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    Destroyers with radar

    I have the tier 5 jaguar French DD. It has 7km detection with 8km torp range, so it can stealth and shoot torp. My tier 5 Nicholas US destroyer can't you need to be up close and detected to hit with torp, with a 6.7 km detection with a 5.5km torp range. Of course I am speaking low tier, since in tiers 9 and 10 every Destroyer can shoot torp in stealth.
  2. Captain_Beausoleil

    Destroyers with radar

    That is the point, everyone is missing. Black have 7.5 km radar, but they detect you at around 6.4, and everyone on a team knows when someone hits radar to look for a ship...especially at start of match since there is nothing else to shoot at. So you have 1.1km to turn around and get out of range, while the black is following you to stay in range if you making a run and not shooting to escape detection.
  3. Captain_Beausoleil

    Destroyers with radar

    Was curious what players thought about destroyers with radar like the US Black T9 destroyer. When they made the French line destroyers to be almost light cruisers with very long range torpedoes, they at least removed the French line from having smoke. For the US non-premium destroyers like fletcher and gearing, we have options between AA defense buff or Speed boost but not both. I feel the ships with radar and short range searches should not get smoke as well, not sure what other players think. Every battle is the same for a Black, rush forward to run into another destroyer...stop, smoke, radar....snipe until they dead.... I think it hurts the battles in high tier, because if your team destroyers know there is a radar destroyer on enemy team they will not spot and they will not cap points, so it removes the entire team play aspect of destroyers in battles as they are just lone wolves off in the corner of map just shooting long range torp. I am sure cruiser radar will be brought up, but a destroyer can generally spot a cruiser before in radar range, know if that cruiser is a radar ship and then make the needed tactical changes....but that is not the case with destroyer radar ships.