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  1. BoghieWanKanobie

    Am I a Potato?

    Give the British battlecruisers a try. Battleship guns, better accuracy, better mobility, and stealthier. Might be the sweet spot for you. I'm really enjoying them...
  2. BoghieWanKanobie

    Am I a Potato?

    I think you answered your own question here... What @HazeGrayUnderway mentioned is important. Cruisers are more survivable than destroyers, but they can vaporize in a blink. You like the high tier heavy cruisers because they don't mist their way back to port like some wayward magician's trick. However, that survivability is just slight of hand if you are positioned incorrectly. Yeah, you will live longer, but your affect on the game is really no different. Everybody else has more armor, more jukes, more of everything. You plinging around for more time does not do more to help your team. Maybe spend more time in the Tier VI - VIII cruisers BECAUSE they force proper positioning, proper timing, and proper targeting. Then again, note my WR. Me is trash.
  3. Another thing - although this might be a factor in WoT and not in WoWS. I don't know yet. I really haven't played much at Tier VIII+. Anyway: PermaBads grind. They get to Tier X/XI through sheer perseverance. They get there!!! And, their captain is in that Tier X ship. And, it cost CaptainXP - which they don't have - or Doubloons - which they won't use - to move that captain to the Tier VII ship they are competitive in. Thus, what tier to they play. Yup, Tier X and XI if they can somewhat break even.
  4. I kinda agree with you - especially at Tiers VI+. However, your question is how could folk enjoy something when they win only 40% of their games. Here is how. Take a peek at an example of ten sessions of ten games each: Wins Losses Mentality 4 6 Whatever, had fun 6 4 Pretty good today, teams were good 0 4 Yowser, something wrong, get off before going tilt 5 5 Blah, had fun 5 5 50% ain't bad 0 3 Crap teams 4 6 Just one game and I'd be 50% 5 5 Ah, that session was fine 6 4 That was fun 4 6 Whatever, almost improved my WR The above chap has a 39% WR, but only had two horrible sessions. This chap was smart enough to end those horrible sessions rather early. In three sessions just one win swapped for one loss changes things - but, even then this chap has a 42% WR. What I am saying is that it is very difficult to see the overall when looking at a session. Those two crap sessions without compensating winning streaks kills the WR. Many folks with a 42% WR overall are not breaking it down. They just keep on keepin' on. They can blame it on grinding non-elite ships, on bad teams, on a bad session, on matchmaking, etc.. They may not blame anything. Is going 4 and 6 the end of the world. Wasn't it smart to end a frustrating 0 and 4 session early - I mean, that wasn't fun for whatever reason. If you squint at the above then you might think you are an average player. You have to take a wider look at things to see where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.
  5. BoghieWanKanobie

    San Diego

    As a trash player I have to say the 'San Diego' is an experience. I actually like the playstyle. The ship has useful consumables, it can deter CVs, and the SAP is marvelous. On the other hand, you HAVE to use cover and vision - and, even so you can get one-shotted right through the bow when dealing with enemies to the flank. One guy in a Prinz Rupperect actually apologized for sinking me with one max range shell through the nose. I had looked at the guy and figured he was too far away to worry about. Nope. To the bottom I went. You absolutely have to keep your head on a swivel. Finally, this ship cannot be played open water. It can zig. It can zag. But, it will blow up.
  6. BoghieWanKanobie

    Prodigal player still working on fitting in

    Take anything I yammer with a pound of salt. My WR speaks for itself... The critical thing about dealing with CVs is to make the engagement very unpleasant for them. Make each encounter long and costly. Everybody turns tail from them and runs. All that does is give them more time to settle in, make their turn, and dial in their attack run. Also, if you turn away from them you cannot train your AA on them. Turn into them. Get your AA on them. You can feel and see your AA work. Learn the angles your ship likes for max AA. This is especially true early in the game when enemy ships cannot get an accurate bead on you. When that CV overcommits in minute one, and there are not enemy ships in range, angle in such a way as to present max AA damage. As he goes over you and turns for the next pass turn with him and keep the AA on. For early encounters just focus on making life miserable for the dude. Also, if you have decent AA (or even if you don't) and you see planes vectoring onto another friendly a few clicks away move toward that friendly and offer AA support. It doesn't have to be direct. It could be that the CV dumps on the dude, flies over him and lands right in your AA bubble as he is vectoring for a repeat visit. You will punish that player and he will end up in AA for a very long time. And, if you have crap AA or are against a good CV player then bend toward your friendlies. You don't have to get too close to them. You just want that CV player to have to compute difficult lines of engagement, retreat, and return. Don't be that guy who wanders off alone (turning tail and running almost always leaves you all alone), or doesn't support a nearby ship getting hammered (you will be the isolated target next). Bubble up. Finally, do everything you can to make the initial fly by a miserable experience for the dude. My clan leader (Meta_Man) has a few videos on this. If you watch his ship movements in this video I think you will understand what I mean. Another way of saying this is to use a sports analogy. In basketball you ATTACK a press, you don't run away from it, and you don't run around trying to get open. Additionally, your passing lanes are from where the pressure is coming. Don't isolate yourself, do accept pain, support a teammate - and that CV player will wander to the other flank. I'm going to drop another HUGE resource for dealing with CVs. Our wonderful moderator ( Ahskance ) is a great CV player, but many of the videos (poke around the playlists) discuss how to use AA and how to deal with CVs.
  7. BoghieWanKanobie

