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  1. Naxtos

    ModStation Re-Install?

    Looks that way. I was not able to update until I reinstalled.
  2. Naxtos

    New prime reward

    Same here. That is relatively unimpessive. Agincourt still hold top place among the Prime Gaming drops I’ve received.
  3. Naxtos

    Christmas Crate Ship Haul

    From converting T10 coupons: Yukon From the Amazon Prime box: Collingwood No complaints. My desire for premium ships is thoroughly sated so I’m not buying any additional.
  4. Naxtos

    What did you get in your monthly SC?

    7 days of premium time.
  5. Naxtos

    PRIME Santa Gifts SUPER DROP!

    Got a Collingwood, 30 days of premium, and assorted stuff. Not amazing, but not gonna complain either.
  6. Naxtos

    Am I missing something?

    I believe so. I asked someone (Ukrainian) the other day who had recently transferred from the CIS server. His port looked pretty standard though and his battle count wasn’t reset.
  7. Naxtos


    I did that the other day with Yoshino. “Why are the bots so keen on killing me?” I wondered. I sank soon after and an apparently bemused teammate remarked, “That was quite the yolo.” I simply replied, “yep,” too embarrassed to explain it wasn’t the battle mode I’d planned. So yeah, I feel the pain too.
  8. Naxtos

    PSA: Update on Prime Gaming Drops

    Worth the wait indeed. Weimar dropped for me.
  9. Naxtos

    Your Monthly SC.

    1 k dubs. The last ship from a super container was Dec. 2020 — the mighty Viribus Unitis.
  10. Naxtos

    Trouble with Mod Station

    This worked for me too. The version numbers looked the same, but I didn’t record the previous one so am likely mistaken.
  11. Naxtos

    The cat on the Cossack...

    And there he is! Didn’t look that closely the first time.
  12. Naxtos

    The cat on the Cossack...

    That animation was part if the Steven Seagal tie in ca. 2017. The arrangement lasted a year iirc and then John Doe replaced the Steven Seagal captain (which Seagal voiced in a very disengaged sounding manner that was probably not widely missed). The animation was entertaining at least.
  13. Naxtos

    Konig Albert

    Konig Albert also has one of the nicest paint jobs in the game.
  14. The obvious IJN candidate is Kinugasa, Aoba’s sister. Heaven forbid they try some weird gimmicks to make Oyodo tier 6.