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  1. Panzer1113

    French DD's, good for the game?

    At tier 8 at this time, 20k from tier 9. Have played almost all of the DDs in the game, and I am not a huge fan of the French line. Good support ship if the game is going ok, if a game is going south, limited ability to turn things around. People are getting decent at hitting things going fast at distance, and you can’t just roam around around the edge of the map pew pewing all game. Think it is a better line when divisioning up. I don’t think they tier up great, hate taking my Le Fant/Terrible into tier 10 games (more then a Kag, Benson, Lightning, Kiev). I will grind to tier 10, but line may just be Port Queens after that.
  2. Panzer1113

    Anniversary Stream Giveaway Link

    Technical problems again
  3. Panzer1113

    Payard for Bayard?

    Well, let’s not go overboard here... it is a good addition to anyone’s fleet, but Belfast and also Kutuzov are still in my opinion still the best of the 152s, Bayard and Boise are in the next tier ( Premiums only)
  4. Panzer1113

    Payard for Bayard?

    Have to say it is pretty solid. Have just about every other premium light cruiser. Had not bought any ships in awhile, was playing around in the pay options and forgot that I had tied my CC in, so boom, bought it sorta without purchase intent. Have played about 10 games in her, have an 17 point IFHE captain, and have had good results. Torps are quite usable, and the reload boost at the right time can be impactful. I would have to say that one of my favorite 152 Cruisers , and it does tier up OK
  5. Panzer1113

    What is the attraction with premium ships?

    For me - not including just the fun some of the premium, higher tier ships are.... As someone not running premium time, I can run the premium ships and for the most part, get a positive credit return (no matter how the game went). If I run my tier 9/10s, can get a negative credit return even in an OK game, depending if running premium consumables. I also don’t have to have a dedicated captain for my premiums, so I can pop in any line specific captain- if I am training so or just a 19 point captain I have in another ship. I find I play my premiums at the high tiers far more then my tech tree ships (except for the DDs)
  6. Panzer1113

    Montana troubles, would like some help please

    Sell it, regrind the line
  7. Panzer1113

    They Do Exist!

    Got one this week, first is a lonnnnnnng time - one hundred Detonation flags... useful since I am grinding French DDs that tend to go boom (or Le Boom)
  8. Panzer1113


    Have all the Coal ships, and only the Flint on the steel side. I do love the Flint, was a decision between Black and Flint, and chose Flint since I enjoy my Atlanta and Belfast, and the Flint in a mashup of the two (and just silly fun sometimes). Had been sitting on about 6,000 steel for awhile - and spent it on the Smol, - know steel is harder to get, but wanted to enjoy the Smol and why wait, let the future take care of itself. In terms of Coal ships, Smol is one of the strongest ships I have seen in awhile. Enjoy my JB, Georgia and my Kronshtadt - but wow, the Smol is just a game changer. Have not played it a lot, cause I feel a little dirty taking it out, but it is worth having in port.
  9. Panzer1113

    And so it begins :-( (LOL)

    Don’t think I would want this for the co-op environment (or randoms also). Torps allow for good damage in a quick co-op game, other then the initial DD rush, later targets will be taken out by torp capable teammates before you can stack a lot of HE and fire damage.
  10. Guess “free exp ship” means no torps
  11. Panzer1113

