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  1. I’m sad that I’ll have to ditch my Taino for a little while, but my ryujo is always still there. The high tier CA craze will be around for quite while, if the German BB craze taught us anything.
  2. Yes, this is common for all of the tier X ships, and to a lesser extent, the tier IX ships. Usually to make decent money with a CV, 180k+ is necessary.
  3. Thank you! I'm glad to see my downvote farming was of high quality. Simple, they already do it. In the way they did it, CVs counter a lack of teamplay. The RTS style makes it obvious to the CV how well teams are working together. The FTP atmosphere should be discouraged, and CVs are more then capable of doing that. The reason why people dislike CVs is because they are forced to play in a team based style by CVs.
  4. ... So because players are too retarded to cooperate with each other, we should give them the option not to? Would be fair, but since most people in game don't want to adapt to CV games, and hate to work together, a no CV button could potentially kill off CVs altogether. People have already pointed out that this is like a "no radar" button for DDs, radar counters DDs, CVs counter stupidity. That's what this comes down to.
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    Anime background character.
  6. Yes, but CVs force you to see in that manner. Unlike all of the other ships, it's blatantly obvious how the positions of ships effect your gameplay. The other ship types have to think quite a bit to figure it out, while with CVs it's very obvious.
  7. I think I see why CV players and surface players see this issue so differently. Correct me if I'm wrong, but surface payers see engagement as a one on one, with direct participation by both sides. CV players see the engagement as the groups and positioning of the players as being as important as how the players are individually doing. Countering CV involves playing as a group, unlike every other ship, which is fought in an individual matter. When seen like this, CVs must seem very unfair, since on a one vs one, CVs always win, while against a group of ships, CVs have the least impact out of all of the classes. This is why CVs can appear OP to surface players, and balanced to CV players. TL;DR Surface players are viewing the CV engagement as a one vs one, while CV players see the engagement as involving all of the players in the team. Leading to a vast difference in perspective.
  8. This is quality downvote farming right here. Make a thread out of it, it probably might end up better then this one.
  9. ... Might want to flag some of those posts so a mod can remove the extra ones. You do state my point better then I can lol. The issue isn't that CVs are absolutely broken, its that the playerbase does not try to counter them. There are plenty of easy tactical ways to counter a CV, it's not the CV's fault that teams don't take them.
  10. This looks borderline broken. I approve.
  11. I don't really care about AA spec, what I mean is the standard practice of grouping up to avoid AA attack. This is a well known counter and works very well. Just no one even tries. At all. Which means that CVs can run rampant because everyone plays in such a way that if they don't AA spec they are instantly targets. It's not AA spec that's the issue, it's the way the players are playing, which is what I've been saying throughout this thread, which everyone somehow seems to ignore.
  12. ... Ever seen good DD player winrates? It's insane. As to the first and second. That's because, as I have said countless times... THE PLAYER BASE DOES NOT TRY TO COUNTER CVS IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. Why is that so hard to understand? It doesn't matter what my strike power is if three co-ordinated ships can deny me completely. It doesn't matter if I can spot if a long range AA ship is keeping their DDs hidden. It doesn't matter if they're CV is potato if I can't hit targets. This is a team game, co-ordination should be possible, and it's very, very, very good against CVs.
  13. But look, with every other type, the enemy ship's spec is a very small change. When it comes to CVs it's literally the difference between a target that will cost me the rest of the game, and one that I can nuke in ten seconds. Isn't that random? That's fine in your opinion? Why not just make AA more powerful on a whole and remove the unpredictability, maybe keep manual AA and add more targeting options for AA. But the point is that the massive randomness in AA values is a huge turnoff for CV captains.