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  1. TexasViking1955

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round One

    Several things noted as I played on the PTS tonight The bots can navigate narrow straights without running aground... saw it done quite well on several dfferent maps and different Tiers. Seems that the bot autopilot is working much better than on the NA live server. Congrats! Autumn Season did NOT conform to the public announcement on the website. I had a very nice 170K game playing Kaga. But the in PTS version doesn't give the incentive for playing CV, only killing them. FIX IT please, or correct the public announcement on the News. Completed all tasks in all Directives... but I cannot access the Armory to see what I can potentially purchase with the Italian tokens. This was 9 hours after the testing started. The Italian port is boring as heck. At least add an Italian cruise ship or some gondolas... or an erupting volcano in the background... Italy is known for its cruise ships, gondolas, and volcanoes. PLEASE.add something imaginative.
  2. TexasViking1955

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    CV AutoPilot... Seems to work better in the PTS Part 2... but the ship speed will only go FULL. You cannot go any other speed but FULL when CV autopilot is selected. This means if you are trying to set a course between islands, you will beach yourself using autopilot. Full speed is a BAD choice for default, when you cannot change the default.
  3. TexasViking1955

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    PTS Match-Maker does not provide a mirror match in Co-op matches. Out of 60 matches that I played as a CV in PTS Co-op, there were zero bot CVs, including three occasions where there were two human CV players with zero bot CVs. Implementation of this MM in will alienate an entire community that play almost exclusively PVE matches on the NA Live Server.
  4. TexasViking1955

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    This is suppose to be World of Warships... not World of Warplanes in a naval setting. Relying on the autopilot to avoid incoming torps and nearby islands is NOT working. The ship frequently goes in reverse and still manages to run aground or collide with ally ships. Just like bot ships, the autopilot activates damage control upon the first fire or flooding, making the ship extremely vulnerable to the next incoming salvo. If you implement this on CV, then you MUST implement this on ALL ship classes uniformly. Attack squadrons need to attack as a squadron, not 2 or 3 planes out of a squadron. If we have a 6 plane squadron, all six planes need to attack together. The analogy is a BB player can only fire one turret at a time, and they cannot fire another turret until the shells either hit the target or the water. This is ludicrous. I would prefer having total control of my CV and rely on bot planes piloted by bot ensigns to attack the targets that I designated from C&C. No commander would allow a bot ensign to command of his ship... he wold be court marshaled immediately, if he did. Please reconsider implementation of the CV re-work in in January.... or delay for another 6 months until you have fixed the huge disparity you are introducing among ship classes.
  5. TexasViking1955

    Battle of Jutland Event Fri Nov 30th

    Any thoughts of recording the Battle for Youtube?
  6. TexasViking1955

    Battle of Jutland Event Fri Nov 30th

    12 boat limit per side is the main constraint in the training room, isn't it?
  7. TexasViking1955

    Battle of Jutland Event Fri Nov 30th

    I'll be online in a German/Japanese ship, Sir!... if needed. Awesome concept
  8. Awesome concept. Would love to watch if not participate. Planning on streaming this?

    Good luck with this endeavor!   o7


  9. TexasViking1955

    Damage to Radar and Hydro Acoustic Search

    Maybe it is time to re-examine the damage rule on all comsumables... instead of just being nay-sayers. Of all the consumables, the radar antenna is the most vulnerable on the ship... even on a battleship.
  10. We all know that main batteries, secondaries, anti aircraft, engines, and steering can be damaged and incapacitated by exploding shells, bombs, and torpedoes. If the damage is severe enough, the main batteries, secondaries, and anti aircraft can be destroyed for the remainder of the game. However, neither radar nor hydro-acoustic search appear vulnerable to any damage... with the exception of the ship being sunk. I propose that radar, specifically the radar antenna mounted on the ship superstructure, be vulnerable to both damage and destruction. The antenna is located in a highly exposed location, and are actually quite vulnerable. A direct hit by any AP or HE shells/bombs would destroy the antenna, which would require return to port to replace the system. A near miss by HE shells/bombs would damage the antenna for a period of time. A prolonged fire near the antenna or repeated fires near the antenna would destroy the system. Similarly, I propose that the hydro-acoustic system, specifically the listening device mounted beneath the ship's hull, could be damaged or destroyed by a torpedo hit. A direct hit by a shallow-water torpedo or a near by hit by a deep-water torpedo should destroy the device. The further away the torpedo strike, the less the damage to the hydro-acoustic system. I believe damage to both radar and hydro-acoustic system could easily be determined using the current RNG system. I would appreciate the thoughts and advice of my peers.
  11. TexasViking1955

    Clan Battles EU Crossover

    Same here... I started a trouble ticket, as if that will solve anything.
  12. TexasViking1955

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    M'Lord Pigeon Why can't radar (especially the radar antenna) be incapacitated or destroyed. We all know that main batteries, secondary batteries, AA guns, engines, and rudder can be incapacitated by artillery hits and bombs. Many of these are even well armored, and can also be destroyed for the remainder of the game. The radar antennae are unarmored, fully exposed, and in very vulnerable locations. This seems like a reasonable expectation if (1) the antenna has a direct hit be AP shells/bombs, (2) the superstructure is hit by multiple HE shells/bombs, or (3) a superstructure fire near the antenna lasts more than 60sec. It should not be that difficult for RNG to make the calculation/prediction. Thank you for listening, sire
  13. M'Lord

    I see that you CLOSED the Clan Battles thread to further discussion, even though the WoW portal still links to the Forum thread.. 

    Any word on the Clan Battle schedule for today? I saw one posting on the EU Forum that they still could not join an SEA Clan Battle. Nothing has yet been posted on Reddit.


    Thank you for all that you do!

    1. TexasViking1955
    2. TexasViking1955


      Look like Crysantos (the EU Moderator) has told the EU Clans to stand down today.


      Hey guys,

      I forwarded your problems but for today we won't be able to fix this - we'll see tomorrow what kind of issue you ran into. Please provide me with WGChecks in a PM and I will make sure our Devs are going to look into this. Sorry for this, our tests ran without issues before :(


      Greetings, Crysantos


  14. M'Lord Gneise Two things regarding the Clan Battle Test. I believe EU Daylight Savings Time ended in TODAY. It doesn't end in NA until "next" weekend. Not sure when it ends in SEA. Please adjust the "prime time" to correspond. Have they resolved the problem for tomorrow's CB test? Do we need to have people online or not? Thank you, Sire
  15. I see that the News header says Clan Battles are now scheduled Oct 25 (Thursday), Oct 27 (Saturday), and Oct 29 (Sunday). Have they discovered and resolved the software/server problems? We are waiting with bated breath (or is the baited breath?). NEVER MIND... you answered.