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  1. Tim__2016

    Marceau opinions

    I have the ship and I think it is fun. It is a high skilled ship though I dont have the high skill. I tried pure gunboat 7.8 detection, but I found out I like it better with concealment with 7.0. I like to play the front line at times. With 7.8 just constantly out spotted by the the other dds. The torps are not the best as mentioned above.
  2. Tim__2016

    Major Personal Milestone

    grats ... once you get one the others come easier with each new 19 point captain.
  3. Tim__2016

    22 supercontainers and not one ship

    its free ill be happy
  4. Tim__2016

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    how much dubloons at the end for 19 and 20 I did not see the cost. I just saw it cost dubloons to finish it. If I wanted I could buy in the first 2 I think at least thats the way I read into it then I do not have to but the last 2? Thanks
  5. Tim__2016

    Karma and CV's players

    Karma in a way makes salty players happy. Karma has no effect for rewards or other parts of the game. Don't worry about it. Move on.
  6. Tim__2016

    Gift vid for the CV haters

    Because in randoms you have all kinds of people, just add them to your block list. I have a long block list and I do not play cv hardly at all. Some people are just toxic.
  7. Tim__2016

    Is there a IX Cruiser worth keeping?

    I forgot I have the Neptune. Neptune seems at times seems situational. Not played so much , but like it better than buffalo.
  8. Tim__2016

    Is there a IX Cruiser worth keeping?

    donskoi Saint Louis Drake Buffalo I did not care for dont have some of the others so no comment on them All matter of playstyle and what you enjoy, One man's junk is another's treasure
  9. use bombs instead of rockets. Won't they work?
  10. Tim__2016

    To Buy in or not

    Door number 3 lol
  11. Tim__2016

    So much for summer sale!

    50 for 9.99
  12. Ah comon I used a Alsace couple battles and put on the ramming flag. grand sport 1 battle rammed the Musashi (sunk the MUS) then low health got past the little island and dev struck the russian t9 bb 2 cits and then some. Its alot of brawling at times. Fletcher works good to.
  13. Tim__2016

    Bad winrate 40%

    There is plenty of videos on youtube. Sit down and watch a few. Go back towards lower tiers. Read that post above mine brewakeg. The first sentence. He is also right about coop. I forget who does it , but one of the cc's has a series of videos for learning. After you watch those watch someone elses videos because they may have different point of view or other tidbits of info. Then as thebigblue have fun.