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  1. Roswell_UDSO

    Lag in game

    Persistent lag this afternoon (CST). I tried several DNS providers/servers but no improvement. There was no lag this morning.
  2. Roswell_UDSO

    Is Katori any good?

    The Katori is one of my favorite ships. Given captain skills to speed up the torpedoes and shorten their reload time it can handle BBs in the tier with ease. Its guns are accurate and have enough range to burn down many threats before they can close in. It does take practice and it does need a speed flag just to get out of its own way.
  3. Roswell_UDSO

    Bots are cheating

  4. Roswell_UDSO

    I just passed 30,000 battles

    “Playing is life. Anything before and after is just waiting.” (Steve McQueen.) ……or maybe that was Racing…….oops….Nevermind.
  5. Roswell_UDSO

    I just passed 30,000 battles

  6. Roswell_UDSO

    How do bots choose targets?

    If the bots are ganging up on you it is because I am not in the game.
  7. Roswell_UDSO

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    Murmansk at 4,030 games for cruisers, and Tirpitz at 1,413 games for BB.
  8. Roswell_UDSO

    WarGaming ditch this Cross Server CRAP NOW

    Stopped playing early tonight-too much lag.
  9. Roswell_UDSO

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Lost results of 3 battles. Diconnected/reconnected - seems to be working now.