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  1. Mega would you like to join the BlueGhost clan. I had no intentions of ever fighting the clan, it was a way to memorialize, and secure the name BlueGhost USS Lexington CVA-16 , well when I did it dad who served on her was still alive and liked the game and the ships depicted , Well dad passed away and I thought I secured the name for him in his memory. I hated clans in WOT and seen how they started to ruin the knowledgeable and historical  game of fun . I swore to my buddy's I would never join a clan , I never said anything about starting one, lol . Well dad thought otherwise and said to me in a dream If you are doing this for me then form a clan and fight. We are in the midst of forming a laid back -casual clan , some guys work weird hours or are in different time zones . We are not going to be a blood thirsty clan and demean fellow players who are new to the game ,I would and will teach along with some average players the skills ,tricks ,and Naval warfare in a shortened version along with fellow members . We might  not have enough to fight in battle night and maybe miss some battles, but that right now is ok. Down the road a bit we may be a very viable clan ,  we are teaching and learning. Join if you want and be welcome, or not . No pressure , thank you Nightstalker357

    1. NightStalker357


       I see now you have now joined a clan , that's great , good luck in your endeavors.

    2. megadeux


      I love this idea! The clan I'm in is basically dead. I'll leave immediately and try to join ASAP.