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  1. I like the variety of the rare cyclone. Sometimes the ship I've chosen doesn't benefit, but the same can be true depending on the map.
  2. Naxtos

    pink due to ISP?

    I had this happen a couple of times recently. However, I was in queue rather than n battle. When trying to reconnect I got a message that I could not connect to the server and to try again later. The lesson I learned is to ignore the “later” part. Try again right away. Unfortunately I don’t have much choice for ISP currently so am stuck with this situation. I am playing less overall. If the connection is unstable, I stop playing. I test with a coop game since the consequences are lower. I’ve stopped playing ranked or clan battles. I can understand why WG implemented this policy since you do hurt your team when you DC. The in queue DC consequence was annoying, but one learns and adapts.
  3. Naxtos

    NA players not located in NA

    I moved to Asia a couple months ago. Ping is about 107, but lag spikes and DC’s are numerous. I opened an account on the SEA server and get 35 as the ping, but experience the same lag spike and DC problems. Seems to be an ISP issue. However, it varies a lot by time of day. The ISP is in Hong Kong and routes all traffic through a VPN. Adding another VPN on top of that has no impact. I am still in protected MM in SEA so only have 3 or fewer human players per side in randoms. Under those circumstances, communication (or lack thereof) has yet to be much an issue.
  4. The USS Washington would be interesting. Looking at gaps in the premium lineup there's nothing in the way of IJN cruisers between Yahagi and Atago. If you don't overthink Tone as an aviation oriented CA, it could fit at T7 or T8. Tone's aviation theme could be fulfilled by giving it both scout planes and fighters -- maybe deployable simultaneously, maybe long duration/short cooldown. It'd fit the long-range sniper flanker niche, although it wouldn't kite away particularly well.
  5. (Stale but not necro....) I had this happen a day or two ago -- derpy replay attached. In Massachusetts I bump a bot Alaska at very low speed combined speed. Both of us take between 1 and 2k damage according to the detailed results page. I didn't realize we'd actually rammed until after the battle. The WoWS wiki page actually explains the outcome of the rare low speed ram pretty well: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ramming I didn't know low speed moderate damage rams like this could happen. I recalled sinking a bot Karlsruhe by ramming it in reverse with a Langley a few years ago. The relative speed must have come almost entirely from the Karlsruhe which I T-boned amidships. 20200920_201457_PASB518-Massachusetts_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  6. Naxtos

    Lert's 27 Supercontainers

    13 SCs (across 2 accounts) 28 days of premium 3 x 25 special flags 4 x 50 camos 2 x 50k FXP
  7. Naxtos

    On the deck of the Wakatake ...

    Sounds good. The Wakatake class were used a lot as convoy escorts. The configuration of these objects is similar to the drawing of the Type 4 depth charge: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WAMJAP_ASW.php
  8. What the heck are these? They look like bombs, but why would the Wakatake be carrying bombs? Sea mines, sure, but these don't look like sea mines. Bomb-shaped buoys? Something related to ASW?
  9. Excellent information. Thank you for this and also for the examples from HMS London and HMS Ark Royal.
  10. Naxtos

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma

    Thanks for the overview. I just picked it up with a coupon. I was also interested in the Wichita and settled on the Roma because it’ll be a more unusual gameplay experience. Just co-op so far. It does nasty things to angled cruisers.
  11. HMS Exeter has a plaque just above her name on the aft superstructure. It's kind of hard to read, but appears to list five places, each followed by a four digit number. The fourth and fifth places are Trincomalee and River Plate respectively. Some or all of the other three might be in the ABDA area of operation, but I can't make them out well enough to guess. Perhaps the number is the distance from each place to Exeter?
  12. Not exactly an Easter Egg, but in port wearing the Unsinkable Sam camo, Sam the cat can be seen roaming on board Bismark, both in the general area shown below (captured between the single 20mm and the flakvierling) as well as on B turret. Apparently he also shows up on the Cossack: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/201161-/ Has he been spotted on the Ark Royal?
  13. Naxtos

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    And how do your cats like the Bismarck’s Unsinkable Sam in port cat? I put the Cat camouflage on the Bismarck last night and noticed a mouser stalking around below the bridge and on top of B turret. Rather amusing. Any cat sightings in Ark Royal or Cossack?
  14. I comp players for good play, especially for good teamwork. For instance, dId a DD do a lot of spotting? That’s worth a compliment. I don’t think I’ve ever given someone negative karma for being irritatingly effective against me. That can earn a compliment. I will often let them know in battle. I seldom give negative karma. When I do, it is for really poor play (including botting) especially by someone with enough games under their belt that they should know better, or (even less often) for extremely abusive chat. It’s not likely the recipient cares. Some may regard low karma as a badge of honor. However, If once in a while loss of karma changes behavior for the better, that’s great. Constructive criticism is a better tool, but a lot harder to use (and a different topic). As for AFK, if the person never loaded, I won’t report, on the assumption that it was involuntary. It is a bit (but only a bit) surprising that a match making monitor can pull karma.
  15. Duke of York -- a pair of bright red fire hydrants between the anchor chains? The KGV does not have them.