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  1. Whatever ship at T8 you play best. My choice was Massachusetts.
  2. comtedumas

    1st Elite Capt!

    Japan, US, Germany, and UK. working slowly on secondary 21pt captains for them and other countries/areas.
  3. comtedumas

    1st Elite Capt!

    I have one per major country now I am working on special captains to get them to 21.
  4. comtedumas

    Operations Stars Reset

    {Whispers} Now if they would just change the rewards to unique ones again….
  5. The crap is deep with this one….
  6. comtedumas

    Multiple monitors support

    Technology has bypassed you, Black Titans are passé now. One card is doing what they used to do easily.
  7. comtedumas

    Coop and subs suggestion

    Yes, that would be a perfect solution
  8. comtedumas

    Scenarios are coming back! (NEXT YEAR)

    Yay!,,, don’t hold your breath….
  9. comtedumas

    Forcing people to play T6-T7 for Ranked

    If you quit playing this game why do you care about the tier in ranked?
  10. comtedumas

    Tired of these posts

    Don’t read the posts, then.
  11. comtedumas

    Narai, Wow

    Tier III Narai, St Louis and Charleston would rule!
  12. comtedumas

    Narai, Wow

    Scharnhorsts and Florida are best for Narai….. What, Florida? 12 14 inch guns, 27kts,…one salvo DD, one-two salvos for CV, one salvo for Phoenix, then you are on the flanks of the arriving ships in the bay and hit them when they first show up and are vulnerable…..8+ kills easy with any luck at all….
  13. comtedumas

    Dallas no Depth charges

    Its not possible for this to be a team game because 12 random people do not a team make without a lot of training together.