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  1. Saint06

    Dreadnought's missing item...what is it?

    Well I got her as a stand alone on Thursday.
  2. Saint06

    premium shop unupdated?

    it in the menu in game under purchase premium
  3. Saint06

    Can't buy Guineas with Karma Koin?

    And yet I bought mine with a visa vanilla card that isn't refundable.
  4. Saint06

    Royal Navy Event Hall of Fame

    No but you have to complete all 4 directives in a stage to enter the hall of fame for that week.
  5. Saint06

    50k Base XP for 2 Free BF Crates

    Well I bought 6 and have got 4 or 5 free ones and 0 ships.
  6. Can some one find out the total number of games played by t8 t9 t10 per week. The real problem with the MM is that t9 is the crap tier for ships and very few are played so when MM go's to fill a t10 match there are NO t9's to use so t8 fills in 90% of the time.
  7. It would at least get more tier 9 ships in the match maker/
  8. First they need to have people play tier 9 but with only 2 decent ships in the tier .As well as crap permenint camo that wont let you brake even unless you have a very decent match no chance this screwing around with the match maker is going to fix anything.
  9. Yup I did the same took 3 games to get the 7 stars. Then I went and got the 4 goal haul in co op 4 times . the Bismark sisters were very nice to me.
  10. Saint06

    ALMOSTTHERE is working

    Finally thanks
  11. Saint06

    Question On Halloween Camos

    Yes you can they are stored in your inventory.
  12. Saint06

    new bonus code

    still wont work for the ALMOSTTHERE code.
  13. Saint06

    new bonus code

    surprised me the code with the other worked for me.
  14. Saint06

    new bonus code

    well with the first code remove the comma might help.
  15. Saint06

    new bonus code

    are you logged in to you account?