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  1. Exciton8964

    Is CE wasted on brawling BBs?

    It is not a waste on brawling BBs. CE helps you on the following: 1. Get closer to enemy before being detected. This is very important as getting brawling opportunity is by far the most difficult thing in this game. The last thing you want is to have enemy ship kiting away the moment they see you pushing up. 2. Conserve HP in earlier game. Even as a brawling BB, you probably won't be able to brawl in early game when the ship count is still high. As a big fat BB, every one likes to take a chunk away from you in early game. CE helps you move more freely without being focus fired. The HP you conserved will help you a lot when you finally get the chance to push up and brawl.
  2. Exciton8964

    Slava Release version gameplay.

    I used all my RB points in the ship today. She did not disappoint in my first 3 games(45% main battery hit rate with majority of shells fired from long distance). Her gameplay basically focuses on one thing - find broadside. It doesn't matter how far away that broadside is. As long as you find one, her laser gun arcs and accuracy will not let you down. She has clear weakness in frontal engagement but it doesn't prevent her from being a ship you feel dirty to play.
  3. Exciton8964

    Win/Loss Streak Prevention Mechanic

    Additional exp reward for accumulated losses. Loss means you earn less exp so extra xp will make me feel better when I finally got that win.
  4. Exciton8964

    WG takes a hammer to Venezia

    I really don't think it is all due to CB for Yueyang, Henri and Venezia to get nerfed hard. All 3 ships were having very high average stats in random as well before the nerf. However, I do think the nerfs on all three ships are a bit too harsh. Edit: I forgot about Kleber. This ship deserves the nerf except the air concealment. I was having ridiculously high WR in both random and ranked in this ship. There was a nasty 3-5 Kleber meta in CB as well. So I am happy she got nerfed. Her air concealment shouldn't be nerfed though as she already struggles against CVs. Luckily they might tune down all DD air concealment by half soon.
  5. Exciton8964

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    I don't think so... With their 40s reload, slow shell speed, terrible concealment, I can easily dance in front of them with pretty much any high tier cruiser and burn them down easily. It is not like I will have issue surviving just because BBs have higher caliber guns. The only high caliber BB guns I fear in a cruiser are Yamato's and Republic's.
  6. Exciton8964

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    You will probably enjoy Lyon with her 16 barrel shot guns. For premium, you might want to check out Ashitaka. She has Amagi guns but gets really poor armor at a tier lower.
  7. Exciton8964

    Dalas or Pensacola line first?

    Pensacola (heavy cruiser) is overall the stronger line at the moment. Every ship is decent or great. The top of line Des Moines is the strongest T10 cruiser in my book at the moment. CLs below T7 were butchered by the HE/IFHE/armor global change. They will struggle against T8/T9 ships. Cleveland at T8 is still a great ship and can function with either IFHE or without. However, T9 Seattle is mediocre. T10 Worcester is decent but requires much more effort than many other T10 cruisers.
  8. Devonshire is totally OP by T6 standard. Didn't play Surrey.
  9. Exciton8964

    Which ship has the most ridiculously accurate main guns?

    It is still a test ship but Slava comes to mind immediately.
  10. Shima is not powercrept. I have been playing this ship recently to grind for the UU and she is simply amazing. I am not sure if I can achieve such stats in any of my other T10 DDs. All games were played solo.
  11. Exciton8964

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    The ship is quite good. The only thing that keeps her from being OP is the 180mm HE. Her HE DPM is more comparable to heavy cruisers like Zao and Hindy but you have be give up either pen(no IFHE) or fire chance(with IFHE). Her effective HE damage is still decent but she is definitely not as potent as Zao or Hindy at damaging BBs.
  12. Exciton8964

    How is Al Nevsky?

    Very effective long range HE spammer and good AP against cruisers in mid-range just like Moskva. She is much less tankier than Moskva but has a better concealment which combos well with 12km radar. Overall, I find her quite strong but not OP yet.
  13. Exciton8964

    How do you like the new T10 Sashimi?

    I am considering spending my steel on this thing. On paper, she seems to be very similar to Yamato with a slightly different flavor. She basically trades number of guns for better shell speed, accuracy and reload. I think Yamato will probably be overall the better ship, which finds a decent balance between alpha strike and consistent damage output. Shikshima will probably have better damage over time but lacks in devastating strike potential
  14. Des Moines one is debatable. We will see how it plays out. Montana UU nerf just doesn't make any sense.
  15. The funny part is that I seem to see T7 more often in my T9 than in my T8. T9 has probably the easiest matchmaking and you will be having a great time in this bote.