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  1. BoghieWanKanobie

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    I've been trying the module and skill recommendations from "Whiskey's Gaming Lounge" recently. He uses the 1pt 'Preventative Maintenance' Captain skill and is therefore able to mount the 'Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1' to support the survivability of AA and secondaries. Most folks would probably recommend the 1pt 'Priority Target' Captain skill and the 'Main Armaments Modification 1' module as the default. What I have found is that my BBs (all Tier IV - I'm a Noob like you) now have the AA needed to wipe out the slow biplanes we face. Especially the Myogi and the Wyoming. I think it is the AA mounts survive longer in the battle and keep pumping out rounds. Maybe bombs and rockets take those out normally. Or, maybe my small sample size is just making normal randomness look normal. It is working for me though. Something to look at. Also, make CERTAIN you are using 'AA Priority Sector'. Basically, you pick a side of the ship and tell the AA to prioritize that side. I don't envy CV players trying to fly through that stuff. Finally, pick up the Hosho IJN carrier. I suck, but what I can figure out by actually living the dream is that some Tier IV and Tier V ships can be configured to deal with aircraft attacks. Once you see it you KNOW it can be done and you can ask the right questions or research with some knowledge.
  2. BoghieWanKanobie

    Tier VI ships do not belong in tier VIII matches

    Isn't this just a math issue: Tier IV is protected. A Tier IV ship can see Tiers III through V (-1/+1). Tier V is NOT protected. A Tier V ship can see Tiers IV through VII (-1/+2) Tier VI is NOT protected. A Tier VI ship can see Tiers V through VIII (-1/+2) Tier VII is NOT protected. A Tier VI ship can see Tiers V through VIII (-2/+2) ... Since a Tier IV ship CANNOT be in a battle with a Tier VI ship you only have four tiers available for the MatchMaker when you select a Tier VI ship. You WILL spend more time bottom or mid-tier. You will never compete against Tier IVs.
  3. BoghieWanKanobie


    A few days ago I played my Dunkerque. I had time for three broadside volleys on the opposing Dunkerque. They all overpenned. It was rather weird. I figured that a Dunkerque could damage a Dunkerque. I'm enough of a Noob that I am not certain of the pen mechanics so I blew it off.
  4. BoghieWanKanobie

