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  1. North Carolina

    NC has no accuracy mod.
  2. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    She is the clear favorite among T6 DDs. If there were T6 ranked, she will be the obvious best choice.
  3. The thing is that the biggest threat to Hindenburg is still BB APs in random battles. As you can see, you only got hit by 2 fires. It might be more useful in clan battles but giving up concealment is still a big loss.
  4. Aiming at DDs

    You can zoom out a bit when aiming at DDs. I know it helps many people. However, it is definitely quite hard for USN cruisers to hit DDs outside 10km. Don't feel too bad about it. Just try to gradually improve.
  5. Small Montana Buff

    Never had any problem getting citadel hits on Montana. Her citadel deck can be overmatched by 406mm+ guns. GK, Republique and Conqueror all have citadels that are much harder to hit.
  6. No love for Russian Cruisers?

    Donskoi is a fine ship by T9 standard but most T9 ships are on the weak side. They get heal and extra upgrade. But the ship itself usually has little upgrade over the preceding ship. For Donskoi's case, she has same number guns with larger caliber compared to Chapayev. But the RoF is much lower. So overall, your HE spamming efficiency is lower than Chapayev. She does get faster travelling shells so you do have more impactful AP at range. Her concealment is much worse than Chapayev. That means it is much harder to bully DDs. Your early game impact is usually much worse than Chapayev. Her other weakness is the bad forward firing angle. This makes her bad at chasing ships despite her decent speed. Overall, she is a decent ship but lacks a defining feature. Chapayev is defined but her great concealment in combination with radar and fast firing guns. In other words, Donskoi really doesn't excel in any category. She is just one of those okayish but boring heavy cruisers.
  7. Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    Will there be one for July 27 at all? It states that the sale lasts until July 27. If July 27 4.20PT was the end time, Kii will be the last ship on sale.
  8. Is Fubuki THAT much worse than Shimome?

    I actually think Fubuki is the better ship. 10km 3x3 torps with pretty fast reload is devastating for a T6 DD.
  9. Halsey campaign, and best ship him?

    I am having him on my Des Moines. I use reload module. With his special talent of 20% less reload and AR kicking in late game, you get sub 3.5s reload which is just hilarious.
  10. Radar Yang, Radar Mu

    I am considering using radar on my Chung mu. It is infuriating when enemy DDs just smoke up in front of you w/o the need to worry about any torpedoes. I actually think smoke is more useful when there were a lot of radar ships around. Because you can rely on teammate radar to outplay enemy DDs. But I feel there are not that many radar ships now after the initial heat dissipates. I feel very powerless in cap contesting and anti-DD in this ship.
  11. I will take a win over anything, even if it means I got completely carried by my teammates.
  12. It is about target selection. You want to focus on punishing ships that are out of position. It is pointless to put on a fire on a BB 20km away. However, if you are focusing down an aggressive ship, fire is very effective. A heal is only gonna heal back 14% of a ship's health in almost 2min time. You want to either kill or severely cripple a ship within that time frame.
  13. It doesn't make sense. If you are doing a lot of damage, you ARE helping the team win games. You can say she has low impact early game but not that she doesn't contribute to winning.
  14. I will spend money if Leningrad or Roma went on sale.
  15. Agree with you. Most of my clan are actually from western coast. So we are pretty much limited to play on weekends. Even then the time is not very convenient, overlapping dinner time. On weekdays, we may occasionally play for the last hour of the session. I think the CW session should be at least 1-2 hours longer.