due to tier 8 MM for Solo players. Every Roma game seems to be a tier 10 battle for the past few months. Would not mind if shell dispersion was improved, but just like my Tirpitz, Alabama, Bismarck, Kii - don’t take them out much since I am tired of getting up tiered into a 10 game, so I play my Musashi, Missouri or any of my tier 10 BBs instead. Will not buy another tier 8 premium until MM is fixed.
  7. T10 camo or prem ship?

    I have bought perm camo for only 6 of my 16 tier 10 ships, only the ships I play frequently. I can play these 6 ships and in almost all situations make some credits - but it does take a while to earn enough to pay off ( did buy a couple discounted due to doubloons rebate weekend). Makes ya feel better, and you can play without dipping into your credit balance.” But, a ship like the Sharn is fun and a good earner at tier 7 (still a good tier). I would get the premiums that you would like to get before getting prem camo.
  8. Great ship.... as long as no one shoots at you- only way to be successful for me is to hide or snipe from long range... and hope to be high tier....
  9. Got the Kron a little while ago, already had the three free exp BB ( play all three pretty regularly). Was a nice addition to have a premium tier 9 cruiser, fun to play and only costs 1 credit ( though upgrades not included). It is a worthwhile get vs free exp’ing part of a line. Now need a free exp DD to be developed.
  10. Solo and MM

    While I generally love the game and have spent a bit of money to support - I am truly getting tired of MM treatment of a Solo player. Started the evening deciding to play a ship I have not played in a while - the Pensacola - not played it much since split - decided to take it out related to Indi missions this weekend - was quickly tiered up into a tier 8 game. Ok I thought, guess I will play a couple of Missouri and Musashi games (which were meh). Decided to take out the Bismark after that got this Really, why is my tier 8 in this match. After that thought, guess I will drop down to tier 6 - play Warspite, got this Generally, I would not have a problem if as a Solo, I got some kind of even split between bottom, mid and high tier in games - but I am really sick of the number of times as a Solo, I get dropped in as a low tier filler. I have just about every premium and tier 10 ship, but I like to jump around between tiers and BB/DD/Cruisers - but this has gotten very old.
  11. With the 12 km torps- concealment
  12. Still strong, but all the radar has had an impact, especially when tiered up. Will see what happens with a few more Indi's out there in a few days. Requires playing smart, setting up the smoke near an exit route.
  13. Crying inside, grinding my teeth while saying “ congrats”. Have not managed to pull a ship from a SC, hope to some day, but enjoy crawl smoking for awhile
  14. Researched Tier 8 Cleveland

  15. Including the ships released today, only 10 premiums that I do not have - wayyyyy toooooo manyyyyyy