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  1. StevebDancer

    Submarines Q&A (Video) (sign up for beta)

    WG if you are listening. here is what you have to think about with Subs. here is your Errors with subs and try to answer these questions. 1. only ship to hunt subs in game will be DDs. Wait do we have games with no DDs in it, answer YES. So no one can hunt Subs??? Solution cruisers and DDs hunt subs.. 2. clan battles.. who will take the caps with subs in the game. Subs. at 2.5 km spotting distance at pariscope level who can spot then? DD if it wants to get killed, so NO. radar don't work on subs. Hydro a cap don't work on subs. oh how about airplanes? NOPE only if surfaced. So how do you spot a sub in a cap? Hydro is solution. 3. Homing torps, why not give those to DDs then.. take the skill out of the game. take dodging torps out of the game, you need to REALLY test this. Me I drop torps then wait till they get real close then ping 2 x and DEAD SHIP GUARENTED. 4. no ship should ever be untouchable and invisible including subs.. just think a team has 2 caps and at 900 points. the only ship left will be a sub how do you kill something that you don't have depth charges? AUTO WIN. 5. will RPF work on subs? 6. You say pressing a button is too much to drop depth charges. So does that mean in a DD PRESSING O is too much too to focus on Airplanes??? Maybe you need to rethink the idea.. treat it like pressing O except it is a different key and it drops depth charges.. So what is your reason now???
  2. StevebDancer

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Ok about this Research Bureau. As I see it in WG eyes. a very small group of people will ever do it like <5% this is to me a company who ran out of ideas to keep a customer base happy with their game. No need for researchers to find new ships they have ships in the game. Premium time is a necessity for quick movement $, possible converting tier 1 XP to free xp = $, more players play a wider tier games, extend the life of the game that they don't want to give up on and say here is 1.0 our final version(thank you for playing). This is a big example of a company who thinks they have all the answers and do not listen to ideas of their customers. so If WG employ's 100, they think 100 people are smarter then all of us maybe 100,000 people total. Arrogant huh? I remember when I got into sooo many arguments with WG about game play and I simply said why don't you ever give us a survey and months later it happened. ? is are they even reading the answers. I personally think this is the start of World of Warship going out of business and starting a new game and taking our money with them. I am glad they didn't give all the bonuses they were planning to give if you researched the line. They made a statement about how powerful premium consumable are and how they plan to implement giving everyone premium consumable to balance it. I see they retracted this, because of $ it makes.. My suggesting is if you paid for premium tell them you want a refund. If you paid for doubloons tell them you want a refund. Ships they will not refund because you played them. Might as well hurry up the process of closing this game by taking away their income. This might be the only way to get a company to listen too. Maybe it will last a year or 2 but I think that is it.. ** WG if you want my opinion I would start firing some researchers, programmers, extra people now. and by January have just a skeleton crew to keep the game going (bring down costs to just the upkeep of the servers). when the player base starts to quit as it already has, close shop and take the extra money you saved and squeezed out of us and start a new game from scratch. and maybe, just maybe, listen to us. **
  3. StevebDancer

    CV Rework needed.

    WARGAMING answer me 1 question "WHY IS TIER 7 AND TIER 8 CRUISERS THE MOST POWERFUL AA SHIPS COMPARED TO THE CV TIER 8 LEVEL VS ALL OTHER CV, CRUISER TIER COMBINATIONS?" A T7 Helena has more AA to kill my T8 fully upgraded CV planes then a t10 cv in a T10 game.. also to add to rework.. instead of planes getting shot down by catapult fighters. allow them to duck and dodge them and the bomb/ fighter/ torp planes theoretical stay wide.. and take a % more damage not insta kill. makes game frustrating.. in exchange catapult fights last for 2 mins.. and plane regeneration slows but 20% because planes will not be shot down unless not dodging.. - ships with low airplane detection needs their AA detection raised by 1km.. because going at over 100 to 150 km in to a low detection CA you immediately take damage.. should be a buffer of some kind.. so please adjust.. - add to P1 S3 when fighter is dropped it flies to the closest ally ship and becomes a catapult fighter for that ship. -P6 DDs get slaughter by CVs and can not do anything against airplanes. -S1 all damage to DDs is 1/2 it is a game and you choose how much damage a ship takes.. -S2 reduce number of attacks by each squadron to 2 and take the total HP lost by 3rd attach and divide it by 2 and give it to remaining attack squadrons. Fighter squadron can not spot DDs. That should fix it.. Bombs and torps do 30% less damage.. I expect a answer to my 1st question. If you read this suggestions WHY THE [edited] DON"T YOU ANSWER????? wth IS THE POINT.. a WHY YOU DON"T DO IT WILL HELP US FORMULATE A BETTER ANSWER. ALSO WE ARE MORE LIKELY TO GIVE MORE SUGGESTIONS..
  4. StevebDancer

