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  1. Boghie

    Jingles has Arrived

    After watching Reina_Lenka on Twitch during some organized battles I am starting to figure out a little bit about DDs. For some reason her playstyle in DDs clicked for me. So, I have Tier IV Kuma, a Tier IV Isokaze, and a Tier III Kawachi (that I am ready to bump to the Tier IV Myogi). Maybe I will bump to Tier V en-masse and be a giant oil slick for you chaps to float around in
  2. Boghie

    Jingles has Arrived

    Awesome. Many thanks - and, it makes sense. I think that I can get it in my new Furry Taco. Don't know about that atrocious reload, but I think I can make it happen. If not, I am close on the American line too.
  3. Boghie

    Jingles has Arrived

    Question, I'm such a noob I really don't think you chaps want to see me at Tier V+. I do have the Furry Taco (or whatever the Furutaka is nicknamed), but I want to do my HP in damage before I jump out of the kiddie pond. Will the XP requirement wait for me? That is, I have to earn 10K in base XP in Tiers V+ to get the Captain. If I start playing the Furry Taco in a month can I still get Admiral Jingles and the Ruskie Dude?
  4. Ducky, Wargaming ALSO has a hidden folder structure (all you conspiracy types relax - most applications do this) where it stores cache files and configurations. When you uninstall the application it does not necessarily delete the files and folders in this structure. On my machine it is located at: C:\ProgramData\Wargaming.net\GameCenter \ProgramData and some of its subfolders are 'hidden'. In File Explorer go to your 'C:' drive and select 'Main Menu | View' and make certain 'Hidden Items' is checked. If you are trying to reinstall from scratch than I would delete the folder 'C:\ProgramData\Wargaming.net' and obviously all of it's subfolders. Obviously, this will affect WoT and WoA and Wo?, but this folder structure is rebuilt on executing the application.
  5. Boghie

    Where's the Unique IJN Commander's skills????

    I want my Joe Dirt captain.
  6. Boghie

    This is Ridiculous

    Wow, Ducky_shot. I'm not even OP and I leaned things from your video replay. Nice piece of advice on the danger of getting your rear turret on the target - ie. you end up flattening your angle to the opponent. I, too, come from tanks and that really is not an issue. But, I have been sent to the bottom a few times because of this. And, that mod is awesome. Got it now. Thanks.
  7. Boghie

    This is Ridiculous

    Mfezi, Wow, playing World Of Warships!!! Anyway, you were salvo'd by multiple ships (North Carolina, Kutuzov, and then the Georgia) and the last was likely a citidel. You got a bit greedy when shooting at the Georgia and blew your angling to get all your guns firing. But, you got away with that early on. However, you missed completely on that salvo. The Georgia was completely bow on to you as well. I know less than nothing about this game - having about 200 total games played - but, bow on shots to battleships don't seem to do much. The North Carolina hit you early, the Kutuzov caught you on fire, and the bow on Georgia hit your citidel. No mystery. Didn't even have to be good players. But, at least that Georgia seemed to be. He was very patient and waited for you to open up and then started lobbing steel downrange... Again, no mystery.
  8. Boghie

    Not Stat shaming

    My Clan Commander has spent hours with me. I truly feel sorry for him. The poor chap has to find some dusty old Tier III or IV claptrap and pump it up for me. FeelsBadMan. But, I am learning and my experience in WoT informs me that banzi running the tiers ain't no great idea. I really do not understand the concept of banging one's head on a keyboard or mouse for half a decade and 50 thousand games with no desire to get better. I can understand that for a bit of time, but getting destroyed early and often is something to overcome - not something expected. And, it has to be difficult to do anything 50K times and not be better than the chap giving it his all for the 47th time.
  9. Boghie

