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  1. BoghieWanKanobie

    When to Grind and when to Pay

    I think it would be cool for Wargaming to create a special camo for those who 'cold grind' a ship or a tank. Yeah, it is probably more efficient to attain your vehicles other ways - but a cold grind means you really 'earned' it.
  2. BoghieWanKanobie

    Game mechanics are rigged against one team, proof.

    You and your 56% WR oppress me and my 46% WR I'm melting
  3. BTW, to those in another thread thanks for reminding me about COOP battles. In this mode I can get the important modules researched and installed, learn the ship and national tendencies, work on my aim, and actually learn where to hit for citadels. I've seen good players just nail citadels, but in PvP there is so much going on that I cannot work on what needs working on... On the other hand, I don't see how players can grind large amounts of XP in this mode. Man, at Tier III it is slow going. Finally got the Phoenix and am working on the Clemson. The Wyoming will follow. Then the Langley. I will have two full national Tier IV collections. If I get tilted with one style I will have options. Also, lost another Bot game. Again, somebody dragged a CV into a combat Tier IV COOP. New players absolutely freak out with all the noise and warnings. I'm new enough to remember that first time. Let us just say - I would prefer to forget that first time. Still, COOP would be a great place to learn all the aircraft aiming stuff - I have hurt my PvP teams trying to learn those mechanics. Happy Hunting.
  4. Christmas - BoghieWanKanobie I bought my first Tier VIII Premium - the Mighty Graf Zeppelin. Figured it was a 'capital ship' with great secondaries and went 'Full Tier IV Bow On Battleship Mode' toward the enemy!!!
  5. Players like me I decided to take some Forum advice and start some new lines. Decided on the 'Merican DDs and cruisers. Did I want to sit for five minutes for a low tier game? Nope. Did I want to drag botes with no upgraded modules into the 'competitive' environment where folks are trying hard to win - even at Tiers III and IV? Nope. Did I want to read some slug typing something nasty about team deployment, aiming skills, kiting prowess, the advanced use of smoke generation, or about advanced focus fire with protective positioning, or questioning why I don't have the nuclear propulsion module on my Tier III St. Louis? Nope. Out of the twenty games or so I was part of I was on a losing game. It was a bad initial deployment. It was because too many BB players could not find the W key. It was because the cruisers started kiting at spawn because they had the Puerto Rico on their mind and they were all the most important players on the seas. And, most importantly, it was actually a carrier game. I would bet a paycheck that half the team never experienced that. The Bot Carrier was completely ineffective, but there were planes buzzing all over the place, bombs dropping, torps in the water - all that good stuff. Against Tier III ships with no AA and players who sailed aimlessly while swinging their turrets looking for planes, with the result that half of them beached themselves on rocks. I had a 'great' game with lots of damage and a number of kills too. I almost dropped some poison in Battle Chat. But you know what... My two brain synapses charged up and reminded me that I was in a Tier III ship, and these were brand new players, and the situation they found themselves in was brand new to them. No poison, no smack, no sarcasm. I'll save that for when/if I am good and for a tier I expect a modicum of knowledge in. That ain't Tier III or IV.
  6. BoghieWanKanobie

    Discounted flags / camos --- just stop

    Ok, I've used my Type 5 camos up on the Isokazi as a test during my meteoric grind to a 10 pt captain. I expected to see Type 5 camos in the Armory at sale price. I see none. Is this discount on a per-use basis - I mean, is it applied one by one as you use it. Basically, no way to stockpile Type 5 camo? I really don't want to use 'good' camo during this grind because my Noob Debt has resulted in this ship having an extensive balance of ship XP and most other purchasable camo buffs ship XP.
  7. BoghieWanKanobie

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    Working the CONCEALMENT EXPERT as I type. That should help any DD I use this captain on. That 10th point does take some time Once I get these IJN ships to 10 point captains I will branch out. I will also bump the IJN line to Tier V since I have already researched and purchased the ships. I will probably also purchase a higher tier IJN DD and/or CA/CL and play some of the PvE modes - I keep forgetting about them. Once I get some familiarity with radar and high tier CVs I will look at playing those in randoms - and, my game count will be higher by then too!!! QUESTION on CONCEALMENT: Do you go invisible once you fire your guns immediately after exceeding your main battery firing range or getting out of line of sight (island, smoke)? Assuming, of course, another ship cannot spot you. In WoT you stay visible for a shortish time. If you exit line of site the enemy can still see your icon moving around for a short time - which requires you to break LoS for about 10 seconds to 'go dark'.
  8. BoghieWanKanobie

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    Many, many thanks for the replies. I think I will branch out once I get my IJN DD captain to 10 points. I will spend some time concentrating on streamers and find a DD / C? cruiser line that is a gunship line. That way, if the gaming is like today where my teams can't hit what I spot and I can't torp what I/others see than I can try some gunship trigger time. I hope today is because of the caffeine intake and yesterday is my norm And, that stat page blended a nice day yesterday with two rather miserable efforts today and on Christmas. There is hope. P.S. I really don't feel ready to go after the Named Players at Tier VIII+, but playing the Atago might be OK in COOP. I keep forgetting about COOP because WoT does not have it. Nobody gets angry in COOP unless some dummy caps. P.P.S. many thanks SgtSpud!!! I will check it out when I get back from my liquor run. Booze is very necessary after my 3 - 7 run today which included getting purposely TK'd almost at spawn and me Panic Noob Torping a friendly DD. What a mess.
  9. BoghieWanKanobie

