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  1. Bly was a terror, now just meh. Have over 160 games in it, most played when stealth firing was the thing. Now just sits in port. Guns are good, but the slow torps and only 6 means that even with the range, not very reliable. Also, captain training takes for ever, since not shared with any other line - my captain after all the games is still only a 16-point captain. If I want to take out a tier 7 premium, my Leningrad is a terror and even my Sims is more competitive, and both can be used for captain training...... If you have money to burn, and want a meh boat with many drawbacks... else the are better DDs in the shop that are better right now (just a bit more)
  2. One of my favorite ships in the game. Damage is misleading for this ship, it does everything else, spots, caps, hunts DDs. When you are high tier, becomes a hunter. When low tier, can do all the other things a team needs to win. Especially powerful in late game situations.
  3. Had a number of large packages, different packages, many based around nationalities., plus like one for all the premiums I think
  4. You will most likely see these in a Black Friday package of some kind
  5. In tech tree - Atago is the best (even with tier 8 MM). Cheaper option, Molotov (another Russian flamethrower) and tier 6 is still pretty good. The Spee is one of the top performing cruisers in tier 6 and fun to play
  6. Yes, much worst then the KGV, and tier 8 MM to boot... got so frustrated that I resorted to free exp'ing the final 90k to escape..
  7. Tie, both presently tier 8s with terrible MM. Monarch, lemon of the RN line and New Orleans, thank god they are finally moving the NO down a tier. Both painful , long grinds.
  8. Before the cruiser split, it is essentially trash. Know there is a minority of people that love this streaming pile, but for me my worst premium. I really want to like it, but every time I take it out, reminded of why so bad.... was a x-mas crate ship and I hope they have some kind of offer at American Cruiser split time to sell back...
  9. Only 8 main guns, going to be hard to balance if the scout plane component does not add anything for a cruiser. Would you operate like a Nelson, Izumo or Dunkerque?
  10. Curbstomp by Meg Myers, good song... good or bad seems to come in waves (pun), some weekends seems the RNG gods are against you, the direction you pick is always where the red team is, the cap you dive into is hiding 3 Shimas, your teammates end up being pure Idaho, and the ships that are usually golden are just dross... guess games way of showing are not as good as we think we are...tests in humility
  11. Pagar para ganar esta aqui para quedarse
  12. As part of the santa conveys, with the tier 6 ships did get perm camo - did keep the Farragut, Bayern, Fuso, Leander since I had perm camo for them - not sure if we will have a special mission that awards like the anniversary event ( tier 8 perm camo)
  13. Yorck any day of the week, the torps make the difference and the hydro. Had a lot of fun and leads to the Hipper which is much better than the NO (one of the most unpleasant grinds- wait for the split to grind the rest of the American line).
  14. Z-23 does suffer with tier 8 MM, this thing can spam torps, don't be too aggressive - especially when up tiered - avoid premature "cap-itis", trying to cap too soon, not controlling the engagement, have support, with the concealment, you do not want to put yourself into a position of being seen first, for DD fighting need the other DD to smoke up first, then move into position to smoke and use hydro. I struggled early with this boat, had to change my play style vs earlier German DDs.
  15. Funny, really you want to make people "earn" the right to pay money into the game? Everyone's learning curve is different, some ships take longer to master then others, if you ever master them ( you buy a permium or even a tech tree ship, and sometimes you never click with it). Seen and done stupid things in this game, no matter what the tier or experience, don't think that would change with any restrictions on premium purchases. Have not really seen any diff in quality of players premium to tech tree - and have no problem if people want to help support the game.