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  1. Ducc_ducc

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    So in total. You need to grind about 50 games, run a cruiser a few times, play a high tier battleship a few times, and use some flags. So difficult indeed.
  2. Ducc_ducc

    Why dont CV target CV?

    Takes far too long relative to the impact on the match. CVs have extremely low damage per run, and this is amplified the further the target is to the CV. Usually you do about twenty thousand damage with one minute to target, give or take. All in all, it's a lot of burst DPS that is done every one and a half minutes. Against an enemy CV, which is usually far back of map or behind the enemy team, your damage can be as low as 20k per three minutes, or a full 9 minutes to kill off an enemy carrier. It's absolutely not worth the time you could be using spotting, hitting DDs, or pressuring cruisers.
  3. To be clear to the OP, there is no "total damage count" if you look in game, the damage is explicitly titled "Damage dealt to enemy ships." Team killing, plane damage, and spotting damage are not added to that damage, as they are not "dealt to enemy ships" by you. Plane damage is counted, and can be seen in both detailed statistics, and counted if you go to the settings and enable it. This is amply rewarded by the game, and the CV loses significant credits replacing planes as "ammunition" costs. I don't see a need to add either a total damage stat, nor why it is so important for you. It's counted, rewarded, and done so in a similar manner to spotting damage or potential damage taken. I suppose it could be added to the scorecard at the battle's end, but that seems to be rather mundane.
  4. Ducc_ducc

    Tier IV, 9 vs 9, 3 CV's per side

    Just give CVs a dedicated fighter plane period. The fighter drop system is next to useless besides spotting.
  5. Ducc_ducc

    Why did they nerf the baby CVs??

    "baby CVs" are a wall to playing the queens at tier 8 and ten. That's all. Personally, they can't really get much stronger without being irritating to tier 3 ships, fighting strong-ish planes in a ship with 7 AA is no fun.
  6. There is nothing "terribly wrong" with DD play. In fact, the main issue with DDs as they are is suffering from one issue, and one issue alone. DDs are hard. This playerbase performs very badly in difficult ships, regardless of how strong they are. This can be seen in the stats of pre-rework CVs, in current DDs, and stats of the more challenging cruisers. Quite simply, DDs are far more challenging then their BB/CA peers, and suffer from the playerbase being bad at high difficulty ships. This makes sense, as a high difficulty ship will statistically have more people fail playing it. What the main difference between DDs and say, prerework CVs is, are people still playing DDs regardless of bad performance. Suicide in a fragile ship shouldn't be shocking, and I'm always surprised when people complain that the fragile Frontline class dies first. Yes, that ship with the miniscule hitpoint pool and large array of counters sitting 5km ahead of you dies first, get over it.
  7. Losing is only a matter of a lack of proper attention to the sacrifice of goats to RNG, it's all in the entrails you see....
  8. Ah yes, because pushing into three ships with one of the highest DPMs in game, which have smoke, and outside spotting, is oh so easy.
  9. Ducc_ducc

    CV Win Rate and Latest AA Buffs

    It feels very similar to the old CVs at this point. I am having the same success I had in pre-rework Shoukaku with the current Shoukaku (60% WR, 55-60k avg damage, high KDR.) However, its very frustrating, and similarly difficult as the old CVs, although the fun of shutting down an enemy CV is gone now, a shame too, as that was most of the fun. I would say that at this point, the rework has fixed nothing, and it feels very similar to old CVs, but without those ever so satisfying dev-strikes.
  10. Ducc_ducc

    Am I the WORST player in the history of WOW?

    I used to have bad MM. After three bargains with satan, two of which involved dating his ex, a drinking party with cthulu, and the starting of a religious cult to sacrifice goats, the problem is now only half as bad. The good news is that I also found playing well means that you really don't need to worry about winning. However, I don't think I'll ever get off that FBI watchlist now.
  11. Ducc_ducc

    CV Torp Salvoes

    I'm not quite sure. As far as I recall it was discussed, but I haven't played it yet. It's the only real explanation I can see. Unless he doesn't know of the rework at all. He has only 6 games in the new carriers, and that's the tier IV hermes. Everything else is in the old RTS CVs. He might just not realize that they changed drop size per attack with the rework. In which case, OP, each CV now can only do one attack run with a set size at a time. For example, the Shoukaku has ten planes in a squad, with five runs of two torps. It varies by ship ant tier, for example, midway has 6 torps per run.
  12. Ducc_ducc

    CV Torp Salvoes

    Which ship is this in? Most CVs past tier four drop multiple torps on a run. If I had to suspect, you likely were playing a tier 4 CV and didn't notice the balance patch they gave them recently to make them more balanced.
  13. Ducc_ducc

    Mogador constructive criticism

    Is this a troll post? As far as I understand Mogador is a faster Khab without the side armor and with an MBRB. It shouldn't be hard to perform in, at all.
  14. Obviously the issue was that you never crossed the T, the armchair admirals are only satisfied if you sit 8km from the enemy with a flat broadside and fire HE.
  15. Ducc_ducc

    Selfish DD play

    DD players have low hitpoints and no heal. Could he have played better, yes, but they are also far better alive and dead, and usually a selfish playstyle is better then being focused by the enemy and losing the DD. If he stayed in the cap, he would likely have died, as the Iowa/DD combination would very likely have killed him. Unlike you, he can very much die in two or three salvos, especially at that tier. Your DD playstyle is correct, at tier VI and below, where you can get away with a YOLO run, at high tiers things are so much different for CVs. There is nothing that the DD player did seriously wrong, besides launching torps in your direction, which seems careless rather then malevolent. I think you need to grind further up DDs, to tier 8 or 9, to see why they play that way, it's very different then your low tier experience.