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  1. For Science!

    Torturing pokemon? Nice story tanker, it looks interesting.
  2. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Oh yeah, I'm not getting anything right today lol. Literally every time I try to name something I screw up. I blame coffee.
  3. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Wait, this wasn't clickbait? Sweet mother Mary, akashi you are a genius, take my plus 1s take my money. Just get it done!
  4. Good grief I'm bad at reading sarcasm.
  5. I guess, but the point of that statement was that it's just a jerk move to try to report people just because they play a certain class.
  6. Really? I've literally never been chat banned in my CV.
  7. So, because I play the one class I feel comfortable in, I get reported? Guess I'll start reporting all CA players because I find CAs annoying.
  8. This is cancerous. Instead of reporting bad play, just complement the good players. Often a "bad" player is reacting to a situation you are not aware of. And the ones that are truly bad are not going to care. Remember that this is a game for people to have fun in. Everyone has the right to try this game, just because they don't meet your arbitrary skill limitation doesn't mean they should be unable to try to enjoy this wonderful game. Besides, reports are useless. Instead of reporting, very respectfully try to advise them, it usually works.
  9. Because I enjoy mental gymnastics, why else?
  10. Yes I do, I found it hilarious. But I’d be surprised if this was the same sort of thing. In any case, this April fools event looks like it will be massive and hilarious.
  11. That’s what I thought at first, but some of the CCs have released images of the models for the ships, and they have the dolphins rendered as well. It seems a bit elaborate for a “JK no dolphin Carriers for u” type of thing. I really enjoy this games events as well, even last year’s one (having russianbias as a commanders name nearly killed me) I’m just curious because Taiho is my go to for dealing with stress and I’m curious how it’ll go. Besides I wanted to hear people’s ideas on how WG will balance this.
  12. Don’t the dolphins have a 0 in AA rating? Plus 75% to zero is still zero, right?
  13. So I’m curious how this will work out, in the April fools event WG has laid out for us, we have two “remote torpedo launch platforms” as I like to call them. But it seems the only way they could interact is to kill each other, so how will this work? The dolphins move too slowly to kill the CVs, and unless the dolphin ships have DFAA they are a sitting duck for TBs. I’m curious to hear how all of you think WG will balance these two classes.
  14. Why can't I do more than one upvote? Q~Q Fine, I'll go upvote your previous posts.