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  1. Just shows when there is no downside - unlimited planes, quick turnaround, exploits, ship is hidden in the back, unhittable (unless multiple air strikes or the game is a blowout loss) - worst mistake is a few lost planes - that you can score and score big
  2. Panzer1113

    Weekend spree

    Played a bit, but got tired of constant CV games. Every random was one or two CVs per team, except two games. Now when there are no CVs, comments in chat like “OMG, no CVs?”. Getting waayyyyyy annoyed at constant CV games and it is have a large detrimental impact on my support for the game.
  3. Panzer1113

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Can tell you, not right now......
  4. Took the Le Terrible out tonight to see how it did in the new CV heavy environment - of course got dropped into a two CV per side game - and Yes, plane speed negates ship speed anytime - first part of the game both carriers focused on me and rocket attacks took away two thirds of my hit points - my AA did nothing This does nothing but convince me that new French DD line without smoke will be Le Crappy
  5. Panzer1113

    Dallas, almost great, but.. your thoughts?

    On of the tech tree ships I did keep, and put a dedicated captain into, that being said, do not play her much - there are so many good tier 6 cruisers out there - non premium like the Leander or Nurm, or premiums like the DeGrasse, Graf Spee, Molotov, Perth that are much more impactful. I think the Dallas is good enough to keep, but not competitive enough to play often .
  6. Have bought many a loot box in the past, but will not buy into this one Dont really want a premium tier 8 CV Have about a 1,000 consumable camos already Have 320K coal sitting around Have 100 to 200 special flags of each type could use some steel or premium time, so if these are offered as a possibility, would have more value in my book
  7. Panzer1113

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    Meh, just OK in my book- after playing it a couple of times did not feel a huge need to keep playing it
  8. Panzer1113

    Ships you play the most.

    Gearing- most played ship, love what it can do -16KM torps in Radar and CV meta still work Yueyang - even after the nerf bat hit her hard, have Perm camo on her and still like to take her out - try to do all the things DDs should do without being a big damage producer Belfast - still a lot of fun Perth - crawl smoke is always a good time Kiev for Co-Op - been starting out play with a co-op game to clear the daily mission first 250 experience game - good guns and 10 torps always delivers and get the first stage out of the way Flint - mix smoke with an Atlanta and “Bingo” - great ship
  9. Panzer1113

    PSA: On crates, in case we needed reminding again.

    Always chackles of joy or gnashing of teeth depending on how the RNG gods are treating you that day with these loot boxes - always makes for entertaining posts...
  10. Panzer1113

    CV's are ruining the experience for many people!

    Been around the game for a long time, CV play has always been an issue and still a huge issue after the rework. While CV damage is down, CVs still have a huge impact on the game, well beyond any other class of ship. In most games where CVs are present, it is the last ship standing, able to keep farming damage till the very end. Can’t say I am a fan of the present meta.
  11. Panzer1113

    Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth

    Perth is a lot of fun, would still like the cool down timer to be reduced in the present “Lots Oh Planes” CV rework meta- reg smoke part of the timer used while sitting in smoke, for crawl smoke you have almost full timer to be exposed, can be problematic when sooo many planes flying around no mater your exit strategy....
  12. Panzer1113

    Best tier to play casually?

    If you are playing for the most part tech tree ships, tier 6 is one of the better sweet spots- some very strong tech tree BBs (Fuso, NM, and Normandie.. and I like the Queen E), Cruisers (Leander, Dallas, La G), and DDs (Farragut, RN). Can make decent credits without a prem account.
  13. As a “Mature” user of the game, meaning I have just about every premium, sitting on a pile of credits and doubloons and grinded all the lines (except for CVs). Last spent money on X-mas Crates, really enjoyed these since felt they provided good value, doubloons for duplicates, decent flags and camos, and in the past the possible premium time. Waiting on unique ships to add to my collection, like the Harakaze, ship that can change out guns for different play styles. Not interested in CVs, sold my Saipan since what I felt made it unique (fleet CAP), has been taken out of CV roles by the rework. At this point, have not seen anything very compelling to spend money on, willing to spend but want to see something of value.
  14. Panzer1113

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    There is something to be said about this, and not sure what is more unpleasant... Old CV system - good CV player focuses on you, could deleat you in one strike after massing a couple of squadrons New CV system - good CV player decides to focus on you, you are under almost continual attack, rockets, then bombs, maybe torps- you are trying to dodge, fires...multiple strikes, then planes go away (either return or shot down), another strike in a minute or so.... and can go on for the entire game... Had a game last night, in a Repub, Midway on the reds... he picked me to play against for most of the game, seemed like every bomb or rocket attack resulted in fire - and next strike would come in before repair party reset - shot down 19 planes, was continually spotted for his teammates to take potshots also, but not sure it was a fun and engaging game for me... guess I tanked some damage for the team, but team still lost.
  15. Panzer1113

    You win, WG...

    The ONLY tech tree ship I fully free exp’ed past. From all the negative feedback, and after grinding the new Cleveland, was not willing to subject myself to another Izumo -like grind (pre buff).