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  1. TITAN_1020

    CV vs DD balance

    Totally agree . CV has been a mistake . Players that have trouble with the skills of ship to ship fighting get rewarded for acting like cowards and picking off ships engaged in combat with each other. The graphics are silly. They prolong games that are already over .They are frankly anti-competitive .
  2. My Monty shot down 78 Midway planes today in one game. There wasnt a bit of talent on my end to achieve that. That is a big reason why CVs hurt the game .Its one of many reasons the CV should be kicked out of the game.
  3. There is no way to fix CVs in this game. They are inherently unfair in that they are not susceptible to harm until late in the game and can inflict damage, picking off ships engaged with other ships like little voyeurs.The Graphics of CVs with litlle red and green dots running around are idiotic and hurt the overall look of the game.. People get credit for AA kills which are done by the server not by any form of talent. The CV in WWII made surface ships obsolete .In this game they are a stupid idea and anyone with an ounce of integrity would refuse to play one. There are a load of ships with radar now and many rapid firing CAs and dds have been added to help control dds. CVs are not necessary in that regard. They needlessly prolong games while they hide at the corner of maps and then run like scalded dogs. Often they take the fun out of an otherwise great game.
  4. TITAN_1020

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    CVs are disliked by the majority of WOW players for one simple reason. They are allowed to create damage without being vulnerable themselves. Sure DDs can attack in stealth but their is radar and spotter planes to counter them and they are fairly easily destroyed. Nothing more infuriating when you are locked in combat with another ship and some puke in A CV sitting comfortably at the edge of a map picks you off. The complaining wont go away till they are scrapped . The game is so much more fun without them. As for subs I just dont see it working in the current game and maps. Its cluttered enough already and if they make it too tough to stay alive people will quit the game.
  5. TITAN_1020

    Reset My DD line and keep getting CV games

    ANother CV sycophant speaks. Most players dont want CVs .They pick you off when you are fighting ship to ship while they are not vulnerable to sinking. They are coward voyeurs who have no shooting skill. Thats why they nerfed their torps because players complained rightfully so.The game is much better without them. Radar is a good counter to DDs -its enough. As for subs -word of advice to WOW -don't ever put them in the main maps. The threat to surface ships is plenty enough now. People don't want to play a game where they die early and often. It might be fun in a separate type of battle -but not in the game as it stands. As for those getting bored with the game -not understandable. Many ships to play -all teams are different and many maps and tiers to play.
  6. Most don't want CVs .They are parasites who sit back and prey on ships out of harms way while they fight other ships.Without the nerfing many players would have left the game . So live with it CV nerds or or play a ship where you have to use a lot more targeting skill and maneuvering to earn points. Frankly I would banish CVs to their own maps and let subs wreak havok on them.
  7. Upon purchasing the Vasquelin and Fantastique the missions to earn Republic Tokens vanishes for those ships. They are still there for the other French DDs I have not earned. I did that yesterday and am fuming mad over it. Its one of the reasons i bought them. WOW is on thin ice with me right now.
  8. TITAN_1020

    Reset a line.. my initial impressions

    Clearly you lack the capability of understanding what the reset thing is all about. If someone is enjoying grinding again ,having frittered away the work and expense of progressing up a line in a reset then they need some therapy. Its about greed and its a flip of the finger to WG's longtime players. Its like selling someone 3 porsches and 2 years later asking them to trade them all in for a Prius.If Its about profit .They have made a good game ,but they are finding ways to ruin it.
  9. TITAN_1020

    Reset a line.. my initial impressions

    Any one that falls for this reset deal needs therapy. Its a ripoff from day one. If you want to play ships from earlier in a line that you sold then just buy them back with credits. What WG is telling you is that all the work and expense you did to achieve a T10 ship should be sacrificed because they are running out of new ships to sell . CVs have been bad enough and now they will truly wreck gameplay by bringing in subs. What fun is it to get damaged or killed early and often? Subs if the game is true to life should be virtually undetectable .Its going to be a joke or totally fabricated ,silly and unrealistic just like CVs are...
  10. TITAN_1020

    5 Regrinds???

    It takes a lot of gall to even think people would give up several lines of ships for one ship. Its like asking your customers to wear a sign on their back saying "kick me".
  11. This whole business is outright insulting. Resetting is an outright ripoff. Its like a car dealer saying give me back the car and buy it again and I will give you free floor mats and dice for the dashboard. When you start to alienate your customers due to greed you lose your whole business. CVs are bad enough they totally blew that and now submarines? To me the only benefit of subs is they might be able to hunt CVs easier. But given their max speed its probably too slow to do that in a timely matter. They are getting to a point where they are sabotaging game play just to sell new ships .
  12. TITAN_1020

    I have one very good suggestion for wargaming.

    Smolensk is like a Worcester with more gun range,smoke and torpedoes. It may please the developers to give unnatural advantages to Russian ships but not the majority of players around the world. Its a joke. So is the HP on the Kremlin.
  13. TITAN_1020

    Two CV per side in T10 is OP

    I am close to quitting this game over the CV mess. CVs sit on the perimeter can totally change and destroy the whole game and are not at risk till the very end of the game where the run and hide needlessly prolonging a battle that has been decided. Its infuriating to be in a real competitive shoot out with other ships only to have some puke playing CV take you out like a voyeur shooting in someone's window. WOW thinks they Fixed CVs . They made it worse and by making it easy to buy T8 CVs and shove them in T10 games often with a T10 CV. Those games are mockery .They are pointless . Either get rid of CVs altogether or have 2 random battle choices one with CVs in them one without. Those that seem to want CVS can get 3 or 4 CVs on a side to contend with then . Lets see how they like it then. They are clearly afraid to poll their members about CVs . I will guarantee the majority of players are happier without them.
  14. TITAN_1020

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    Spot on assessment. CVs give WOW another class to sell and create lots of damage.So on the short term they make more money.On the long term they will be the death of the game and that would be a shame.
  15. TITAN_1020

    Proof CV rework is here to stay..

    No it won't stop . Not until they either eliminate CVS or make them much more easily spotted and keep them to one per side. You dont speak for me or the majority of players either.If you dont like the loyal opposition then get off the forum.