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  1. No. It is not a failure by any means. Even the initial live version of action-combat CV(which was clearly OP) is better for the game than RTS. It is easier to learn and improve. So it also reduces player skill gap. There is much less impact on game outcome. It may still be the most impactful class but not by much compared to other classes if you look at winrate distribution. The only thing problematic was how they implemented the rework into the live game. They just blindly put the whole thing in without careful testing, let alone fixing lots of balance issues. As band aids, they made many large balance changes and have players suffer through them. They even sell premium CVs in mass when the balance process is clearly not even close to being done.
  2. Exciton8964

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    Because it would be the best way for them to maximize their earning. For now, they keep her behind a long grind and RNG loot boxes so players have to either keep playing their game or spend big money. After the event is over, they can put her back in premium shop at, say, end of the year to earn even more money from those who missed the event.
  3. Exciton8964

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    I think eventually they will sell her in premium shop. But now they want to get the most benefit out of her. Players either have to keep playing to get through the grind or spend $200+ on crates to get the ship.
  4. I agree that Salem is overall a worse Des Moines since she gives up a good radar for a slightly better heal. However, I still find her quite unique and fun after playing hundreds of game in Des Moines. In Des Moines, you usually want to make the most out of your radar so you spend more time on map/vision control. In Salem, I can focus entirely on doing damage and have plenty of excuses to take a more selfish playstyle.
  5. Exciton8964

    How much $$$ do I need to spend for Beham?

    I will never buy these crates in large quantities. If you only need one certain thing e.g. tokens from these crates, they are way overpriced. Just be a bit more patient and wait for the ship to come back to premium shop in the future(maybe even armory). It will save you a lot of money.
  6. Exciton8964

    Can we say no to Kutuzov next CW? Please?

    Honestly, I think Akizuki will be just as powerful as Kutuzov.
  7. Exciton8964

    Enterprise under-powered? Ask Eurobeat!

    I only have Lexington, Saipan and Enterprise as my T8 CVs. Enterprise is definitely my favorite among the three. She is not a DOT monster like other USN CVs but she has the tools to handle almost any situation.
  8. Exciton8964

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    T6/T8 will benefit from such change. But T7/T9 will suffer. As T8 ship will be no longer be in T10 games, there will be a lot more T7-T9 and T7-T8 spread games. In both of these, T7 games will serve as bottom tier. I think T7 to T8/T9 gap is quite big due to concealment and reload/range upgrade. T8 usually have a firepower disadvantage from T10 but better concealment. In T7's case, they have both firepower and concealment disadvantage.
  9. Exciton8964


    How much experience do you have with other USN CAs? If you can get good at playing New Orleans/Baltimore, you should have no problem playing Salem.
  10. Exciton8964

    What is the most you've ever tanked?

    5 million ish in Henri IV. I think she is one the best ship at evasive tanking damage.
  11. Exciton8964

    Concerns for Yoshino (Yes, I know its WIP)

    So you think it is a good we should have another Stalingrad-esque ship simply because she is also a reward ship? I am totally fine with an average T10 coal ship. Players can always choose not to get it if they think the ship is underwhelming. Why does every coal/steel/reward ship have to be so good that everyone will love it?
  12. Exciton8964

    Concerns for Yoshino (Yes, I know its WIP)

    She still looks like a solid ship, but definitely not anywhere close to being OP. I like that since players of this game refuse to have their premium ship nerfed. So it is much better for a ship to come out being average than being OP. The last thing we want is an OP premium at T10. If she turns out to be underperforming on live server, they can still buff her further.
  13. Now I regret not returning Saipan for doubloons. Enterprise feels so much easier to use and so much more fun. I kept Saipan because I want to eventually get better at her. However, the incoming nerfs just make me not feel like play that ship anymore. She is already very demanding on plane loss control. With nerfed plane speed, I just don't see how I will be able to do it well enough. Her HE bombs already feel very inconsistent against non-BB targets with 2x2 payload while Lex has 3x2. The incoming HE bomb consistency nerf can only make things even worse.
  14. Exciton8964

    WG: How do you feel about this result?

    I voted for slightly worse. But now I will probably say neutral as I am feeling more comfortable in a CV game.
  15. Exciton8964

    Sacrificing for AA

    I follow two general rules. 1. Do not camp island for prolonged period of time. Stationary ship is the easiest target to strike. Island can also be abused by CV player as shield from AA. 2. Stay near at least one teammate. DM AA is good but being alone is still extremely dangerous. I don't like blobbing but staying near one ally makes it so much harder for CV to strike. CV will have to tank medium/long range AA from one of you two while striking the other.