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  1. Potato vs ROTTEN Potato

    How about just pure potatoey goodness? Had a T8 match this morning was over 12-1 in less than 10 minutes. Sad. Was on the winning side, but did not find it fun or engaging.
  2. You should never, ever let logic or reason interfere with a good delusion. Boring
  3. Don't let him kid you, Kombat_WOMBAT really is the shiznitz. And, while WTR may not be directly correlated to skill, certain stats are, such as avg damage, win rate, kdr, survival, and here Kombat shines. Best of all, he's not arrogant, like some purples tend to be. There. I said it.
  4. During Ranked. KISS

    I started Friday and Saturday playing primarily in Cleveland, a bit of Fuso here and there. Had some good matches, some poor matches and fell in to the misery of the "grind". Saturday was so miserable I took Sunday off. I tried something different this morning because I was not satisfied with how many DD players performed, to the detriment of our team. I decided to do it myself in my Farragut, which happens to be one of my best ships. Normally I play for myself in Random, but Ranked calls for a very different mindset for a DD player. Much more so than for cruiser, battleship or CV player. A DD captain MUST be willing to forego big damage numbers and concentrate on smoking and spotting. While its a small sample size, both games in Farragut this morning were victories. What was most encouraging was that they were decisive, and my teammates seemed to appreciate knowing when and where they would have smoke, and my fellow DDs knowing they were free to cap and torp. While it may seem I write this just to 'toot my own horn', really its to illustrate that the biggest fault of Ranked play is that players do not adapt to the different play style demanded of them. Most still just care about their own damage and ribbons stats, and while you have to deal damage, how you go about it is WAY more important.
  5. edinburgh

    This. Not a turd, imho. Decide for yourself.
  6. I have yet to figure out how to escort the Liberty Ships in the Newport defense scenario. Any tips?
  7. Just played in my Sims

    Just for giggles I loaded up some of the new XP flags from the Bismarck missions along with standard XP flags and went a'sailing in my Sims. 25k+ captain XP in a single battle. Metric sheetload of standard XP and silver too. Sims is an XP machine.
  8. BB Drivers, listen up!

    This can't really apply in WOWs, as the big SHIPS cannot stop on a dime like a big TANK, and cannot pivot like a big TANK, and cannot virtually instantly reverse like a big TANK. So, not so much.
  9. BB Drivers, listen up!

    IRL, the big ship has the right of way. Same in game. Now, if BB runs into BB, take the blinders off. If you are guilty of driving into a BB with your cruiser or destroyer, apologize and move on. Work for you OP?
  10. I need help with the Cleveland.

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/42033-cleveland-citadels/ She is most vulnerable, in my experience, from the stern in her rear magazines.
  11. my 2¢ Any cruiser, well most cruisers, don't like being the center of attention. Therefore, stay on the edge of the battle. Its a LOT easier to keep from exposing your sides. IF you can do it without exposing those flanks, use all 4 turrets; otherwise just the front. Keep your bow pointed toward the battleships as much as possible. Use rear turrets if you must run, but stay shifty because the Cleve, and all your other US cruisers after her, have very soft hind quarters ripe for spanking. Sure, 12 (or 9) guns will do more damage than 6, but not from under the water. Finally, as another general Cruiser strategy, don't be in a hurry to get into a brawl early: plenty of time for that later in the match.
  12. Seriously, WG, Black was bad idea

    Having a spotter + Smoke is the same thing as stealth firing. Sorry, I don't see the smoke going away, or the Radar, or the spotting.