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  1. Breeze200

    Fire and brimstone. Is this considered fun?

    Back in the day, there were 12 ships per match. On average 3 DD, 4 BB, 5 CA/CL. Fire chances from those ships was much the same. You had USN, KM, IJN and USSR. The names have changed, and we now have a few more high tier spammers, but what has changed really? Not much.
  2. Wrong. Its very simple. Get Closer.
  3. Breeze200

    How could WOW discourage camping?

    Take away the "S" position on the throttle.
  4. Breeze200

    What Creates this Result?

    Funny thing about stats, they only accumulate AFTER the events have taken place. Like averaging 80k damage in battle. Surviving battle 45% of the time. Averaging 1.5+ kpd. Winning 65% of the time. If I had better stats I'd be pretty proud of it too, but it would only be because I made the effort to git gud. I'm not fond of losing and getting my [edited]kicked, but when it happens i can take it like a good sport. As for the OP's post, its part of the game. The sooner you embrace it the sooner you can get back to having fun.
  5. Breeze200

    North Map tactics 101

    Subject near and dear to my heart. You can't over state the importance of controlling the west. It is much easier to keep the enemy at bay on the east side with an inferior force. The team that allows the 2-3 flank to be lost usually loses the match.
  6. Breeze200

    Moskva or Hindenburg?

    Hindy is a blast and a beast in Co-op. Its a no-brainer. Turtleback armor and torps are a deadly combination. Get close and profit. Leave the long range sniping to the women and children.
  7. Same as above, save for IFHE. I run and recommend Radio Location on USN DDs. Knowledge is power and getting out detected by IJN DDs forcing a smoke screen before you are in position is very likely without it. Plus, allows you to track down and kill flanking DDs. my 2¢
  8. Breeze200

    Exeter is awsome

  9. Breeze200

    Clean Up Your Act

    Such a simple solution, and soooo true. Make it so!
  10. Breeze200

    WTH is wrong with this

    Also, possibly damage saturation. You may have saturated the bow, and possibly the superstructure, and could barely strike the other areas. See this explanation of saturation mechanics.
  11. Breeze200

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    au contraire, mon frere. want to get WG's attention? hit them in the wallet.
  12. Breeze200

    Can we turn off mini-map ship names?

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-085-rogue-wave/#ui-changes on the premise this is not a troll post. you may have to use your noodle to sort it out from here, or your ctrl key. good luck
  13. judging by RoF, it is the guns of a Battleship and he's right on top of me. But I'm in a cruiser, there's no BB nearby and I hear my guns just fine. odd............
  14. Don't let the OP fool you, Mustang is a very capable MT Capt. Still, not sure what the complaint is other than it doesn't have a gimmick.
  15. Breeze200

    Massachusetts makes losing fun

    That is "balanced"? Power creep: its the new Balanced.