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  1. TX has consistently more try-hard divisions who can get their winrate up to 70-80%. The average Joe, as a result, will have a winrate 45-50%.
  2. Exciton8964

    Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    I'd say FXP. There could be more coal-only ships that you like in the future. Save your coal for those.
  3. Exciton8964

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    The ship is demanding in positioning just like Des Moines. But I find her quite a bit more flexible than Des moines due to concealment range < radar range. However, it will be nerfed and I don't see too much point playing her over Des Moines.
  4. Exciton8964

    UK DDs are painful without wide spreads

    I don't understand why you need wide spread in DD knife fights.
  5. Exciton8964

    Lightning is OK I guess...

    Never have a chance to play. Only played Icarus and Jervis, both of which I consider 'ok'. Lightening seems to be on the strong side. She has 5.5km concealment + higher HE dpm than Benson. Torpedoes also seem to be decent.
  6. You can find it here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0710/ Just scroll down and you will find it.
  7. No. Your end-of-season rank will always show in front of your name tag until next season starts Next season will starts after next clan war season is over, likely to be early next year. However, there will be a mini T5 ranked 'sprint' next patch.
  8. Exciton8964


    She is not as helpless as a reload mod Des Moines on ocean because of stealth radar capability. You can easily counter DDs create safe zone for yourself. Des Moines, on the other hand, can be perma spot by a DD abusing the 10-10.6km concealment gap.
  9. Exciton8964

    Do many Unicums ever pick Vigilance?

    I only take it on DD. I am currently using it on Yueyang, Gearing and Harugumo. But in clan wars, I don't take it and use RPF instead.
  10. Exciton8964

    The "Keeper" Tier 6 Battleship

    I also enjoyed Fuso and Normandie the most. Fuso just has incredible firepower at T6 with 12 guns, 28s reload and IJN dispersion. Normandie combines strong firepower with 30knots speed. She really murders cruisers.
  11. I see more divisions at weekends, either unicum division that always win or potato division that always loses. Overall, solo experience at weekends is like a gamble. You can hardly control the game outcome with tons of divisions out there in high tiers.
  12. Exciton8964

    Russian Battleships?

    Not looking forward to a 'line' for Russian BB. Sovetsky Soyuz as a T9 premium is pretty much enough. She is close to the size of H39(FdG) and has Iowa firepower and should be a fine ship at T9. I am not too interested in a tech tree that is entirely paper and fiction from T6 up.
  13. Exciton8964

    What makes Arizona so much stronger than New Mexico?

    Most of Warspite's stats is carried over from her old form. She has been buffed a few times. She is a different kind of beast with fewer guns but she has better overmatch capability. I like both ships but right now I prefer Warspite. As for West Virginia, she will just be another Mutsu with big guns but not very accurate.
  14. Breaking my personal max damage record, but not enough to buy a win :( The ship is definitely a lot of fun, probably OP as well.
  15. Exciton8964

    Ranked Moments

    This season has been a real struggle to me. Took me 198 games, much more than previous two seasons. I got tilted multiple times due to the high amount of yolo suiciders in early game. I am really baffled that how so many ships, even BBs struggle to live past 6 or 7 minute mark. Also I think DD players need to take Vigilance. So many of them just straight up die by eating a random torp early game.