    New and existing players DL Modstation

    Not really. Most of the really good players don't seem to use them - at least the ones that stream or create YouTube content. My guess is that the reason for this is two-fold: If they compete at a high level Wargaming likely 'surveils' them either by demanding log files or just having logs generated on the server during the competition and/or they don't want a mod that is legal today and not legal tomorrow hammering them. I know that WoT players participating in major events have to make run logs available. So, if you watch most high end streamers they use minimal mods - or go plain vanilla. I wouldn't get hung up on the use of mods and calling them cheats. If they work for you than use them. Personally, I like some of the gun sites available in both WoT and WoWS better than vanilla. The Navigator mod (the one that shows relative ship angle from centers of mass) might be useful - but I never have the time to look at it. Plus, if I shoot a target on a 32 degree angle from me what are the odds that it moves somewhere in the 9 seconds it takes for the shell to get somewhere near my aiming point? I would probably stay away from the stoplight mod (stoplights that show speed and direction) and zoom mods because Serb may disallow those after a weekend bender and thus you get busted.
  5. OP has made a decision to learn the mechanics of the game while simultaneously competing against the best players in the game. When he is bottom tier he is going against players hovering around Tier VIII. Tier VIII+ is where the best hang around - the Bluenicums+. Tier VIII+ is where folks with LOTS of games and who are very sophisticated with the game choose to compete. Thus, OP will face very good, very experienced players in ships that have been primed over time to the 'enemy's' personal play-style. Every single mistake will be punished without mercy. And, if OP makes a NewB mistake he will very likely get absolutely hammered in Battle Chat - or, worse yet receive a nasty message in port. You guys are much nicer than WoT players, but I have seen some nasty stuff in Twitch streams when some Tier IV player jumps into his Tier VIII premium. Just saying. Regardless, OPs decision is neither an invalid nor a stupid decision, but it is one with consequences. I have become friends with a Unicum in WoT who recommended I do the same. I did not fully take that advice, I chose to grow my skill through a slower tier progression. That advice did start me playing higher tiers more often and becoming more comfortable with that game speed, but my learning has been more consistent and I am better. Personally, I knew I could not deal with a 42% WR and still enjoy the game. Different strokes for different folks. Again, OPs decision is a decent one if he can stomach the consequences. As far as -2/+2 in Matchmaker who cares. It is what it is. It is a known. Everybody deals with it. OPs choice means he gets it right off the bat. It was a choice freely made.
  6. Tier IV is protected. You will only see Tier III through Tier V. That means the only CVs you will face are the Langley and the Hosho. Once you get comfortable with the vision mechanics against those CVs bump up a tier or two. Tier V is supposed to be the red headed step child, so that one could be problematic. It is the first tier where you face enemies two tiers higher - and, you are limited to seeing enemy at most one tier lower. Or, you can push through and learn vision mechanics against Tier VIII CVs. Your choice. F2P. No barriers. GLHF
  7. eCakes, Can I also recommend the responses to a thread question I asked: 'Smart Captain Skill Progression' Basically, your Captain should have his/her first four skills completed by Tier IV or V. That is, you should have a 10pt captain before you enter a Tier VI (at the latest) match. And, you should at least be actively working your fourth (the 4pt skill) no later than at Tier V. Running a captain weaker than that at Tier VI turns you and your ship into a Target of Opportunity.
  8. UltimateNewbie nailed it. Read LittleWhiteMouse's 'How to Control your Win Rate'. Somewhere in there will be the gem(s) you need to improve your experience in this game.
  9. OP, You have 91 total games Tier V and below - and your WR in those learning tiers implies you are not ready to advance into the mid-tiers. Not naming or shaming - just laying out reality. Why are you trying to learn the game in mid to high tiers? You are better than me in all the internals but your WR is atrocious. That likely means one major thing: That you do not position yourself well for winning the battle. Additionally, having 479 total Random mode games implies: Your captains are not trained You haven't figured out what class is best for you. You likely do not know what modules work for you in each ship or ship type. You will be running into effective CVs, you will be running into cruisers with radar, you will be running into high accuracy BBs, and you will be running into players with 20K+ games experience. It is not just CVs. It is a free game and there are no barriers to running up the tiers or purchasing high tier ships, but if you want to be good git gud or at least git average. Set some attainable goals per tier (like say earning at least a 48% WR in a tier) before progressing. Do whatever it takes to get there - except cheating of course. Use your stats for personal improvement - not to glory over others when you get better and not to down yourself if you get in a rut. BTW, you are decent enough in Tier VI that you might be able to start from there - unlike me. Learn positioning and tactics for air defense, build your captain skills, and maybe pick the modules that enhance AA. Then, you will have to deal with radar cruisers, fast battleships, and 'The Mighty Soviet Napkin Navy' that burns everything to the waterline. Also, DDs are known to be the toughest class in the game. For me they were, but I am liking them more than the pig boats now. I have learned to avoid early detection by aircraft and am learning (via brutal death) the value of the spotting range circles. Mobility is its own armor. Happy Hunting.
  10. And, in the 9 seconds it takes for a shell to be fired and land somewhere near where it was aimed a LOT of things can and should happen. A 1% change in bearing is VERY likely to happen. Hobby Horse Much
  11. For aim 'assist' to work than the four targets had to be sailing in a straight line for the duration of the aim/fire/flight time. Also, they would have to be such consistent drones that their straight line sailing resulted in all of them getting Dev Strikes. As a programmer, and someone who has done full stack work, it would be impossible to develop something like this. The only cheat that could do this is one that changes the flight of the shells. Best guess, lucky and good. Give the dude props and a GG. Why bother sending the replay.
  12. Are we talking about an aim-assist cheat mod that can move the shells during their six to nine second flight time to hit a moving target... or, are we talking about hitting a target that plows ever onward in a nice straight, broadside silhouetting line. I am noticing that broadside targets at Tier V are much less the norm than at Tier IV. Do folks Re-Noob themselves at high tier???
  13. BoghieWanKanobie

    Newly Minted T5 plays mostly what Tiers (MM ?)

    As a Noob, I am playing my three nations (Japan, US, and France) at Tier IV. I have both read about and experienced the matchmaking at Tier IV. Tier IV ships can be matched with Tier III - V. A Tier IV ship will never see a Tier VI ship. Tier III ships can be matched with Tier II - IV. I have just one Tier V tech tree ship and I have seen Tiers IV - VI. I don't think I have seen a Tier VII ship, but I know that is possible. From what I have read and heard Tier V is the first 'unprotected' tier. So, your 'unprotected' unprotected cruiser sees -1/+2 (IV - VII) matchmaking - which is the worst possible matchmaking in the game. Still, the experience is not too bad. You get more XP for damaging and sinking higher tiered enemy anyway.
  14. BoghieWanKanobie

    Smart Captain Skill Progression

    Going to shortcut this thread for future reference... Great information... And, it is going to be a very long view future. It took a LOT of time to get my Tier IV Isokaze it's 10 point captain - and now I'm faced with choosing one of two DDs to migrate him too Decisions and Patience. I just hope I'm the better for this grinding
  15. BoghieWanKanobie

    Smart Captain Skill Progression

    Ok, so my read is that I will not gimp myself or my team if I enter a Tier V battle without CE or IFHE (or whatever). In World of Tanks you can use Tier V to train all your crew members on their first skill - that is probably the equivalent of a four skill captain here. In WoWS you start getting three tier games at Tier V and run into Tier VI CVs. It is going to be a big jump for me, but one I have to take sometime. No time like the present. If you see me in a Kongo and I perform like crapolla - just blow a kiss my way before you launch your Battle Chat or Port Scud