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  1. Saint06

    PSA: New Bonus Code

    Worked thanks.
  2. Saint06

    New Code

    Thanks worked.
  3. Saint06

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    It's not a Hardware issue its the crappy goggle chromium browser that WG uses it triple loads at the start up and hangs your system.
  4. Saint06

    WG Please Make Ocean Great Again

    So now the bottom will have the 51.8% win rate !so no change at all.
  5. Saint06

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

    Thanks worked
  6. Saint06

    New Stream Code

    Thank you.
  7. Saint06

    Easter Eggs.. How many did you get??

    Still waiting myself but this is my total 600+ in the first stage of this screwed up mess of an event.
  8. Saint06

    PSA: Bonus Code

    Thanks still works.
  9. Wow and now they removed the Easter Egg Hunt page from in game!
  10. Would be nice if the in game web post said the prizes are awarded at the end of the stage!
  11. Saint06


    Would be nice if the stupid thing actually gave you the prizes. I'm at 415+ and still haven't got any prizes.
  12. Saint06

    PSA: Free Community Tokens

    Thanks worked.
  13. Saint06

    PSA: New Code

  14. Saint06

    PSA: New Code

    Thanks still works/