    Regrinding US BBs - Colorado

    Wow, fantastic results- and given your stats, not surprising - but for the rest of us who are not God-like beings - think where the overall stats of the Colorado vs other tier 7 BBs shows closer to average performance. For my 6 games, believe 2 top tier, one middle and 3 bottom tier. Won one game, first one, was bottom tier and my team just rolled. Where I spawned, was chasing the action (slowly), and other then some long range sniping, did not get to participate much because over too quickly. Three of the games, my team got rolled, only two to four red ships killed, so maybe some early single ship action, but quickly transitioned to multiple ships firing on survivors... Two competitive matches, but in those two (one bottom tier, one top), shortcoming of ship came out. Slow speed (for tiers 7/8/9), decent guns and range, but only 8, so some cits and a lot of overpens at range. With the present meta, lots of ships have 16 inch guns at tier 7 - 9, and most ships have more large caliber guns then the Colorado. Don’t believe any ship 7-9 is as slow as the Colorado. When I play, and I see a Colorado on the other team (7-9 tier games), I tend to target them. Not because they are a threat, but because of there slow speed, they are very easy to hit, especially for HE spamming. If I am in my Atlanta or Flint and am in good position, that Colorado can be under my guns for quite awhile, and even with the floaty 127s, easy to hit. Same for tier 6 and 7 French DDs at range, US 152, or any long range shell fire. Nothing like sprinting in my Leningrad at range and setting multiple fires on a Colorado, with limited danger of taking a hit back. So, yes any ship can perform, and great players will perform better in any ship, but my experiences in a very short sample size for the Colorado just reinforced for me that the ship is one of the least competitive in it’s tier - and the shortcomings are difficult to overcome given the inherent capabilities and the present game meta.
  12. Decided to regrind the US BB line for the double points- and to see how the line is today, since I grinded it about 3 years ago, did not keep any of the tech tree ships (other than Montana). Was enjoying the grind, Wyoming was good, New York can be challenging, especially when tiered up, but workable and the New Mexico is just a joy to play and still very competitive... But then got to the Colorado.... Was a struggle back in the olden days, Nagato was just plain better, but overall you could get the 16 inch guns working, HE spamming was in the form of 203s and Atlanta’s. Then Scharnhorst and later Gneisenau showed up and and the slowwww Colorado was the target of many a torp run. Later the Colorado got buffed a bit, making it sorta more competitive, but still a challenge. Now with Sinop, Nelson, Lyon, KGV, all the 152 he spamming CLs and now the French. DDs, it is not competitive in tier 7. Played 6 randoms before so annoyed that I free exped to the North Carolina, was up tiered to 7 in three of the games - and in those 21 knots does not get it done. Even when high tier, 8 guns and slow speed means that you are a HE Spam target for everyone. Final game was one with two Flints on red, and the Colorado was the perfect target for floaty 127 fire. There always has to be the “worst” in any tier, Colorado now fills that role in the tier 7 BB world. Really think it should be moved to tier 6, because not sure what buffs could be done do make it less of a farmable damage sink for the red team.
  13. Panzer1113

    USS New York

    Regrinding the US BB line, NY is ok, you can make it work. Think it is one of the weaker tier 5 BBs, And definitely not worth keeping once you are past it.
  14. Panzer1113

    How is your Re-grinding going?

    Decided to take advantage of the 2X bonus on the first reset and did the US BB line. Did this line for a couple of reasons: 1. Really do not play my Montana - never bought perm camo and enjoy playing other BBs more. Since she was just a Port Queen, losing her for a month is no big deal. 2. The US BB line was the first line I tried to go up when I started WOWS a long time ago. Being a beginner, I really was a POTATO (and it is in caps because I was a giant potato). No idea what I was doing, could not shoot to save my electronic life, no idea on how to support the team, and many of the ships were pre buff (like the Colorado) so they were worse then the IJN line at the time. My win percentage with all the ships hovered around 42%, and had to play hundreds of games per ship in randoms to grind up the line (also pre camo/special flag time, so grinding was harder, especially without premium time). So with this history, decided to give the regrind a try with the thought that I know how to play (in theory), have lots of credits to finance the grind (300 million), and plenty of camos and special flags. Started yesterday, had to go all was back to 2nd tier US cruisers to start (did not want to use free exp to get to South Carolina). Presently on the New York with 18K of exp out of 40K needed to get to New Mexico, should be there on Thursday. Not bad so far, will take awhile, but think it will be a good journey.
  15. Panzer1113

    SMOLENSK (The new Nikolai)

    We shall see, new in the meta, people will figure out how to play against them, will see how the fare over time. Radar, torping smoke still good counters. Might have to get out radar DDs, Black and Yue. I have had one game in my new Smol, reminds me of Kut when they first came out, though with today’s meta and the spotting in smoke, think the Kut should be sold today since no longer OP.