    CV Rework needed.

    I will break this down in to B# for bugs, P# for problems, S# for possible solutions.. These are all for CVs, here we go. -B1 CVs and planes do not reduce viability in cyclones. they stay the same.. (you know how to fix this). -B2 CVs can not tell when a ship hits AA consumable.. we just loose our planes.. -S1 a green area shows up for the ships AA range when they hit their AA consumable. -P1 CVs are dropping fighters everywhere, let me explain I had a CV drop a fighter squadron inside my CV's detection but out side my AA just to spot me, they do that for BBs too, and DDs.. 2nd they drop fighters right in front of my squadron or just out side my fighter squadron to kill my fighters or planes I am flying. This is very annoying.. -S1 when a CV player fly's with in 2-3km of a ally ship and is pointed at the ally. they press fighter squadron key and those fighters act like a catapult fighter for that ship. no dropping out side of that. so they can only be dropped on ally ships. If key is pressed outside of that a error message in chat shows up "must be with in 3 km and pointing at ally to use fighter squadron" -S2 fighter squadron can not spot ships.. -P2 CV being up tiered.. as you can tell by your data those CV run out of planes quick and don't do much damage at all. this must be balanced out some how.. -P3 What is the % of ships that are AA spec'ed. this means you do not have good skills that are used instead of AA skills.. please replace give good skills at tier 3 and 4. -P4 What is the purpose of giving a CV better maneuverability for hall upgrade, it is useless. give it something it can use. -S1 when hall is upgraded make CVs detection drop a bit instead of rudder shift. -S2 give CVs 1 extra plane for each type of squadron instead of rudder shift. -S3 slightly faster replenish of planes of each type of squadron, instead of rudder shift. -B3 Sling shot attacks that by pass most of the damage of ships AA.. where they time when to drop 1 set of bomb then use the invalienability to get close to a ship with good AA to drop on them with out loosing planes. -S1 increase time before ship can go back into a attack run after dropping ordinance would fix this.. -S2 take away the Invalienabiiity after the drop.. -P5 Flack clouds do tons of damage to all planes.. and makes complete walls of flack Which you can't avoid.. Flack clouds either land in front or on your planes.. -S1 all flack clouds explode randomly with in their range.. NOT JUST IN FRONT. -S2 shrink flack clouds so they are smaller then they could be easier to dodge and randomly in range of shell.
  5. StevebDancer

    CV reworks just not good enough

    I was playing T6 cv and like playing it when all the ships were T6.. I run into a T7 BB, or CA and I can't even get 1 drop in on it all by it's self.. so is that enough to say it needs work.. it would not neuter it just more extreme measures to fix CVs. now tier 4 CVs is super painful. read above and try it.. unless you use a sling shot or islands for AA cover you ain't going to get near that ship at all. ships you can hide or snipe from range. I did not say ANYTHING about not replacing the planes that got shot down..
  6. StevebDancer

    CV reworks just not good enough

    I guess you have not read the other post of WG in their Dev blog.. a post in the forums said that they were changing spotting to 2km if AA is turned off for all ships.. so I guess you are wrong.. tell me how annoying it is for a ship with little to no AA getting attacked 3x. once a DD is sotted the cv know generally where the DD is going so making a look and making a attack is a no brainer.. will still be able to do attacks on it. P.S. how many DDs play now? not many I wonder why????
  7. StevebDancer