    6 CVs in a game at tier 3 is idiotic

    I've noticed folks spending all their time in the Back 40 fending off carrier 'strikes' at these tiers - my highest tier ship is a Tier IV. Dude, basically ignore carrier 'strike' forces at this tier. Ignore them. Focus on getting to an important region of the map. Don't get locked down in the Back 40, turning your ship aimlessly, and staring at planes. Their 'strike' forces do very little damage. Just figure out their angle of attack, look that way, and press 'O' and throw some wiggles and speed changes in there while focusing fire on a target warship - wth else are you going to do... Also, look at the comp on your team and pair up with something that HAS AA. Again, see above. That chap is probably moving to a valuable area of the map, you are probably at spawn trying to evade 1K HP in damage and finding yourself isolated from anything that can provide air cover. Get to the fight and take something out. It is absolutely amazing to see my teams 'tanks' camping the Back 40 and spinning is slow circles while isolating themselves second by second. Now, I am a complete Noob. I've played 177 games and don't get my HP in damage yet. But, planes are not the problem at these low tiers. Destroyers and torpedos - and, regretfully islands - are.
  10. I've been TROLLED. You are a bad man, Ducky_Shot... Just looked at his profile. Great player Wins in Destroyers Damage is following Win Rate You ain't no worthless Chai Sniping Useless Damage Farmer. Bad man, picking on some schlub like me with 173 games and a few Forum posts. He is kinda a Chai Snipin' Forum Seal Clubber
  11. Unless Stat Padding is different in World of Warships than in World of Tanks what you are talking about is a winner. A Statpadder will: Go for damage and ignore kills that do not accumulate damage. That is, they will not focus an enemy gun out of the game. They may, but that is not their goal. If one ship they can target has 100 HP left and there is another juicy full HP target they fire on the high HP target where they get the most damage. They do not necessarily care about killing ships. Not killing ships is a way to lose the game. They will not use their armor. A good player will not die for some dummy, but a good player will often be in the scrum sharing his/her HP so other players do not get focused down. Have you ever been in a game where you are in the scrum and someone outside of view range is uselessly plinging full health ships? Then, as the battle progresses and the front line friendlies are number crunched out the Chai Sniping Statpadder gets bum rushed, fires one last useless volley, and dies a happy death knowing he maximized his damage quota. Did not support the win, just lost another game with lots of damage. If you do not take guns out of the game, and/or hang back plinging random targets, and/or refuse to share your HP in the scrum with the sole goal of maximizing the number of salvos you can lob than you will be one of those chaps with a low WR and high Damage Stats. That is a form of Statpadder. A Seal Clubber is a form of Dumb Statpadder. Maybe the dumbest. They dump on low tier players with OP ships, high point Captains, all the modules, and thousands of games of experience between the ears. These are the Purples in Name Only. They are the 70%ers in Tier III, but the 45%ers at Tier VIII. And, they have thousands of games in their Tier III OP ship. Now, a good player may do all those things - but they will share their armor, they will focus out guns, and they are in the fight if their ship can support it. They will not be in the SW corner of some map lobbing tons of low HR% salvos at ships outside view range. They will flex FROM a lost flank TO a flank they can support toward a win. They will lead a push to prod Timids to fight where the fight has to be won. They will take out an important enemy ship even if it means taking damage themselves and/or not accumulating damage into their stats. Oftentimes, if someone hasn't noticed you flexing, sharing armor, focusing down ships you may be called a Stat Padder as you move through the battlespace. However, look at your game after someone calls you a Useless Statpadder. Where did you die? Did you do what had to be done to win? Did you leave friendly ships hung out to die? Did you sink anything in a timely manner? The answers to those questions are the definition.
  12. Boghie

    Truly awful teams

    Whew, I thought you were talking about me. When 'WoWS Stats & Numbers' comments that 'Next Level' is 'Average' than mistakes were made Played my first battleship Saturday night - the Kawachi!!! Uh... I guess the best thing about it is it's very relaxed play style. Found the 'W' key at least.
  13. Thanks for the answers folks. Trying to learn here... And, to get an 'Angry' emote just makes me sad. Sad, very sad...
  14. I'm a NewB with barely 100 real games under my belt, so take this question with a grain of salt... If there are so many DDs running around in Ranked, why not get in a CV and wreck them? I mean, from what I have seen there are very few BBs and only a few Cruisers. DDs are played because they can flex a large battlespace. Cruisers are played as fast Battleships that can maneuver a bit - but you might have two cruisers and five destroyers in a Ranked game. Wouldn't a single carrier kinda lock some of the DDs in place - ie. put the kibosh on their mobility and turn them into targets of opportunity?
  15. Boghie

    passive teams

    Well, I'm a Noob in WoWS - but have about the same number of games in WoT that you have in WoWS... My guess is that the patterns of gameplay are somewhat similar... As you move up the tier ladder the warships become more effective, they camo better, the captains are better, and their weapons are better - more dangerous and more accurate. And, don't forget that the players are better. If you take the same lane to a Tier VIII skirmish that you take to a Tier V skirmish you will get spotted and you will get dead. So, the lane of advance is more 'conservative' even for those who are more aggressive. Many times you might - on a quick look - see some 'slug' slummin' the back row doing nothing. Sometimes that is a VERY GOOD player flexing to the other side of the map. Other times, not so much. Good players will use hard cover (islands) and soft cover (smoke) to 'go dark' before relocating to take an advantaged shot. Bad players in the same situation do not keep their guns hot. Bad players will hump an island to stay alive, run the red line to avoid a clash, and fire unaimed rounds kinda defensively. Good players will try to remain unspotted when they cannot fire, will flex to where needed, and will shoot to kill. Sometimes a good player looks like some Tomato floating around in the bowl - but a minute later changes the game. You might not see it. I embarrassed myself in a tank game by calling out a Bluenicum for passive play. All he said in chat was "Watch the replay", "Watch the replay", etc.. I did. Dude flexed the map, controlled what he could control, and took guns out of the game. We did not win - but, it was not because of him. Now I just play my slightly better than Tomato game and move on. Good players are not passive. You cannot have a high WR and have a high Wn8 and be passive.