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  1. Thanks for the amazing work! Love the new Chung Mu's art!
  2. Thanks for being so responsive!
  3. Thanks for the images! I am 100% sure it's a kimono. More specifically, it's furisode + hakama. Hanbok does not have large sleeves and the knot is on the chest instead of at the waist.
  4. Hi garfield001 and Blorgh2017! Thanks for the great work! Just a couple of minor issues. I downloaded the AL 2.0 Preview and Essex and Colorado are still old images. Could you change them to Azur Lane illustrations for the next patch? Also, regarding Chungmu's preview, right now it is a girl wearing a kimono which is a Japanese traditional clothing. I suggest using illustrations for K2 or K5's hanbok skins from Girls Frontline. Still, great job with the patch! Love your mods!
  5. Welcome back! I was getting worried when the last thread disappeared!
  6. hamachi76

    Hood AA after CV rework?

    Now that planes always passes over the ship with every attack run, if Hood's AA system remains the same, the planes will get annihilated with a single pass with DFAA active.