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  1. Saint06

    Italian BBs

    So 16 guns at 6k or less and you think that gives good results and means the guns are fine? well you do get a few lucky salvo's the t7 has the same guns and sigma and doesn't have the saturation to get hits.
  2. Saint06

    Curious thing with PVE MM

    I haven't seen any no 2 teams other then full human teams since the patch dropped and that's over 100 so far. and i play t7 to t10 that's 4 days straight of either 2 humans or 9 humans that is not normal WG screwed some thing up big time.
  3. well since patch 10.3 dropped there are only 2 team line ups allowed in CO OP you either get 9 human players or 2 human players nothing else is allowed to be made.
  4. Saint06

    Optimus prime

    Well i find the best ship for Optimus Prime is the crap new WW1 battle ships as he comes with the nice slow easy listening Music built in ,so you have the relaxing music as you wait for your guns to finally reload and watch as the target you just fired at dies before your rounds hit.
  5. Saint06

    Cristoforo "Sempre in fiamme" Colombo

    Wow OP names it in title and he cant under stand what ship the OP means!
  6. Until the cv spots them from the very start since WG didn't say it was ship spotting only that counted for it.
  7. Saint06

    Bonus Code from Naval Legends video...

    Thanks both worked.
  8. Out of sheer curiosity, how old are you? I've played a few matches with you over the years, you've done nothing but complained in every single game. So I'm just curious of your age to finish painting this picture.  

  9. Saint06

    Depressing Ships

    still not as bad as trying to get 20 citadels in the Marco Polo its a pure RNG ship!
  10. Hey he still has the last mission for 1 more container and its so easy. all he has to do is play the only mode it is possible to complete it in .
  11. Saint06

    PSA: New Codes

    thanks they all worked.
  12. Saint06

    Grease the Gears...with sand

    problem is that's what WG did since that used the wrong base! when what they should have used is the time not the base speed.
  13. Saint06

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Thanks they all worked.
  14. Saint06

    PSA: Opt in Mission and other rewards

    thanks went offence.