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  1. So I try the "Try your luck" containers when I can....I'll bet 50 or more times....and have NEVER gotten anything good. Its usually a single flag, or maybe an emblem. Is there anyone that has gotten something good...and what was it?
  2. Can a CV send a torp plane out of bounds and launch torps from out of bounds, even after I sink the CV? I sank a CV near the boundary line. One of the CV's planes was out of bounds and launched torps. I heard them coming and looked everywhere to find them (except for out of bounds) and BAM! I get nailed and sink. Whats up with that? If I cant go out of bounds, why can a plane?
  3. Perhaps an adjustment to the XP for collecting containers? Such as, 2,500 for the first, 10,000 for the second, 25,000 for a third, and 40,000 for a 4th?
  4. USN radar skills

    Thank you everyone. It gives me the option of hydro on the Pensecola so I'm going to try it out. A bit off subject....the Radio Location in the Commander Skills....how does that work? Is it useful?
  5. USN radar skills

    I have a T8 Benson, T8 North Carolina, and a T7 Pensacola. Do any American T8 and up have radar or hydro capabilities? Is there a difference between radar and hydro?