    CV reworks just not good enough

    here is the poll please put in your vote : https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/191463-cv-changes/
  8. Ok, WG I see you are trying to balance CVs but I feel you are not doing a good job.. I think you have to be more extreme. Here are a few ideas and will make a poll on it.. - 1st fighter squadrons dropped off of planes in flight have to be on ships and they follow that ship for their duration. (fixes issue of planes dropping on enemy DDs like radar.) - 2nd take that old skill you had about planes HP changes per tier of enemy CV. this is how it works: - Option 1 - Takes average tier of ships in match and if it is .75 to 1.24 tier more then CV's tier, the planes get a 10% bonus to health. if more then 1.25 higher then CV's tier it get a 18-22% boost to health. for slower speed and higher AA damages by ships. - Option 2 - Takes average tier of all ships in match and take # - CV tier then multiply it by .165. That number would be bonus health to all planes on CV.. if average is below CV's teir no change. - Option 3 - CV planes or ships in game DPS changes to what planes it is shooting at.. so a T7 ship shoot at a T6 would shoot at a penalty. and a T5 ship shooting at a T6 CV would get a boost.. the farther the tiers away from CV the more penalty or boost. this balances the planes and the ships.. - 3rd reduce number of attacks per squadron to 2 from 3 and take 3rd squardon of HP and add it to the planes of the 1st and 2nd.. - 4th reduce spotting distance of DDs by another 20-30% and no fighter spotting except by ship fighter (meaning no dropping fighters on a spot to continue spotting) - 5th This should be a given if planes are over a person concealed in smoke then the undetected planes can still be heard over the smoke. so they know the planes are waiting for the DD.... - 6th when AA consumable it hit the circle that where the drop will happen will double. this is a benefit for ships with AA and also tells CV driver AA was hit and need to back off or not do as much damage and loose more planes... Because we can not tell when AA is hit or not. also the ship should be green as if the ship dropped a fighter.. - 7th when a plane is shot down in a run to drop bombs/ missles/ torps. That plane is NOT replaced... it is a bonus to the ship for shooting down the plane.. so it might be 1 less bomb/ torp/ rocket or more but for someone who put in the captain skill and/or consumable. it would pay off. - 8th when a plane drops its load then view point slides right up to planes flying over head and that fixes slight shot of invulnerability. - 9th AA Flack puffs are shot in the sectors you have it but they need to explode at different ranges NOT ALWAYS IN FRONT.. as they fly through that zone they explode randomly in the front/ middle/ and far part of zone.. so flack clouds will have depth.. including direct hits on planes(like ships have detonations). will make it easier but detonations of planes can happen.. if you have ideas please type them down and work this out..
  9. StevebDancer

    CV Annoyance is VERY BAD!

    not 18 but maybe 6-7 torps but they do more damage per hit.
  10. StevebDancer

    CV Annoyance is VERY BAD!

    I have played a few games and the rework has fixed the big problem of over powered cv players (had big outcome on who wins game), made it alot more fun for the CV player. But you created another problem even to the point of GREIVING. here is the issue. CV drop 3 attacks per squadron. Comparison with before, 1 attack per squadron. So for the next minute yes 60 sec atleast that player is dodging plane attacks. He will not be attacking, he will not be properly angled(defend himself), he will be dodging airplanes. If the CV comes back that time can add up.. and I can safely say in a 15 min game that person will be annoyed for 50% or more dealing with planes.. NOT PLAYING THE GAME AS INTENDED. How to fix issue. 1 attach per squadron do more damage per that attack can not launch squadron unless it is a full squadron. timer so that if you play too aggressive you will kill alll planes and have to sit and wait for a squadron to become available. (still limitless planes) 1 boost per squadron take off to get into battle quicker. This would solve problem 1 drop.. then that person can play his ship..
  11. Something has to be done about ships with rapid fire.. This game was fine when any cruiser can take on any cruiser 1 on 1.. but now we have DM, Woster, Hugamo, minotar.. Has to be a weakness. Let me start on how to fix some of these ships.. IJN rapid fire DDs.. - increase detection to russian levels.. if I have a Kieve and run into a kitakaze, hugamo it is a death sentence. I SHOULD OUT SPOT HIM.. - all these rapid fire DDs are getting tons of damage because of IFHE.. who cares about fires when you shoot very fast and do damage in short period of time to CAs.. Here is the fix.. ***fix instead of reducing fire chance for IFHE reduce reload by .5 sec.. that would reduce both.. you pen less but more fire chance.. **Woster fix too..** USN light Cruisers - IFHE no longer gives penalty to fire starting but reduces reload rate by about .5 seconds.. USN Heavy Cruisers - I feel this ship one on one is imposible.. so reduce its nose armor for nose pens.. in that case they can't nose tank and reck you. British Light Cruisers I feel is balance because of the limit of AP shells.. let me know what you think..
  12. StevebDancer

