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  1. Naxtos

    Naval literature book recommendations

    If you are looking for WW2 naval themed novels, Douglas Reeman, is worth a look. He wrote dozens of books beginning with one inspired by his own service in the Royal Navy on motor torpedo boats, A Prayer For the Ship. They aren’t heavy reading, but are technically accurate, if sometimes wildly improbable.
  2. Naxtos


    Interesting. I wonder what the concealment value will be? Similar to Myoko perhaps?
  3. Naxtos

    inappropriate but here it is

    My, that looks nice! +1
  4. Naxtos

    Are you buying Santa captains or boxes?

    No. I have plenty of captains and more ships than I can remember.
  5. Naxtos

    Merry Christmas folks!

    Merry Christmas wherever you are! Thanks for the story Happa.
  6. Where are you connecting from? If you are far away, there is more potential for problems. When I was living in Guangzhou and using a weird Hong Kong ISP that supposedly bypassed the Great Wall (yeah, right), I had lots of disconnects and wild ping variations. Other games with NA servers were similar. So I opened an account on the SEA server. The disconnects mostly went away and the ping was a lot more stable. If I connect to the SEA account from NA, the ping is typically about 130, but it’s pretty stable.
  7. This thread caught my eye because it mentioned not having any torpedo warnings. I've just encountered that myself. I was obliterated by torps I never saw, including in the replay. I'm uninstalling mods and will test more. I'd just watched some replays before the game in which torps became invisible. Replay attached if you are curious. 20211220_173918_PRSD409-Pr-20i-Tashkent_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay I uninstalled several Modstation mods (including the no longer functional Calm Seas) and did not encounter invisible torpedoes again.
  8. Yes. It's pretty easy to select the language of your choice except for some of the special captains. If you are in port, click on the cog icon in the extreme upper left corner and then select "settings" from the Game Menu. Go to the "Audio" tab in the middle. Set your "voiceover language" (5th option on the left column) to "English" or whatever else there takes your fancy. Set "voiceover modification" (6th option on the left column) to Standard. Apply and OK. You can also modify a lot of other audio settings on those tabs. Not sure about the alt interface question. Mine stay on.
  9. A couple of years ago I found myself pretty sated in terms of how many ships I have so I didn't buy any crates last year and don't plan to do so this year. From my three certificate exchange megacrates I got an Agir, 2500 doubloons, and some camos.
  10. This is my original account dating from April 2016. I opened an SEA account in late 2019 after I moved there and found the ping I was getting too unstable. I'm back in NA for now, so mostly using this account again. Curiously, while the ping from NA on my SEA account isn't great (130ish), it is stable. I also have another -- not very active -- FTP account on the NA server.
  11. Naxtos

    SMS Derfflinger

    I really want to like Derrflinger for the history and the pun-worthy name. However, I certainly haven't figured out the best way to use the ship. Several years ago I played a game of Hearts of Iron (don't remember if it was 2 or 3) in which my sole goal was to complete a nuclear powered battlecruiser named Derrflinger (or Der Flinger). It took until about 1950.
  12. Naxtos

    game language problem

    OP, are you using the Admiral Hipper anime captain on that ship?
  13. Naxtos

    Windows 11

    I have been getting this error with the current WoWS update. Running Windows 10. Seems inconsequential so far.
  14. Naxtos

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    100 fire -20% fire chance flags. They will be used.
  15. Naxtos

    I had 68 super containers.

    It is definitely Korean, or if you want to be more technically correct, “Hangul.”