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  1. Ducc_ducc

    CV disparity quality in game play

    Run an AA spec, relearn positioning. CVS require a totally different positioning mindset. AA is stronger then it looks for CV, and there's a lot a decent team can do to make up for a competent enemy CV.
  2. This has been the longest running and most compelling argument on the CV class balance for a very long time. CVS always start the game with a guarantee to survive into mid-late game, and are expected to conserve aircraft to leverage their power at that point. This used to be a key balancing feature during the time of RTS CV, where AA was much stronger, hangars were limited, and you could down 20 aircraft in one strafe. Now that guarantee looks much more questionable. CVS nearly always last to end game with a full hangar thanks to both a much less rapid burn rate (not all squadrons are out taking damage, and AA is more mild) and recharge mechanics. This results in the CV not needing to worry about the long game beyond not hitting flak and not doing the worst possible move, that crucial balancing aspect that made CVS truly hard is gone. If you wanted to try to fix this, you would want to slash regeneration, or bring back captain skills and modules with more significant impact on AA. Either that, or make the CV more early game focused by slashing plane count and upping alpha.
  3. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the mediocre ships to bait the forums.
  4. Perth is too weak to consider, completely different from Huanghe, and any comparisons between the two are automatically invalid. We do not mention that beast here, you'll trigger my PTSD.
  5. tldr nerf Huanghe. I can only imagine the power, this ship is screaming for a nerf now.
  6. Her own citadel is so massive that it gives her the power to hit the citadels of others, terrifying. See below
  7. It would be NTC 2.0, let's pray that weegee doesn't stoop so low.
  8. I've seen quite a few threads lately about the "overpowered nature" of Smolensk, CVs, and subs. These threads are not only patently untrue, as any glance at the spreadsheet would show, but hide the true and unfair nature of several premiums. Wargaming has been sneaking pay to win premiums into the game for years, and paid off CCs to call them weak and "underwhelming". These premiums include such monsters as Krasny Krym, Yuudachi, and most egregious of all, Huanghe. Although the overpowered nature of these ships should be self evident, Wargaming has refused to nerf the monstrous power of any of these, including Huanghe. In the case of Huanghe, we can already see several issues that make this ship far worse then Smolensk, and at tier 6 no less. For one, it has the crawling smoke, which renders it invisible for 90 seconds while at 1/4 speed. Wargaming should never have considered a gimmick like this, as Huanghe becomes nearly impossible to hit for the average player. All the while it can retreat to a safe space to burn down your team like the coward all Huanghe players are. Combined with its absurd stealth, a Huanghe can easily slip into a cap, kill all DDs, and then retreat to the safety of an island, all while staying unseen. A hydro adds to the problem, making it impossible to flush out with torpedoes, while acting like a radar when it hunts down DDs from its smoke. In this aspect, Huanghe is a downtiered Belfast with a better smoke. This would already be enough to make it overpowered, but it gets worse. Huanghe has 6 guns, with a 6 second reload, and 15% fire chance. This results in an astounding firesetting chance of 9 fires per minute at tier 6. Truly unmatchable, and it results in the Huanghe being able to easily burn down any battleship in under 10 minutes, all from the safety of an island or its crawling smoke. In order to even give the enemy team a chance, Huanghe must be uptiered to tier 8, where the battleships can have the chance to survive its firestorm. Huanghe is a small ship, in many cases, this would be a disadvantage, but this works to its favor. Due to its small size and massive citadel, most battleship shells can easily be dodged, or even bounce off the citadel plate. Many times I have seen battleship salvos merely bounce off the impressively strong citadel plate. This is both unrealistic and overpowered. A Huanghe should die 100% of the time it is spotted, not merely 60% of the time. Combined with its truly impressive AA rating, even tier 8 CVs struggle to kill the Huanghe. The most broken class in the game can barely tough it, and with the addition of depth charges, Huanghe will counter the newest class, submarines, which will only increase its sheer power. So how can Weegee fix this ship? There are many ways, but the most obvious would be to uptier it to tier 9 at least, just to give other ships a chance. Other fixes include increasing reload to 15 seconds, removing crawling smoke, or giving it radar. I'm sure any of the three would work. Some may call me a whiny BB main that was burned down by a Huanghe. This is not true, I have not seen a Huanghe that I was not playing in the last 100 matches, and my only experiences with it have been devstriking it as sson as it leaves smoke. But i do play Huanghe, so I have the moral high ground. Genuine Huanghe review coming soon, I really like the ship.
  9. Ducc_ducc

    Why dont CV target CV?

    Takes far too long relative to the impact on the match. CVs have extremely low damage per run, and this is amplified the further the target is to the CV. Usually you do about twenty thousand damage with one minute to target, give or take. All in all, it's a lot of burst DPS that is done every one and a half minutes. Against an enemy CV, which is usually far back of map or behind the enemy team, your damage can be as low as 20k per three minutes, or a full 9 minutes to kill off an enemy carrier. It's absolutely not worth the time you could be using spotting, hitting DDs, or pressuring cruisers.
  10. To be clear to the OP, there is no "total damage count" if you look in game, the damage is explicitly titled "Damage dealt to enemy ships." Team killing, plane damage, and spotting damage are not added to that damage, as they are not "dealt to enemy ships" by you. Plane damage is counted, and can be seen in both detailed statistics, and counted if you go to the settings and enable it. This is amply rewarded by the game, and the CV loses significant credits replacing planes as "ammunition" costs. I don't see a need to add either a total damage stat, nor why it is so important for you. It's counted, rewarded, and done so in a similar manner to spotting damage or potential damage taken. I suppose it could be added to the scorecard at the battle's end, but that seems to be rather mundane.
  11. Ducc_ducc

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    Just give CVs a dedicated fighter plane period. The fighter drop system is next to useless besides spotting.
  12. Ducc_ducc

    Why did they nerf the baby CVs??

    "baby CVs" are a wall to playing the queens at tier 8 and ten. That's all. Personally, they can't really get much stronger without being irritating to tier 3 ships, fighting strong-ish planes in a ship with 7 AA is no fun.
  13. There is nothing "terribly wrong" with DD play. In fact, the main issue with DDs as they are is suffering from one issue, and one issue alone. DDs are hard. This playerbase performs very badly in difficult ships, regardless of how strong they are. This can be seen in the stats of pre-rework CVs, in current DDs, and stats of the more challenging cruisers. Quite simply, DDs are far more challenging then their BB/CA peers, and suffer from the playerbase being bad at high difficulty ships. This makes sense, as a high difficulty ship will statistically have more people fail playing it. What the main difference between DDs and say, prerework CVs is, are people still playing DDs regardless of bad performance. Suicide in a fragile ship shouldn't be shocking, and I'm always surprised when people complain that the fragile Frontline class dies first. Yes, that ship with the miniscule hitpoint pool and large array of counters sitting 5km ahead of you dies first, get over it.
  14. Losing is only a matter of a lack of proper attention to the sacrifice of goats to RNG, it's all in the entrails you see....
  15. Ah yes, because pushing into three ships with one of the highest DPMs in game, which have smoke, and outside spotting, is oh so easy.