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  1. You make my, sad life a little better every time you show caring for others. Mr. Megadeux. Thank you again. Saying here to keep you from being shamed. for kindness to me and community. 

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    2. bokyakuJun


      You give me way to much kindness. Mr. Megadeux. and your very kind words bring light to the dark world. No intent to disparage the male. But aggression is what makes men's world productive. It is very special being male. It is an immense duty, to act with honor and dignity. Males desere the respect required of us. I realize this is not taught very often. It was demanded where I was raised. I see no dishonor for me to see men as my betters. Some men deserve more respect than others. You Mr. Meradeux deserve more respect than most just for your kindness. But even men who have hurt me in my past, deserve respect. I know not what burdens they carried. Not my place to judge. You are a caring man your family is very propitious to have such kind and caring, father / husband. 


    3. megadeux


      Actually, currently I’m not married.

    4. bokyakuJun


      My apologies. for assumptions (always a poor choice). Then If you ever get married she will be a very fortunate woman. I will think of your kindness when I am sad sir thank you again. Megadeux-san