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  1. Saint06

    CODE 6

  2. Saint06

    CODE 4

  3. Saint06


    thank you worked
  4. Saint06

    PSA codes

  5. fixed the problem tell people to just uninstall the NVIDA 445.75 driver to fix the prob!
  6. Saint06

    Critical Error

    If your running the 445.75 NVIDA driver uninstall it and then try running WoWS
  7. Saint06

    No longer able to play

    Well the worste advice from WG was make sure your video drive is up to date uninstalled the 445 nvide driver and fixed WoWs inability to use its rescores. thanks for the non WGC loader LadyJess
  8. Saint06

    No longer able to play

    redown loaded the crap WGC and its not my system its you program that wont use the data on the hard drive!
  9. Saint06

    No longer able to play

    Well started the computer this morn and WG updated with the news ,And broke the game even after I reinstalled and ran check will not load after 20 minutes ,Or just crashes or locks my entire system forcing manual reboot. PS anyone have a copy of the non WGC downloader that works please!
  10. Saint06

    The new port is GORGEOUS

    The new port is GORGEOUS, just wish it wasn't a resource hog since it's more then doubled the time it takes to load a different ship in port.
  11. Saint06

    Svenska Marinen : Final Blow. (Mission)

    And doesn't start till you complete five Sven marien missions .
  12. Saint06

    Twitch Stream Code

    Thanks can use it and pray for good token drop