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    In port, staring at my taiho in despair
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  1. I do not know how to respond Mr. megadeux. Apologies for your frustrations with me. 多くの赦免

    Ōku no shamen.

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    2. bokyakuJun


      Just to let you know will be leaving Mockba at 1700hrs this evening for Yokosuka yeah 3 weeks to crunch the number and just be home. very nice for me. Russia would not let me go to next location due to mental history hush hush stuff I guess. Raw data will still come to me to be analyzed but it's their country  Like Russia tough fun place.  but will be home Thursday.


    3. megadeux


      There is a minor problem, Miki San, I don't see the option, I see three boxes, one that allows me to follow, one that takes me too your history and the last allows me to PM you. So, to put it succinctly, I don't know how, and am still sort of lost.

      Also, it's nice to hear that you enjoyed Russia, I'm headed to Australia myself fairly soon. I hope you have fun crunching numbers.

    4. bokyakuJun


      thank you my friend