    Yuro on Tier I

    Love a 21pt Bull Halsey on a Tier I I felt bad - even at my 'between the ears' skill level - playing Sansonetti on the Tier V Montecuccoli. It is funny having all those fireworks firing off in Tier V, but he is just an 11pt captain, so whatever... Now I can feel good about myself
  8. BoghieWanKanobie

    Win rate

    OP played 6 different DDs in 10 games. He did not 'learn' these ships. He jumped into them and gave them a joy ride for a game and moved on. I just think he needs to focus a bit. Get a ship - or, a few ships - that he is very familiar with. Knows the ins-and-outs of them. Then, when he runs into them during a game he knows what they can do. And, more importantly, when he spreads his wings into other classes he has a fallback ship where the odds are he can stop a nasty losing streak. For me right now, my 'comfort ships' are the Algerie, the Dunkerque, and the Iron Duke (for whatever reason). If I lose a game in my Derfflinger, Duke of York, or P.E. Friedrich I can settle down with the Algerie. Otherwise, I agree with you.
  9. BoghieWanKanobie

    The Wierdest Hacksuation ever : )

    Ah, wesley... He took one of my karma points away because a luck chuck hit him as he was 'flexing' to the top back corner of the map at the start of the game. I think a CV lit him and I let a salvo fly from the Dirpitz. Quite special, he is. And, yeah, an infamous WoT troll. I was lucky enough to have him as a 'teammate' three games in a row. During each of the games he let an enemy player just roll around behind me for the kill. Amazing guy. His one goal in WoT was to play 100K games. Success!!!
  10. BoghieWanKanobie

    Win rate

    Grumpy, Figure out a favorite class Get good at a small(ish) subset of ships in that class Bring your WR in that subset of ships in that into the mid-50% Rinse and Repeat You have played 49 different ships out of the 132 games you have played in the Last 21 days. This does not mean that you lock into three ships in one class forever, but for three weeks you could focus a bit. Get good in those ships. Then, as you widen your scope again you will have fallback ships in the event of losing streaks. Say, you are trying your hand at battleships again, but have lost three frustrating games. Drop into your Nuremburg (kinda weird that is a great ship for you, but different strokes for different folks) and get a win. I just realized I need to follow the same advice. Man, I've played 22 ships out of the 49 games I've played in the last 21 days. Too funny. BTW, your 'recents' are now a bit over 49%. Win one more game out of the next 100 and your recents will be 50% - which is your real goal. Only an idiot use lifetime stats if you are being stat shamed. You are going to be out of Tomato status soon by just doing what you are doing. Take a peek at your stats and use those stats for self improvement. GLHF
  11. BoghieWanKanobie

    Win rate

    The Math: ((Current Game Count) * (Current Total WR)) + ((A Reasonable Guess at an Achievable WR) * (X [this is what you want to find])) = ((Your Total WR Goal) * (Current Game Count + X) Your situation (from WoWS Stats & Numbers): (2051 * 0.4783) + (0.53 * X) = 0.5 * (2051 + X) 981 + 0.53x = 1026 + 0.5x 0.03x = 45 x = 1,500 games The real key to figuring this out is figuring out a reasonable WR you should be able to hold from this point on. The key to that is to not really worry about getting to and keeping a 53% WR in your effort to get your overalls to 50%. Like mentioned before - get to 49%. Getting to 49% recents (last 21 days?) is reasonable and relatively easy to figure out. You need to win one more game out of every hundred. Personally, after looking at your stats and your "Important Moments" in WoWS Stats and Numbers, I would: STOP grabbing new ships Figure out what class of ship YOU LIKE the most and, I would ask why my damage and survival is so high, but my WR is low My guess is that you should spend A LOT more time on the mini-map. Your damage and survival are great. You need to think tactically. You are damaging stuff that has little affect on the win. Just guessing. You can win that extra game by taking the advice from a few posts above this. That should be the focus. Once you win four to six more games out of a hundred (now, that does not sound unachievable does it) than start looking at the above math. However, if you just keep doing what you are doing than you dig a far greater hole - see my WoT stats
  12. BoghieWanKanobie

    Dallas or Pensacola?

    Camp the Omaha for another 30 games and get both... It won't take you much time... This is where you start to decide what you like best, what your playstyle will be, and where you want to spend your time. You can get advice here, but in the end it is your call. You will want to spend time in both. Also, you are tier running. Tier VI will be a nasty wakeup call. Actually, Tier V probably was - it was for me. But, at Tier VI you will run into Tier VI CVs and subs. You will also run head first into exceptional players - it is not seal clubbing to decimate new players at Tier VI even if you are a starter on a KOTS team. Slow down, get 50 games each in those USN ships you have at Tier V, figure out what you like, and you will have the knowledge needed to make the Pensacola and Dallas work. Then, you can make the call. Looking at your stats, I think you will make both work but I would hazard a guess that the Dallas might be a better fit. GLHF
  13. BoghieWanKanobie

    Abandoned by our Clan Commander

    Foghorn, I would mix the advice from NavalPride and I. I would 'elect' one of your XOs to act as liaison. Follow NavalPride's guidance. AND, do not drop your current Clan Commander - just move him to an XO spot. I think that shows good faith. GLHF
  14. BoghieWanKanobie

    Abandoned by our Clan Commander

    Foghorn, I took a peek at your clan's 'stats' and it does appear you have 'Executive Officers'. Based on what I read earlier, these folks should be able to perform most of the required tasks. Plus, the support staff may give them more weight in your effort to 'take over the clan'. I used 'WoWS Stats & Numbers' to get your clan's leadership, but I also think you can see them in your Wargaming Clan Portal.
  15. I'm feeling oppressed... Those are my Alt-Accounts