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  1. BoghieWanKanobie

    wowsnumbers still broken?

    I think all of my games showed up last night... I still get the 'banner' message, buy my games are in there. The great (for me) Emerald games I played last night did show up last night directly after my session. Those games got me out of that POS and into the Leander - which I will float aimlessly around in tonight. What a relief
  2. BoghieWanKanobie

    Apologies to all who saw me AFK in my WV41 tonight.

    I have a better WR when I AFK It's a feature, not a bug
  3. The Moskva is a CB rental... I'm just about to jump into tech three Tier VI ships. Anyway, my clan needed a seventh, so in the Moskva I went... First time in a Tier X, first time pressing W in that ship, first time on those maps, and first time against Tier X ships. Had fun, I have a very patient clan leader/caller and the fellow CB players did not hammer me. Altogether a fun, but weird, experience. There are a lot of reasons you are seeing Soviet cruisers - especially in the bottom categories.
  4. BoghieWanKanobie

    Being reported

    Not going to get into a battle on auto-reporting CVs or whatever, but, algorithms can be very good at simple pattern matching... This could easily come into play if your account is skylined for some other reason. Someone at Wargaming want a reason to dump on you and look - this guy auto-reports CVs. Well there you go off to purgatory. Maybe some day some dumb helpdesk administrator at WG WoWS will run some dumb script and auto chat ban or give a timeoff award to anyone that targets CVs with a large percentage of their reports Not hard to do. Maybe not smart, but not hard. Big brother can watch.
  5. If you are not winning at about 50%+ in Tier IX you are not ready for Tier X. Rinse and repeat down the tiers. My guess - being that I am more familiar with WoT - is that one can break even if one is an average player at Tier IX while running premium time. However, one must be at least a bit above average, properly equip their ships, be running premium time, and have good captains to come out even at Tier X. Good to great players (maybe 55% WR+) can likely do OK at Tier X and hang there for as long as they want. Average players (say 48% - 52%) will lose a bit, and bad players will get hammered. Actually, folks should rinse and repeat UP the tiers. Basically, use a 49% - 51% marker as well as a captain's skill point progression will tell you when you will be reasonably competitive at the next tier. If you are reasonably competitive you will not get routinely chat slammed, you will not be a drag on your team, you will not have long losing streaks, etc.. You will enjoy the game more and those around you will enjoy the game more. You can, however, expect to do boneheaded things - everybody does, yuk, yuk... Otherwise, you are food for the hungry hunters
  6. BoghieWanKanobie

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    What I wanted - and kinda expected because of the title - was: A valiant Yamato hero pressing in to support his/her cruisers and destroyers as they attempt to attain map control. Whilst some evil 'Dead Eye' ThunderTurd dropped deuce after deuce after deuce on our valiant hero as our highly skilled competitor juked for his very life. What I saw was some target of opportunity - no doubt with high damage and a low win rate - floating around at spawn getting schwammered at long range by another Blue-Line Special (who was significantly more skilled) While brawling may be dead, this video doesn't present that. All it shows is some dude is playing Tier X who doesn't have the skill to play Tier X. I mean, at Tier X you EXPECT to run into players of the quality of PQ. PQ will drop potatoes on you now and he would have dropped potatoes on you a week ago. Nothing to see here, move along...
  7. BoghieWanKanobie

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    The Yamato NEVER pushed, he never attempted to brawl. He was going to camp at spawn and snipe. I don't know what PQ was talking about. I can drop two turds on two Blue-Line Specials shooting at each other. The only thing this proved is that a poor player has worse aim than a great player.
  8. BoghieWanKanobie

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    Question: Which of them pushed? How is this a discussion on 'Brawling'? Where was the brawl? Anyone actually think that Yamato player was pushing hard into the brawling zone. 'Good' campers killing bad campers is not a discussion on brawling.
  9. BoghieWanKanobie

    Can’t even open the game...

    And, then help me I've been out of pocket for about 3 weeks. To find this on the return - yowser, just yowser. I've fired up the game, but haven't clicked the battle button. I know I'll fix that this weekend, but it was kinda daunting. I kinda just wanted to derp around.
  10. I don't propose to put words in @Edgecase's mouth, but I think the 'Nerf' he is talking about is the fact that one is using a very valuable 4 points in a skill that provides minimal value. A couple of points: Dead Eye - Increased the firing accuracy of the main battery if there are no visible hostile ships within the ship's standard detectability radius. Thus, assuming standard means 'stock', your concealment does not include skill, module, and equipment buffs. Finally, using the vision circles is, shall we say, problematic for the above reasons. I kinda think everybody is right on this. For folks lamenting Back Office BBs sniping and not supporting the team in ways other than suspect gunnery this skill will tend to keep those players that way. They will feel that they are better because they have this skill. It is, however a rather useless skill. These folks were not hitting their targets anyway - by a large margin. And, a likely response will be for a 'dazzling' DD to pop in and out of concealment and mess with it anyway.
  11. BoghieWanKanobie

    Can’t even open the game...

    @_ENO_, You have a month of FREE skill changes - no cost to try the new skills out or stick with the old ones if that is your every desire. There is no cost at this point. As a computer programmer/DBA I would solidly recommend the following: Pick a few ships for a session that are representative of the skill layouts you currently prefer As you play them put a little time into selecting skills from the tree. Try some of the new ones. Find a profile/class you like And, then once you have a class profile/captain then copy and paste to other ships as you play them. Adjust individual skills as desired. But, don't run through all your ships and mass change them. Why? Because you may end up doing it again if you find a new skill supportive of your playstyle or that an old skill was gimped. You don't want to have to run through your ships again and again. In sports, that is called 'an unforced error'. In programming, I would ask the junior programmer why he/she did not create shared code/objects for similar/same processes. The biggest 'skill' that gets you winning more than losing more is not provided by the game interface - 95% of the reason you win more than me is the Commander XP between the ears. Hopefully, this change - like the dreaded Equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks - will enhance the variance of the ships in the game. Hopefully one will not just be able to assume the cookie cutter build in the opponent. For World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 was an abortion on the first day and something good to go on the second. Honestly, in WoT I don't think I can find a person who wants to go back to the cookie cutter equipment loadout.
  12. I don't know if this is sarcasm - but if it was, you are quite subtle and hats off to you However, as a computer programmer that is just how I think. Focus on a specific issue, get the job done reliably and well, and then back out and look at the big picture. Personally, I have less than 30 ships so I am not going to be heavily affected. It would be a pain to reskill a hundred captains, but it would be twice as bad to do it twice. I don't think the defaults are worth a damn, but I'm weird so I wouldn't think some Belarussian programmer could guess my preferences. I wonder why they don't let us template a new captain off an existing captain. That would be a very nice feature - and probably easy to program in. Oh well...
  13. You won't have to. Just play a ship you like, try a few new skills (for free), and figure out what works for you. Copy and paste to your other similar ships. Actually, it would be awesome if they actually just let you copy the skills of another commander. But, if you had a standard cruiser build you will have a standard cruiser build. Not hard. Don't make uncertain changes to hundreds of ships and then have to go back if you like another skill better.
  14. Well, here is what I am likely to do: If there are lots of knowledgeable threads about Commander 2.0 being suck tomorrow then I fade away or, if there are lots of knowledgeable threads about cool commander skill trees for various ships tomorrow than I will jump in. Kinda easy. No protest needed. And, if Wargaming dropped the turd of turds they simply lose my business.
  15. I'm in a panic and the game is dying