    CV Rework Feedback

    I just played the Ver 2 of CV rework.. here are the bugs. issues only.. - I heard a hydro sound during a whole game and a radar sound during another game... for the whole game. only a couple games. - my mouse could not control direction of planes. as in turn right or left. - Flack clouds sometime made a full line in front of me and took out 2/3 my T8 squadron.. wish I can bring planes altitude down or up to avoid flack because it is like a wall at times.. - AA direction completely confused.. useless against bombers because they come at your nose or [edited]and your AA can be focused to right or left.. - A and W key is too sensitive for up close direction. (wish I had my mouse to use) - can not tell when defensive fire is up or not????? - what about ships with out bofors? no clouds no damage.. seems all damage is from bofors flack clouds not normal AA. - no second to hit target to drop. - a mogami out ran torps... that is stupid!!!! please make all torps 45 knots... - planes just die way to easy.. - no red markings to where damage to planes are coming from. - no marking on mini-map where defensive fire area is or where enemy dropped fighters. or notifications like red boarders and a arrow pointing to source. - defensive fire and enemy fighters kill whole squad immediately(5-10 sec). usually press F and say complete loss.. Hope this helps... All who reads this let me know if you get similar issues.. CV sniping with a flood is a auto death.. since I can't manually be in CV..
  13. StevebDancer