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    These are my stats. I am not ready for Tier VIII. I don't have a decent game count to be there. Additionally, I don't have either the in-game captain skills or, more importantly, the commander skills between the ears to compete with folks at Tier VIII. My 'fun quotient' will quickly degrade on performing miserably, rightfully getting Battle Chat hammered, etc.. I want to be reasonably ready before I try my hand at battle tiers VIII - X. So, grind it is. Apparently, there is a 'Premium Ship Desert' for IJN ships. Either flop around in the kiddie pool or buy my way to Tier VIII to get slammed by people who already know what I am learning. Sounds great. I need a crying towel or maybe a Social Justice Warrior legal team to protest Wargaming
  10. BoghieWanKanobie

    Hep Me, I'm a Lost IJN DD/CL/CA Player

    Truth!!! As a World of Tanks player I have learned the Tier Running lesson - HARD I'm hanging in Tier IV till I get my Captains to 10 point skills. I think I am 'ready' to jump to Tier V in the IJN cruiser line, close to ready in the destroyer line, and way off in battleships and carriers. I am decent in the Kuma (excepting the gaming during Christmas) and have a 10 point captain there. I still have about 40K experience to gain for the Isokaze - which should require enough games to get more comfortable with that very passive/aggressive game play. The battleship and carrier gameplay is still a bit of a ways off. However, Tier IV is chaotic and seems to be a zone where seal clubbers lurk. I am running up against folks with large pools of camo, seem to have good captains, do the things I am still learning, and are chat bombing the Noobs. The good thing is that I am rarely the target of their love notes so that might be a marker that I am at least ok. I know that once I get to Tier V I am out of the kiddie pool and will have to deal with radar - which I have never seen. I also know the carrier planes will be much more destructive.
  11. Whoa, NEED HEP HERE... I found a great list/spreadsheet of premium ship here that I could sort and filter by my needs. I was kinda guided to the IJN destroyer and cruiser lines as being Noob friendly. I really don't know if the advice works for me at this point. I am starting to learn the mechanics of torpedo attacks, torpedo area denial, vision management, and smoke - but it has been a struggle. I might have been more viable with a DD gunship line rather than super stealth torp line. And, IJN cruisers seem to require attack in reverse - something not fitting with my normal aggression. I am starting to make this work so I'll stick with the IJN lines. Anyway, the Shinonme is the Tier VI ship that filters out to suit my needs, but it is a completion award for the 'Honorable Service' campaign - a campaign which requires Tier VIII ships to complete? I'm basing this on the Wiki. wth. I am trying to grind my IJN destroyer and cruiser line captains and cannot find a decent mid-tier premium for them. I will not trash your Tier VIII experience by dragging my Noob (<400 games and 'Bad' Damage) butt to your high tier games. But I have some pride and some common sense - so garbage premiums that are a complete struggle or require extensive experience and skill to play are out. Any ideas folks.
  12. BoghieWanKanobie

    Premium Ship Spreadsheet

    Many, many thanks. I've been having a difficult time matching a premium ship to a line. So many 'currencies' and ways of attaining them... I guess I will have to grind the 'Honorable Service' thang to get a decent premium for the IJN destroyer line... And, nobody wants to see a Tier Runner at Tier VIII with just over 300 games because the IJN cruisers have good premiums up there. Wish they had something mid-tier...
  13. BoghieWanKanobie

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Cruisers

    LMM, You seem to have listed all my ships as GARBAGE . They really aren't that bad. Oh, I was looking at MY stats. That explains EVERYTHING Soon, I will be in a Tier near you. Merry Christmas
  14. Yeah, 'The Science of Victory' campaign has been a blast. I like how you can pick the internal events - and bail out of them if they turn out too hard. Although, I like the challenge Folks had recommended spamming the 'Flags and Camo' crates (can't remember what it is really called). My problem is that I burn three camos to get one. I just tried the 'More Resources' option and got lots of coal. I used that to buy 20 camos that allow me to improve my Captain skills. I think that is the route I will be using. To go along with that I will start using the economy signals to get more resources. That way I pick what I need and my return is not a crap shoot. I am going to grind a bit this Christmas and get one of each class to Tier V. Kinda too bad that I won't have a decent captain for my Kuma - but that is how she rolls. That Kuma is a fun ship
  15. I am a new player, less than 300 games. StatsBloke just introduced me to the Campaigns. They are accessible to low tier - I would say the early ones are fine for Tier IV ships. I had previously looked at the 'Combat Missions' which all require Tier V or higher. Never got around to the 'Campaigns' before StatsBloke discussed them in Twitch because a Campaign is usually more intensive than a Mission. It is not very clear. The "Combat Missions' are very nice for us Noobs. I like the various levels of difficulty matching the star count you can acquire. Well designed - except there are probably loads of Noobs like me that did not even look at them because they ran through the 'Combat Missions' first. Also, the game economy - not the actual credit economy which seems fine - is difficult at Tier IV. You just don't get the camos and signal flags you need. Your ships just don't pump out the damage and it is the 'Combat Missions' that mint that stuff. Maybe a little easement on that would be good. You don't want to make Tier IV the most amazing spot for highly capable players to acquire camo and flags so you have to be careful. Anyway, I guess I will just have to bump up to Tier V this weekend. Don't want to, but I need to be able to acquire camo and flags - and those are really only available at Tier V+. The crates are a net negative. You use more to get less.