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  1. Hindy legendary module

    It will be a very interesting choice in clan battles. Taking so little fire damage will give you an edge in cruiser vs cruiser combat. It is not as useful in random battles. It is still a decent choice but I still prefer concealment or SGM3. Your biggest threat is most likely still BB AP.
  2. Frustrated Des Moines player

    I don't think it is a troll video. IMHO, that is the better style of DM in randoms compared to traditional island hugging. I pretty much agree with all of what he said, except that I still prefer Radar to spotting aircraft.
  3. Frustrated Des Moines player

    There are a few different ways to run Des Moines. Personally I like to run RoF module as most of my impactful damage is done within 15.8km range. Her floaty shell is really not that effective at long range. In addition, your detection radius after firing remains 15.8km. This makes stealth firing from behind island and disengaging easier. For skill points, I run the following 1. PT + IFA. The ship is squishy. The combination of these two skills really improve my survival awareness. 2. EM. Turret traverse to offset the penalty from RoF module AR. Pretty much a must-have skill on all cruisers. 3. SI + DE. Nothing to say here 4. CE. Again, regular choice. Last 3 points can be anything. I am currently running Vigilance to help me in close range combat vs torpedo ships. SE is a fine choice as well. You can also run something like EL/PM + JoAT For modules, I run AA range instead of accuracy. Accuracy does help against DDs. But AA range helps you shoot down those nasty planes that keep you spot. I also run propulsion mod 2. I find it in general more useful than rudder shift. Due to her fast RoF, you are not likely to dance on open water with rudder shift. Propulsion mod helps you bait shots and then speed up again, or just straight up charge into island to take cover.
  4. Reworks for the Conqueror?

    I wouldn't call Conq 'stupidly OP'. But this comment is very misinformed. You can heal only 50% of both HE and AP penetration. There is no fundamental difference between the two. It is also quite hard to citadel BBs these days. The good thing about Conq is that her HE does very consistent damage at range while AP tend to richochet, shatter, overpen in those situations. Fire damage can be healed back but it is still lethal against aggressive BBs. You can't just out-heal fire damage all the time since heal amount is limited and it has a CD. Fire damage is less effective against BBs that can disengage. However, I would argue that pushing enemy BBs away is beneficial to your team as well. You can still be quite effective if you mainly use AP. Straight-up calling Conq damage meaningless is just wrong on so many levels. Conq has just as much broadside weight as Montana or GK. Her forward firing angle is also really good. And you are also downplaying her sustain from super heal. I have Montana and Yamato as well. But my Conq has the highest potential damage among the three. If you know how to make use of her concealment, you can be a very good meat shield for your team.
  5. A discussion on how to play Shatter

    Nice play. Very safe and effective positioning. Really lucky that Montana was able to finish off the Des Moines. It could be a lot harder if the Des Moines survived. I don't agree on the play on coming around the corner against Zao though. You would be dead if Zao runs hydro and a lot of players on this server run hydro due to low CV count. I have been on the receiving end of hydro cruisers multiple times already.
  6. Lert's tier 8 experiment

    This actually agrees with what I haven been feeling. It is more likely to get T8/9 matchmaking when population drops at late night. While at prime, I pretty much get consistent T10s in my T8 ships.
  7. BTW, there is no contradiction between cap control cruiser and stalingrad. I can easily see my composition being 1DD+2DM+1Zao+2Stalingrad+1BB
  8. Alright, we will see. I think she will get nerfed. But I think even after nerf she will be a must-have for top clans in clan wars.
  9. Absolutely I will. Clan battle allows 1 BB. If I can bring in 1-2 stalingrads, to form cross fires and create totally no-go zone for cruisers. To make things even worse, her shells travel so fast that most ships have no time to angle. At 15km, it takes less than 7s for her shells to reach target. In 7s time, most cruisers have just started turning even if you ignore reaction time. Angling anything less than 60 degrees is not enough, she does not only punish broadsides. She punish anything not angled >60 degrees. Just look at this video here. The player only shot at targets 15km+ away. He shot Hindenburg who is angling ~40-50 degrees against him at 17km and he got citadels after citadels. An atago angled about 50 degrees? No problem. Double citadel. An iowa angled 30 degrees 17km+ away? Again citadel. I am sorry, none of Montana or Moskva or Zao can do this. If this ship ever comes into a game, it will completely ruin other cruisers' gameplay. You will only have 2 options left: 1. stay 20km away all the time 2. camp islands. You can't go on open water because you need to maneuver on it. As long as you maneuver, Stalingrad will easily find chance to punish you. Because she has the combination of laser guns+improved autobounce angle+CA level dispersion and reload.
  10. Well, their no-nerf policy on premium ship is just gonna cause problem here. As you said, if the ship is released as overpowered, it will forever taint clan battles since she is T10.
  11. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    'Control the map' is too vague. I would say team who know how to position to create a positive kill/death difference is the team most likely to win. Too many players understood 'Control the map' as 'Pushing the cap'. Honestly the biggest issue for most players on this server is to die too easily, not playing too passively.
  12. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    That is because most of the snipers are not good. Effective sniping requires smart positioning as well. Same with people who push but suicide in 1min. You don't automatically become good just because you pushed. Too many ppl have this misconception: Hey I pushed closer to the cap so I am doing better than those who stayed back. Terrible positioning when pushing is probably even worse than terrible position when sniping. Losing a ship not only reduces your team firepower and threat but also directly creates 80-100 points deficit. It takes 2 and a half minutes for a capture point to generate that many points. For this Stalingrad ship, just to put things in perspective, the shell travel time for 20km is about the same as Montana shell travel time for 17km. And we all know it is not uncommon for Montana to dev strike from that distance. Stalingrad will be just as effective from 20km with her super high penetration + cruiser-level dispersion.
  13. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    I was specifically talking about competitive since that was what your original post commented on. As for random, she would be even more effective. It is much much easier to find broadside w/o a lot of effort, especially considering you have good accuracy to land shells from long distance.
  14. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    This is exactly why we are not as good as SEA teams here on NA I have recently just listened to SEA KotS interviews. They stated clearly their strategy revolves around taking advantage of Hindenburgs consistent firepower from even 20km. Their goal is to have Hindenburgs shooting for as long as possible from max range. BBs are NOT better off by being closer. They will die. If you ever watched VOR vs OPG, you will know even being within 20km of enemy ship in early game is a misplay already. Tanking is not a viable strategy for any ship, including BBs. On NA, ppl keep emphasizing things on capture contesting, getting closer to caps etc. However, SEA teams have a completely different mindset. They focus on best HP trading, doing max damage while taking minimal damage in return. They give up caps early game, instead, they focus on getting ship and HP advantage. From results of the battles, it seems to me SEA philosophy is the better one.
  15. Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Sure. Stalingrad is huge but Moskva is not a rowboat either.