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  1. Panzer1113

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    Ha, let’s try to convince people that they don’t need that huge bag of money... While grinding though this game, trying to scrape enough credit to buy ships, upgrades and mods, the Missouri was my go to ship to deliver piles of credits. It is also a strong ship, with radar, that can tip the outcome in certain circumstances. While there has been power creep, Missouri is still a must have in my book if you can get your hands on one. Yes, there are some others ships/camo that can generate some large credit amounts, but nothing performs like the ATMissouri
  2. Panzer1113

    Weekend spree

    One of those tough weekends. Played on some just awful teams, quite a few edge of map huggers, BBs trapping their guns behind islands for good parts of the games, teammate DDs all getting themselves killed very early in the game. Spent a lot of time tiered up which did not help my carry ability. Taking out a tier 8 DD or BB still seems to result in being dropped into a tier 10 game (as a Solo).
  3. Bought two of the five Mega crate and one Five big crate - one set of Mega gave two ships and mix of doubloons/flags/camo, second five mega gave a ship and decent mix of camo/flags. The five big Crates only camo/flags and one drop of doubloons. So for me (small sample size), I would recommend the Mega
  4. Panzer1113

    Task Force Tuesday - Tier VI

    Arizona - accurate guns offset slowwww speed. While don’t enjoy being tiered up, can still hold her own against 16- inch armed foes
  5. Panzer1113

    Nerfed Yueyang - quick initial WR analysis

    Damage output is down quite a bit - average before nerf of 56,854. For the 8,461 games after the nerf, average damage has dropped to 51,006 a 10.3% drop.
  6. Panzer1113

    Nerfed Yueyang - quick initial WR analysis

    Use to play my Yue every day, since the nerf the ship has been hamstrung to the point where it is not worth taking out (have a lot better performing tier 10 ships in port) - for me the torp reload is the biggest problem - if the intent of the Developers was to make a strong ship crappy - mission accomplished
  7. Panzer1113

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Vote for the Prinz Eugen - just love the look of the ship - my most beautiful Port Queen
  8. Panzer1113

    Weekend spree

    Finished the RN collection - was surprised to find out a five to One turn in on duplicates - so had to collect 25 duplicates to finish the collection - so my RNG experience was not good. Kinda done with RN event, got my Cossack last week, so ready to move on to X-mas events.
  9. Panzer1113

    Royal Navy Destroyer Collection - complete

    Have 11 out of the 16 elements with 15 dups at this point - at worst have five more to get or if I get lucky two more. Will see what I get tonight, was able to finish the Cossack grind last night, played one battle in her and now want to finish the collection to put the very, very looooong RN event behind me.
  10. For the most part have not really seen any change. Have been grinding Lightning and did have one game when top tier, but other 4 have been bottoms tier- played a couple of Tirpitz games, both bottom tier. This is as a Solo, so not sure the division players have seen a change.
  11. Panzer1113

    Royal navy collection

    Hmmm now still 8 elements, but 9 dups....so over 50% dups
  12. Panzer1113

    Royal navy collection

    Maybe just “luck of the draw” at this point, but I have also seen a larger number of dups vs other collections. Have 8 out of the 16 elements, and have had 8 duplicates most of them in the pictures section ( which was completed early). Have none of the first section, 2 of the four guns and 2 of the four camo displays.. I will not exchange until I have enough dups to complete ( since always a chance of getting some you need). At this rate will need 32 dups to finish if my luck does not change
  13. Panzer1113

    Weekend spree

    Spent the weekend continuing the Cossack grind, two more G to get, guess will have by Friday- hope it is worth the effort Decided to buy some Black Friday containers in the hopes of getting a Massachusetts- bought six and got Massachusetts and Tirpitz b, so pretty happy ( now have to get my secondary captain up to 18 points). Played a few Yueyang games to see how the nerf impacted game play, was quite disappointed. Torp reload time seems punitive and gun reload makes it less competitive vs gunship DDs (RN and IJN). Have to say a bit annoyed at developers right now.
  14. Still need two to finish - guess anything worthwhile should take effort to get - but.... this has been one longggggg grind