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  1. Haneullim

    As a PR owner I find something wrong with the ship.

    I thought it has 2.2 sigma? Maybe its BB dispersion (Same as krons, a bit bigger) is the main issue. Neither can hit crapif RNG decides if its not the time to hit things
  2. Haneullim

    The music thread

    Its really good, give it a go.
  3. Haneullim

    Izumo — Japanese Tier IX battleship.

    Hilariously enough, I've had the best game of my WoWs career in a stock Izumo. 6 kills. 205k Damage. Confederate, High Caliber, Close Quarters Expert, Kraken Unleashed. Of course, It was done during 0.8.0, where it isn't as trash as it was. At least the 410mm rifles hit hard, the turrets turn very quickly (for a BB that is), and the shell velocity is just superb. The 3rd turret is always an issue though. Need to show quite a bit of broadside to even use it.
  4. Haneullim

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Holy jesus is the Kronshtadt fun. Powerful guns, good armor (bow and stern gets overmatched by every BB at the tier though), and decently fast and with CE and Concealment Mod, low detection so you can blap a cruiser or BB showing broadside. It also prints tons of money for me. Never had this much fun since i got the Scharnhorst.
  5. Haneullim

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    I'll be getting the Kronshtadt later today (Mainly because i finally decided to buy doubloons, and because me endlessly playing the Scharnhorst while bumming around in the Aigle and Giulio Cesare built up enough exp to be converted). Lets see how poorly it will go for me. It'll always end in flames, because I'm pretty average. My stats may lie, but that can be contributed towards bad teams and the fact Scharnhorst does not solo-carry when HE spammed.
  6. Haneullim

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Some explosive strategic gameplay.