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  1. Yes, give it a try.
  2. H. It's in the current release.
  3. AgentNut

    Ships people are keen to see

    Still waiting on the Repulse, which was announced months ago....
  4. I stopped watching Soap Operas when I was a teenager...
  5. I have the complete KotS collection, so wouldn't the first Twitch mission drop today be for the New Perma Camo? Instead I received missions for more KotS containers....
  6. Do they have unique Voiceovers? I'm guessing no, in which case WG really needs to back off releasing all these generic commanders. Hell, we can't even get Pan-Asian commanders that speak their own language. Can anyone confirm?
  7. AgentNut

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

  8. AgentNut

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Any speculation to the other ships in the Lighthouse Auction? Belfast? Benham? Black...? Oh-My. Who can ID these ships?
  9. Yes, shouldn't be a problem. You'll have a chance to earn 11 containers during KotSXIII.
  10. I just have to say the KotS perma camo for the N. Carolina is friggen sweet.
  11. Making us choose between Chile OR Mexico, not cool. Why not both?
  12. AgentNut


    I have the same problem. But if you click the More About the Dockyard button in the top left, then the Esc. button will magically appear after that so you don't have to Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  13. Harugumo, or Friesland/Groningen. these can easily do 200 main battery hits in a game.
  14. I really like the Latin American Flags, (any flags in general are always a nice addition.)
  15. AgentNut

    On the Value of Trading Cards

    Yes, good point. I never got into card games. My only card collection is Garbage Pail Kids from the 1980's. They are pretty fun to look at sometimes.