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  1. Exciton8964

    Kiev Getting Buffed

    Interesting change as most T8 cruisers don't even have heal.
  2. Exciton8964

    Baltimores AP shells, what am I doing wrong?

    First, you need to understand why Baltimore AP is considered good. Regular APs start to have chance to bounce at 45 degrees incoming angle and the chance will gradually increase to 100% at 60 degrees incoming angle. That means, your shell autobounces if you hit armor that you cant overmatch at > 60 degrees angle. Baltimore and other USN CAs have special AP bounce angles. They start to bounce at 60 degrees and will autobounce at 67.5 degrees. That means you are more likely to do damage with targets that are somewhat angled but not sharply angled. Your AP does have decent penetration capability as well on Baltimore. However, it is just marginally better than, say, German CA T8-10 AP or IJN CA T5-T9 AP. You can penetrate most cruiser armors with no problem but you won't be able to pen most BBs' belt armor unless being super close up. So against most BBs, you want to aim upper belt for consistent penetration damage. Against cruisers, you can aim for citadel. But if they are good at dodging and angling they can still mitigate your damage. All in all, Baltimore does have good cruiser AP but that doesn't change the fact it is still situational. You can have more chances to use them than many other CAs. But that doesn't mean you automatically do good damage just by using AP.
  3. Exciton8964

    Henry IV or Worchester

    Both are good ships. But I think Henri IV is just so much fun right now after addition of reload booster. I rate her damage dealing potential highest right now among all non-CV ships. You have the speed to get to position fast. You have reload booster to punish any enemy ship that makes a mistake hard. If you know how to alter speed to bait shells, you will be extremely hard to hit and can frustrate the hell out of all those BB players.
  4. Exciton8964

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    Stalingrad has made the meta completely unfun. Too many high ranked teams are playing these multiple Stalingrad + multiple Henri brute force lineup. Can it be beaten? Sure it can be but it takes a lot of effort to counterplay than just adopting that lineup. There is also much more margin for error by playing that kind of lineup. It is very hard to mess up in a Stalingrad or a Henri.
  5. Exciton8964

    Should I Get the Kronshtadt?

    Not quite. Compared to Moskva, Kronshtadt's gun performance is more BB like, but without overmatching capability on most ships. She can't HE spam as efficiently due to BB level dispersion and below-average HE DPM. Her power resides in her AP that has good penetration, travels fast and low reload. She feasts on broadside target and can punish them even at long distance. Her armor is good by T9 cruiser standard but only covered by 25mm deck/bow/stern which means she can't tank as well as Moskva either. As a result, Moskva plays a much more stationary style and occasionally snipe broadside target. Kronshtadt needs to look for broadsides all the time so she will roam more.
  6. Exciton8964

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    I just bought Alabama a few days ago. I think I enjoy her much more than the clumsy Missouri and North Carolina.
  7. Exciton8964

    CW time way too extreme for western coasters

    I honestly don't understand what makes WG make the decision to push back the time by another 35min compared to last season. It was already a struggle last season. Now it is almost impossible for any weekday action. I guess there must be so few PST players that WG doesn't really care anymore.
  8. I live in Bay area and so do a few of our clan's regular CW players.The 4-8pm PST CW time is just too unfriendly to us. We mostly work until 5:30-6pm. Then to play CW on a weekday, we have to drive back home in the worst rush hour and skip dinner. Even then we will only be able to play ~1hr of CW if we are lucky. The only option left is to play at weekends. But that means we have to give up our social life on both Sat and Sun. WG is seriously asking us to sacrifice a lot of our regular life to just play CW. This is honestly not a sustainable situation.
  9. Exciton8964

    WoWS Dev Blog: Balance Changes (American Battleships)

    I would prefer rudder shift buff to B/C hull for NC and Iowa. No need for heal buff. Slow dreadnoughts can have the improved heal as their unique perk.
  10. Exciton8964

    US BB buff suggestions/theorys

    New York Reload and armor buff. The ship is both slow and squishy, which makes her an easy target to farm damage for anyone. She needs better armor to survive. New Mexico Reload buff. The ship is pretty decent already. She just needs a bit better reload to keep up with the likes of Fuso and Arizona. Colorado 32mm deck armor. Not sure if this is possible. But similar to New york, she is slow. Combine that with 25mm armor across, she is very easy target to farm damage from North Carolina No buff is really needed. But some rudder shift buff is definitely welcome Iowa Rudder shift buff. She is fast but because of her poor turning and squishy side, she can't roam around very comfortably. So you can't really make use of her speed most of the time. Make her more agile and distinguish her from Missouri.
  11. TX has consistently more try-hard divisions who can get their winrate up to 70-80%. The average Joe, as a result, will have a winrate 45-50%.
  12. Exciton8964

    Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    I'd say FXP. There could be more coal-only ships that you like in the future. Save your coal for those.
  13. Exciton8964

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    The ship is demanding in positioning just like Des Moines. But I find her quite a bit more flexible than Des moines due to concealment range < radar range. However, it will be nerfed and I don't see too much point playing her over Des Moines.
  14. Exciton8964

    UK DDs are painful without wide spreads

    I don't understand why you need wide spread in DD knife fights.
  15. Exciton8964

    Lightning is OK I guess...

    Never have a chance to play. Only played Icarus and Jervis, both of which I consider 'ok'. Lightening seems to be on the strong side. She has 5.5km concealment + higher HE dpm than Benson. Torpedoes also seem to be decent.