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  1. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Subs in Queue

    the game has a maximum limit of 5 triangles per match, of which up to 3 may be subs
  2. There is no such thing as a good play against them. This implies cvs have counterplay and are even playing the same game as us. They merely got unlucky and failed to grief you as hard as they normally do.
  3. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    don't care about virtual streamers

    nice bait post. if we were on /vt/ id have more interesting things to say about it.
  4. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Hololive mission bugged?

    this got me botan
  5. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    WTH how do WG expect you to chose?

  6. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Hololive mission bugged?

    well i guessed right anyway
  7. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Hololive mission bugged?

    if i pick the wrong one can i get that corrected? i want botan but i fear ill click fubuki
  8. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Hololive mission bugged?

    (quotes of all the posts with pictures) there's missions for this? EDIT: wait, i bet its an opt-in from a news post. let me go check. EDIT EDIT: figured it out also i don't have this problem
  9. Shirakami Fubuki, Houshou Marine, Botan (lion, I don't remember her full name): Japan Takanashi Kiara: Germany Watson Amelia: United States Moona Hoshinova: pan asia
  10. Foobs, senchou, button: Japan Wawa: German Ame: United States Mooner: Pan Asian
  11. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Cant redeem hololive voice codes

    oh i guess i should have provided the link to the promo page https://promo.worldofwarships.com/glows-63556/na-en/?pub_id=twitterusacanadahololive2&sid=SIDnfBtB9SoB0ucEhFHXE1idE5VJ6-2FtxmcC6mdNYAmzzccUX3-uBS2Wf7ne9Q4Ba0wj5FBORLzQh3ptLMzFQh6P5JzTXAchaez9FheFFY-Ng6MkldT24afEsrjwHk-DtUdgNF9sKTdu5j8Q&enctid=csd6hv9u81ys&lpsn=WOWS+LP+Hololive+Collaboration+part2&foris=1&teclient=1683171323492321204&utm_source=social&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=eg1r83kg&utm_content=twitterusacanadahololive2
  12. i am attempting to redeem these promotional codes for the next hololive collaboration but it hasn't been working it redirects to the login page and gets stuck there and then if i try to redeem the promotional code in the redirect URL it also fails
  13. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Which historical ships is missing the most in the game?

    I have waited 6 years.
  14. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    How Do I Purchase Economic Signals for Doubloons

    the cheapest way to get the better ones is naval aviation containers as for the regular ones....... are you running out or something?
  15. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    I've had enough...time to act. Elon inspired message

    A DAO? maximum kek. Has there even been a single functioning DAO program that achieved its goal?