    CV Rework Feedback

    Hopefully Wargaming looks up every poster.. Because they would see the bashers are the ones with good-great CV numbers and they enjoy beating down people who are not good in the planes..(me) Here is my 2-cents.. I really like the CV reworks.. no Straifing(great), no spotting the whole map (great), no devistrikes(has yet to be determined..). Here is a few ideas just for balance. - each type of plane group (bombers, torp, and fighters) have time limits between uses.. meaning you used your fighters you can't use them again for 3-5 minutes, so you have to choose bombers. After you used them they get a time limit of 3-5 minutes. this stops the constant use of same type of aircraft.. and could be a deterrent to not choosing right targets and getting all planes shot down very quickly. - airplane limit.. hope there is one and put it on each type of planes like, Squads of 12, would be 30 or 25.. be smart or run out.. - CV's view should be in map unless they are going in for the kill.. So 1 way is that if the planes spot a ship or getting hit with AA they have to be in 3 person view(what we see now). seeing the whole map is pretty important. not just the minimap.. The other idea is just let people choose when to go into 3rd person and when not to.. they can not damage ships in map view so if they want to just go around and spot they can.. just using the auto pilot. Or have a over top view but wider so that they can see everything in sight range of aircraft(but can not damage ships in this view). Label views by #s.. Label 3 for above airplanes and Label 2 for 3rd person ready to do damage.. - Let CV's have some protection from the enemy..dependent on tier they get 1 fighter protector squad that they choose a ship or area 2-4km radius that they patrol. They can not play that fighter group in 3rd person.. you choose in the mini-map or map mode. if enemy CV goes through or into that area it is as if the ship has AA consumable and airplanes take more damage.. But once that enemy CV leaves area plane do not follow and they have a 10 sec block on changing who or where they protect so you can't tell them to continue to attack by clicking on areas that the enemy CV is retreating too.. OR.. If the enemy CV is retreating and you choose a area in front or where they are they move move there not attacking anyone and take 5 - 10 sec before attacking any enemy aircraft. this stops strafing or following mechanic.. If CV does not launch this fighter group they could put it on their own ship.. P.S. those fighter protect that ship/ area for a duration 2-3 mins. then have to return for refueling then they go back automatically. They cannot choose an area that has a enemy ship near(for spotting) by unless it is on a ally ship. They do not detect torps or enemy ships.. - The 3rd person view should include where they are getting shot from. so if it is off the screen it points to where. the area they are getting shot from gets a RED triangle for massive AA damage(or AA consumable)/ Orange for heavy AA/ and Yellow for moderate AA/ green for light AA. If ship is in view a triangle pointing down at ship posses the color.. Help people choose targets better.. - on the right or left side of screen put a fuel marker so they know when they have to turn back to carrier or loose aircraft.. this prevents planes from just flying the whole board and never running out of fuel.. maybe 7 mins.. - bonus consumable if you want to get to a ship behind enemy ships you press consumable and they go very high(no control to bring planes down for 15-20 sec then it take 10 secs to come back down to normal play level.. in that time period they only get hit by farthest reaching AA and not the whole ships AA if you few over the ship as regular.. - have a CV view as if your playing your ship.. to use 2ndaries and dodge torps.. needs to happen.. label 9. Also have a repair for your CV.. - How do you dorp on a smoke cloud with no ship designated or spotted?? - the consumable to drop the armament can be a number so save space for carrier repair. like 1. to recap numbers CV view 9, above spotting range view 3, damage dealing 3rd person view 2, and 1 to begin armament run to do damage. Please let me know of your ideas.. or modifications. Maybe a reply for Wargaming it's self.
  14. I have seen plenty of matches where the DD wants to avoid the caps and a team loses very badly because of not having a single cap. I have also seen games where there is a huge cap and the enemy team has a ship in and gaining points on it but our DDs/CAs don't want to contest the cap to stop points. How about the game mode Epicenter. A DD has to go in the middle first or the enemy will cap it. Now that the DD is hiding behind an island the DD has no shots at torping or shooting a enemy ship. He is not a cap contestor and will get on xp if the he leaves and does no damage or get no cap. the DD is screwed. ** Both of these situation can be changed very easily.. in clan battles, ranked, other competitive game play ships will go into caps just to stop the points. Here is what I propose- 1 - Give xp to DDs for every 2-4 sec in a cap alone. so if a DD goes into a cap that is uncapped or capped by enemy team he get 10-25 XP per 4 sec. (encourage ships to do what they should be doing) even if he don't capture it he gets xp.. 2 - Remove XP for finishing a capping process. meaning if your in the cap for 40 sec and get the cap. you would of got 100/ 250 (10 xp/ 4 sec). but as other ships get in as your capping they would of got an assisted cap. No longer they get the xp defined above, lets say they got in it 10 sec from capping they would get 20/50 xp. giving the credit to the ships who stayed in cap the longest. 3 - Cap contesting. this can and usually much more dangerous but they can stay in there for a while so this rule helps those in epicenter. for every 4 sec (for simplicity) they get 5 xp. this person usually can't do damage and is fighting for the team by points so they should be rewarded. 4 - As for rewards for Capping, Assisted Capping, and Contesting Caps. set a time that has to be reached of each like this - You get a Solo Cap reward for every 40-50 sec in a cap alone. does not have to be consecutive and can add up to 3-4 caps. limit to 4 per game - You get assisted Cap reward for spending 12 sec consecutively in cap with others. Gain additional Assisted Cap rewards for every 20 more seconds in a cap with others. - You get Contested Cap reward(NEW) for every 20 sec consecutively in cap with the enemy. 5 - Xp for DDs to get cap type XP is 5% more than other ship types. to encourage GG game type and style. The time per XP is up to WG as well as amount of XP. This would be better then what goes on now.. will not be hard to program in either.
  15. StevebDancer

    External Signal Demount Switch

    I agree 100% on this idea. great thought. How many times going from Clan Battles to a random or a training room to a random game you spend a few minutes removing flags. would be very easy to implement.