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  1. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    How Do I Purchase Economic Signals for Doubloons

    the cheapest way to get the better ones is naval aviation containers as for the regular ones....... are you running out or something?
  2. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    I've had enough...time to act. Elon inspired message

    A DAO? maximum kek. Has there even been a single functioning DAO program that achieved its goal?
  3. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Japanese Light Cruiser Line Split Confirmed

    that's gonna be a lot of WG japanese fanfiction ships there aren't any jp lights that are significantly more advanced than kuma and katori there's basically just ooyodo, which was a submarine leader, so it was this huge ship with two 155 Mogami turrets and a bunch of radio equipment in the middle so yeah 0/10 keep your fanfics out of my game plz. And remove russian cruisers carriers and battleships from the game too plz
  4. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Separation of Economy from Camos Discussion Thread

    the dev blog and example UI in the dev blog both show that you can pick one of each tier for each resource type
  5. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    I miss WoWs

    We all do. The question is just which wows do you miss.
  6. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Kobayashi camos after rework?

    It's like 20,400 credits.
  7. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    REMOVE SUBS PLEASE For the love of god remove them allready

    filthy ping user Yeah but I think there's other classes that are more effective at either area denial or making things in cap cease to exist. An example, from your images, there are destroyers again becoming even more valuable to the team now that instead of helping the sub is just sitting there waiting for a team spot so it can farm something. But yea, cap camping is probably the best they can do for the team.
  8. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    REMOVE SUBS PLEASE For the love of god remove them allready

    Honestly it's one of my biggest complaints about them. They've been intentionally designed to hunt battleships. Just ignore the objective and shark. Hope your taking half the health off the BB camping in c2 will affect the match (spoiler alert, it won't).
  9. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    REMOVE SUBS PLEASE For the love of god remove them allready

    you can try to influence the match but you die instantly or the air dropped depth charges hurt you on the surface and reset your cap because balance
  10. conversion of expendable is consistent between the calculator and the dev blog explanation of perma has 3 different versions.
  11. the dev blog says two different things about camo that are both different than what ahskance says, so we're just gonna have to wait and find out on this one. They've definitely made no claims that the perma camo values will get rounded up to a value that is equivalent to a particular tier of regular ticket.
  12. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    The STATS of a PLAYER

    my experience comes from playing SL and forming up green/blue player teams that curb stomped deep purples 8pm every saturday. however, I have been told that my memory is false and I'm crazy for thinking this because only purples are good at the game so...... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    The STATS of a PLAYER

    yeah it was like 5am when I said that and I've since been reminded like 7 times that it came out wrong
  14. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    yeah yeah yeah that's right percent and a min so you couldn't get clear skies on teams that just had catapult planes. its been a long time since that award was even in the game
  15. Fog_Battleship_Tosa

    Stop this ridiculous pay-2-win!

    Green hornet pushing up isn't what killed it. Green Hornet's lack of situational awareness left it unaware a mahan was sneaking it. Those hornet bombers could murder that mahan. Likewise, knowing there was a mahan at large should have been a good hint to stay away from islands. The sims dying to a heavy cruiser because it also had no foresight really didn't help. Especially since if the sims had any SA it would have known to kill the mahan lurking the carrier.