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  1. Jungol

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    Have to say once i got the the apparently essential Plotting Room module 2 and adjusted my play and aiming a little its a much better experience... Plus i'm more motivated to play once I visited her sister
  2. thanks a lot man... ...there they were
  3. Ran WarGamming Game Center integrity check, used Aslains WOWs to enable even after never having to, game other wise performs the same...opened preferences.XML file ,,so no mention of replays in any line ...need some other suggestions...reinstall maybe?
  4. Jungol

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    Ok ..fair enough
  5. Jungol

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    yes it is stock, and without the plotting room 2 mod...so i think we have found some of the problems .... I play in high tiers some ..mostly in dd's
  6. Jungol

    Anybody wanna buy an Iowa?

    joke memes....awesome dude ...
  7. I've had it 2 days and I'm already regretting not getting the Yugumo.. I researched enough to expect the very piggish turn rate..but what I can't fathom is how it seems to be LESS accurate for me than the NC. I figure if i'm gonna get deleted by Kremlins I should at least be able to hit them back.. CV Rework has forced to make a bad decision; any helpful advice would be appreciated
  8. Lame as hell take ...even after adapting to this stupid lame CV Rocket fighter meta, non support makes game not fun for dd's anymore...sheesh
  9. man complete total [edited] here...have you actually read anything on the first 2 pages of this thread, this kind of thinking is why the game is in the state it is. anyway..the biggest reason I'm leaving this game again is because of the ongoing total downgrade of gameplay...even in ranked. The rework has seemed to dumb the game down in whole, and that means now with even rock defying radar and hunter killer Fighters with air to surface rockets, it is even harder to play DD because people refuse to step up and support anyone willing to push. Seems like especially after the Soviet BB line introduction, all of the ships are just willing to sit back and become island hugging artillery that lets the forward dd's get focused and die. I knew after the rework this game was heading to WOT territory where Premium OP Heavies, easier aiming arty, and overwhelming numbers of hidden giant gun td's make every game a nofun stand-off range stalemate....and it is currently happening to WOS. Win or lose ..the vast majority of games are blowouts now, because usually only one team will make an organized effective offensive push. Even in a decent damage DD game, it is totally disheartening to 100+ K damage and down 5 ships with a couple of full strength BB's in a corner somewhere..just not any fun playing a wargame when everyone is terrified of taking imaginary damage...
  10. Jungol

    Why Kremlin and Smolensk exist

    hahahah heeeheeeheee hoo hoo hooo. Sooo.....you're surprised a Russian based company has Russian ships as top dogs in their game??.. This is third Russian company's set of games I've played, and while for a minute this game was one of the most balanced I've ever seen........Man ....that train is ALWAYS coming
  11. WOW...thanks for all the sensible thought out replies everyone...much better than I expected or have been subjected to in the past.. I've been playing this game for a little over 3 years now...and I can tell you that as I have slowly climbed through the tiers that there used to be better gameplay in tier 5 and 6 years ago than I see in tier 9 ranked lately. And it really seemed to get really really bad since the rework, though as much as I hate the change of CV play, I'm unsure to how or why it has affected all gameplay so much, but it must have DEFINITLEY had an effect. I know for a fact there were not as many 12 to 3 games so consistently as there are now. And I'm on both sides of these wallops..with entire teams doing the most stupid things ..like leaving entire flanks open or refusing to to move from a standoff position to physically support pushes. It's almost like WOT is infecting this game with what it has devolved to.. I used to consider this game vastly superior to WOT because most people seemed to understand that coordinated pushes are far more effective than defensive hiding. And I found it challenging and rewarding even in losses with good competitive matches. But now its almost unbearable, I left the game for 2 months for MK11 and only returned for ranked, and was surprised to see how bad some of the gameplay at even tier 9 was: ..it's like i have more fun coming up the new Russian BB line at tiers 3 and 4 than at tier 7 these days. I guessing I will either have to join a clan to get involved in competitive play, or return to flight sims..thanks for your responses...
  12. I interested to hear opinions. I myself am thinking Steam addition and the Rework....but it has gotten really really bad. This latest season of tier 6 ranked is awful, and overall in all tiers quality of play seems to have deteriorated drastically. Like tier 4 play in tier 8 drastic. Just my opinion; if u are just gonna come with "git gud"...just go to another thread please
  13. Jungol


    the problem with this statement here is....this game BEGAN as a naval gunnery based game..which was way more balanced than WOT in terms of premium ships and different tiers...no matter what u play in this game if u play smart u can contribute to the battle decently. In actual naval warfare history..CV's ended the gunboats significance in anything other than shore bombardment. While Subs for the most part were only threats to transports and support vessels. Nobody came here to play silly [edited]arcade planes and gimmick ships..thats why the tier begin at WWI era ships dude. They might as well ATGM's to WOT if they want to play modern Wargaming is determined to ruin this game like WOT
  14. Jungol

    Why does the MM hate my Kitakaze?

    I have the same kind of luck in my Atlanta....really bad teams most of the time despite loving to play this ship. For me this ship is most successful when backing smart aggressive teams..but i'll draw lame defensive or lemmings more often than not.. As far the Kiti is concerned...once i finished upgrading and started playing ranked...I kick [edited]in this thing...it's becoming my favorite ship... Maybe u should try more ranked games....thats probably where the better players are playing these days
  15. Jungol

    CV's getting it Again

    you know this game is turning into a piece of crap when people want actual surface ships (destroyers) gone, so nobody will complain about arcade playing, magical regenerating airplanes that totally ruining the gameplay meta. Are u really that much of a fanboy of everything this company does to admit this [edited] rework is screwing up a once very good game. Of do you really believe the kaka you are saying?