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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    Faceless internet stranger.
  2. Convinced the Game is Rigged

    Most of my high tier IJN DDs have 60% Winrates, as well as my high tier CVs and my myoko. 60% is acheivable through moderately good play. There's no conspiracy.
  3. Warships gets its own anime?!

    In good time? Maybe we can pressure WG into doing it Kappa.
  4. Warships gets its own anime?!

    I cannot decipher this, I assume that is laughter. I humbly request fem, fara, and other nefarious CV players be in this anime.
  5. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Savage? I'm interested.
  6. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Tragic villain, after sacrificing so much for the base and never being appreciated, WG teams up with the CV mains and turns against the base. Edit, forgot to read all the way through the thread, this post wouldn't really work with how you made the first episode. Editing the edit, disregard the previous edit.
  7. WG, I Dare You.....

    NO IT'S NOT IT'S AWFUL! How can I win if I get a 25% WR super CV-BB, and they get a 75% WR super CV BB?
  8. Warships gets its own anime?!

    Don't forget WG and the CV mains as the main villains!
  9. WG, I Dare You.....

    Because squad micro + ship management would be too hard for the average player and create a skill gap.
  10. Minimap Shooting Mod

    This is not a cheat, this is simply a target beyond your acquisition range.
  11. I knew that was a specific ship, it's just that, comparatively, that is a tiny amount of players.
  12. I once caught a sync dropper in my CV, murdered him with no effort. It was pretty sad to see that for all of the time he spent playing CVs, but he still sucked at it because he didn't play fairly.
  13. Holy mother Mary... That graph for the CV looks hilarious. Are there really so few CV players? After checking my MM monitor most CV captains I run into in Taiho range from a 45% to 55% WR. I've never really seen a 35% CV captain, at least, only very rarely.
  14. No, by the fact of their winrate, they have the same impact on a match. A 35% Player in any ship loses 35% of the time, 65% of the time they can not be carried. Look, I'm still taking a risk, just in a separate manner from other ships. The pain of losing all of my planes is much worth than the feeling I get when I die. After I lose my planes I am forced to watch the game unfold, unable to really influence the outcome. Not only that, but I don't even have the hitpoints or armor, or stealth to cap, or spot, or anything. I just sit there, hoping to maybe ram. I have asked many players, by the way, as to how they feel about CVs, and it's mostly positive, as this poll here shows. It's just that the players like you are so vocal. Really? every match I don't have a CV in I am disappointed because they help deal with so many annoying things, and they provide valuable intel on the red teams positioning. I feel bad for the red team when I have a zao shooting HE at 16km, with nothing the reds can do at it, racking up obscene amounts of damage, and there's nothing they can do about it. I feel bad when a BB, 5 minutes into the match, gets deleted by my kagero's torpedoes, or when a DD is wiped by a friendly radar CA. Honestly, I don't feel like they do, in my CA I need to be focus fired to dissuade me from attacking, I can pretty handily kill any BB I come across, or DD, the only thing I fear is another CA. I'm not picking on CAs because I hate them, it's just the first example that came to mind when I thought cancer damage+ low risk. Really, the best thing I can compare CVs to are IJN DD or a high tier torp DD, both of which make sacrifices to be able to punish bad players, both randomly nuke ships, both have ridiculous reload and both are dead when detected. The difference is that it's obvious how to counter a torp DD. Less so a CV, which relies on you picking a good start position rather than WASD hacking. A lot of ships in-game can play the game, get rewarded, and barely sacrifice anything for that. Its just that with those ships they sacrifice health, and CVs sacrifice DPM. I get it, CVs are different, have different methods of counter, are foreign to play against, and look ridiculously OP, they have separate rewards for being countered, and appear to never take risks. However, they take the same risks as everyone else, just they have separate methods of risk. I play every ship type, and all of them feel just as risky as the other. I have never felt that my CV was more immune to punishment than my other types, or that they didn't earn their damage. (OK, I lied, sometimes I nuke a full health BB and feel like I didn't deserve that, but I have those moments in every type.) CVs are just different, and I can say that they positively contribute to the game after looking at this from every angle I could.
  15. 1: This is an issue, not with CVs, but their teams. When people see a 35% winrate CV they equate that with instant loss. That's idiocy, to put it mildly. In other terms, if my team has 35% WR DD on it, nothing I can do will help, right? Of course not. Let's look at it like this; let's say (generously) that 30-40% CV players comprise 1/4 of the population. So the only match that is "fair" is happens 1/16 of the time right? That should be the only time they win, resulting in a 6%ish WR. Well surprisingly, considering NA team play is awful, the team wins the "impossible" matchup 29% of the time. Despite the fact that most people proclaim that if they have an awful CV they will never win. And despite that the NA server is as good at fighting CVs as a group of sea slugs would be. As to overcoming a CA, DD, or BB, there's a reason bad players have abysmal winrates, and it's because, often, that the player cannot be overcome. 2: I take more risk than an IJN DD, or rearline CA takes. As to unethical, I wish to win, and to give my team the best chance at that. Therefore I remove the possibility of my team getting a bad CV by taking matters into my own hands. Not only that, but CVs, when well played, take risks by getting close to the enemy. I found the best way to win as a CV is to be within 15km of the enemy. I could snipe from the back, but, like every other class I lose damage and effectiveness by doing so. If you believe what I'm doing is unethical, then please look at high tier CAs. They are tanky as hell, have ridiculous range, and are the most annoying things I encounter in game. In every class I have, I value what a CV does for my team, and find the enemy CAs to be more annoying and hard to counter than a CV is. 3: Oh, you're this fellow. Fine, I also think IJN and Russian CAs are cancer damage, because they are annoying, hard to counter effectively, and deal massive damage. I think detonations, citadel's, floods, HE, and long range torps should be removed. They all do massive damage, are hard to mitigate, and shorten games. I'm allowed to toy with my Taiho's future food right? In all seriousness, I'm doing this because most of the player base is so fanatically anti CV that I'm worried WG will [Redacted] CVs over. All because players refuse to try the well known counters. Besides, it's a fun mental exercise.