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  1. Captain Skills for IJN BBs

    What captain skills should I take on the IJN BB line? I haven't played the much since the captain skills rework, and I was wondering what skills to take on a captain that I'm going to be taking up the line. Right now, I'm currently at Kongo T1: Priority Target or Preventative Maintenance (Leaning towards Priority Target) T2: Expert Marksman T3: Superintendant or Basics of Survivability (Leaning towards Superintendent) T4: Concealment Expert or Fire Prevention (Leaning towards Concealment Expert) I like Priority Target since it gives me extra information, but I don't know if it's super useful (Since I've been playing a lot of cruisers lately, I've gotten really used to having that extra information). Tier 2 is super obvious, and Tier 3, since I don't use premium consumables (Since I don't have a premium account, so using them would make a pretty big dent on my money-making capabilities), I would like to grab superintendent, but I don't know if that extra heal is super important versus minus fire damage. For Tier 4, I'm not too sure whether Concealment Expert or Fire Prevention is better. I like having some stealth, so I'm leaning towards CE, as it allows me to reposition and escape easier, but with BBs' high detection ranges, I don't know if it's worth it versus Fire Prevention For upgrades, I was thinking: Slot 1: Main Battery Mod 1 Slot 2: Aiming Systems Mod 1 or AA Guns Mod (Leaning towards Aiming Systems Mod 1 since I hate RNG Dispersion on the Kongo, but her AA also sucks) Slot 3: Damage Control Mod 1 Any input is greatly appreciated
  2. Captain Skills on IJN DDs

    I haven't played too much of IJN DDs since the captain skills patch, so I was wondering what skills I should take on a 10-point captain on the main line of the IJN DDs. This is what I was thinking: T1: Priority Target or Preventative Maintenance (Leaning towards Preventative Maintenance) T2: Last Stand (Duh) T3: Survivability Expert or Superintendent (I'm really not sure about this one) T4: Concealment Expert (Is RPF really necessary at low(er)/mid tiers? (Tiers 5-7) The one I'm the most hung up on is T3. I usually don't use premium consumables, so Superintendent would be super useful with an extra smoke and speed boost spood beest. However, I'm not sure how necessary Survivability Expert is at the T5-7 range, so I would like to know if Superintendent isn't really worth it, and I would be much better off just using premium consumables anyway (I don't have premium account for the money making, so that's why I'm so hesitant on using them). Any input is greatly appreciated :) o7 Note: I'm going to be using this captain on the Mutsuki
  3. Niice. What did you sacrifice to RNGesus to get such luck? I would really like to know
  4. What would be the optimal captain configuration for the Operation Dynamo Scenario? Since they already have you specced with Priority Target, Last Stand, BFT, and AFT, there aren't that many super useful skills left. I was thinking of getting Superintendent, Survivability Expert, Adrenaline Rush, and Preventative Maintenance. Is there a more optimal build for the scenario? Any input is greatly appreciated :)
  5. Main Line or Sub-Line on IJN DDs?

    I'm up to Kongo on the IJN BB line and Aoba on the IJN CA line. I just want a change of pace from the HE spam of the IJN CA line and the pray to RNGesus of BBs
  6. I have enough XP on the Isokaze at T4 to either get the Minekaze or Mutsuki at T5. I was wondering which line I should go down. I had wanted to go down the sub-line just to experience the joy of Shiratsuyu, However, with the recent nerfs, I was wondering if having to put up with Hatsuharu is worth it. Minekaze seems stronger than Mutsuki, since Mutuski only has TWO gun turrets (RIP any chances to win a gunfight). However, Fubuki seems better than Hatsuharu, and I would much rather play Kagero than Akizuki. What are you guys' opinions on which line I should pick?
  7. CV Population in Ranked

    I haven't had the opportunity to play ranked yet, but I was wondering on how large the carrier population is currently in ranked to decide on whether or not to use Defensive AA or Hydro on my Aoba. Is it big enough to warrant the use of Defensive AA or is it minuscule enough to the point where Hydro is a better pick?
  8. T5...

    I had a little bit of trouble with the Furutaka when I first started, but now I really love her. Try to stick relatively close to your team so that they can help soak up damage while you try to support them from the back. NEVER, EVER charge into the enemy team if the rest of your team isn't doing so either. You're sure to get deleted. The range for her guns are a bit lackluster when playing against T7s though. I remember playing on Two Brothers when I first got the ship and not doing much for the entire game because my entire team was staying in the back and shooting from range. We lost those games REAL quick. On a side note, use your torpedoes when you're in range, but don't specifically use them unless you are planning on turning around and running away, since you're just going to be giving some big broadside to BBs. Use the Furutaka's ability to kite as well. She's great at kiting battleships and is a great fire starter, so once they start chasing you, just wiggle that rudder and keep on shooting them until they burn down. :)
  9. Hosho Captain Skills

    I'm planning on using this captain on through all of the IJN CV line, so this kind of applies to all IJN CVs
  10. Hosho Captain Skills

    I 've had the Hosho for quite some time, but haven't played it since the captain skills rework. I was wondering on what skills to take on her with a 10 point captain. Here's what I've been thinking: T1: Aircraft Servicing Expert or Dogfighting Expert (Leaning towards ASE) T2: Torpedo Acceleration T3: Torpedo Armament Expertise T4: Air Supremacy Any input is greatly appreciated
  11. Kongo Captain Skills

    I 've had the Kongo for quite some time, but haven't played it since the captain skills rework. I was wondering on what skills to take on her with a 10 point captain. Here's what I've been thinking: T1: Preventative Maintenance or Direction Center (Leaning towards Preventative Maintenance) T2: Expert Marksman T3: Superintendant or Basics of Survivability (Leaning towards Superintendent) T4: Concealment Expert or Fire Prevention (Leaning towards Concealment Expert) Any input is greatly appreciated
  12. I just loaded in the new update (Haven't had time to play this game for 2-3 weeks), and was wondering what captain skills to take for my first 10 points on both ships. On Kongo, I was thinking: T1: Preventive Maintenance T2: Expert Marksman T3: Basics of Survivability/Superintendent (Leaning towards Basics of Survivability) T4: Fire Prevention or Concealment Expert (Leaning towards Concealment Expert) On Furutaka, I was thinking: T1: Priority Target or Direction Center (This one is the one I'm really tied up on. Since a lot of the YouTubers (Especially Flamu) have emphasized on the OPness of Direction Center, I was thinking of taking it, but personally, I find Priority Target much more useful in not being Alt+F4ed off of the map) T2: Expert Marksman T3: Demolition Expert T4: Concealment Expert Any input is much appreciated
  13. I really love this game. The attention to detail is amazing, and the general gameplay is quite unique and interesting. However, I've recently been suffering really bad lag (Worst than usual lag for me, which is quite a lot). I've actually been going to 0 FPS sometimes in the middle of battle, not to mention the fact that I now load in around 2-3 minutes late, and sometimes suffer 1-2 disconnects after I load in. (This has been happening for the past 1-2 month). It was bearable at first, but the combination of the three is really driving me insane. I'm not saying that this is WoWs's fault, it's probably a combination of my crappy internet and the potato laptop that I'm running this game on, but this is making me lose interest in this game very quickly, which is something that I really don't want to happen, but when you can't play the game properly 4/5 times, it's super frustrating and rage-inducing. Not to mention, I probably have dragged down my teams by doing this. Any help on fixing this problem would be VERY VERY greatly appreciated . (Sorry for the image links) Here are my specs: My computer while running this game: