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  1. (Really, generally the nose is above the mustache lol) Your sweater exudes frost, utterly useless, and obviously working as intended.
  2. Your business suit and tie tell me that's probably true.
  3. Well, you never can tell with the art style used. CAPTION: Frosty the liberal snowflake. (No offense to liberal snowflakes)
  4. I'm not sure that a +50% ammo reserve will be useful, at least in high tiers (9-10), as it stands, it will be 10 IJN fighters vs 14 USN fighters, which will already be hard. It looks like there are some reasonable suggestions on this thread, unlike the other USN CV thread.
  5. It's the Kagero's rangefinder. CAPTION: Guy with purple hair thinks he's all that, but he's not!!! Purple hair is for nerds!!
  6. I can confirm, it is a bridge. Original picture: Ms painted to make profile photo original(ish)
  7. I love destroyers, and constantly nuke them in my CV, I always feel a little bad after I successfully execute a manual drop and flat-out nuke them, it's not really fair for them, they have no chance. Also, AA build Clevelands, regardless of how good their AA is, my shoukaku rolls in, doesn't lose more than two planes, then deletes them.
  8. Is to pay all of those froobs to get off the road.
  9. Are you sure, Demon lives matter too you know! Who are to say that demons don't deserve the right to live!! Grrrr! Manufactured rage!!!
  10. Well, you're a murderer who crushes people's skulls, so that's arguably worse.(referring to profile picture.)
  11. I'm a Dapper Destroyer (DD) I do what I wish. (caption) the crazy stormtrooper who crushes peoples heads with JUST HIS HAND!!!
  12. Honestly, I don't think it's possible to fairly balance the two lines while the US still have 6-7 plane squadrons. This is probably as close as they can get to balance without screwing over IJN CVs.
  13. You forgot to mention that IJN DBs are extremely reliable.
  15. school is fun