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  1. Exciton8964

    Did WG nerf the Republique?

    Her dispersion can be wonky sometimes but I never have issue with her ballistic and penetration.
  2. Exciton8964

    How to Citadel Puerto Rico?

    Her citadel is lower than Alaska's. It is kinda like the old Conqueror's citadel, well below waterline.
  3. Exciton8964

    Does Salem actually need a buff?

    She is okayish but a small buff like this more than welcome. However, the buff I really want is to make her second turret backfiring angle the same as Des Moines. She is worse at kiting than Des Moines due to this poor backward firing angle, which I don't see a reason for.
  4. Exciton8964

    Free XP Amagi from Nagato?

    Izumo is no longer bad. All her issues got fixed. Now she has thick deck armor to resist HE spam, decent concealment to reposition and 2.0 sigma on high penetration high shell velocity guns.
  5. Exciton8964

    Le Fantasque is fantastic.

    They only start to become good at T8. T6/T7 French DDs are meh. They don't have crazy speed and can be easily bullied by CVs without smoke. The gun arcs become much better starting T8. You can bully DDs, sometimes even cruisers and also put BBs on fire reliably from safe distance.
  6. Exciton8964

    Alabama still good?

    After the buff to NC heal and rudder shift, I find there is very little point to play Alabama anymore. Her only clear advantage now is torpedo protection.
  7. Exciton8964

    If you have to pick one: Montana or Republique?

    Republique for sure. She has very punchy guns and really fast speed to reposition. Montana is too easy to counter by angling and dodging with her small caliber shells with low penetration and also slow shell speed.
  8. Exciton8964

    Current Des Moines captain skills?

    You don't need LS on Des Moines so I suggest respec. For a 16-pt John Doe, I suggest PT, EM, AR, SI, DE, CE Must-have skills: PT(indispensable for a cruiser) AR(more DPM) SI(extra heal+radar) CE(important for cruisers, especially so for Des Moines who can ambush and burst down a target fast) Other useful skills: EL(quickly swap to AP, slightly less useful for DM who already have fast reload) IFA(avoid getting deleted by long-range BB shells) JoAT(faster reload on heal/radar) EM(Des Moines turret traverse is not great so she can use some help there) DE(high RoF + bonus fire chance = even more fires) SE(some extra HP always helps) Vigilance(if you have trouble dodging torpedoes) RL(works well with ambush playstyle but a bit too expensive)
  9. Exciton8964

    Smolensk made Mino obsolete.

    It depends on which skill spectrum you are talking about. I'd say for 90% players out there, Smolensk is the stronger ship. Also she is extremely threatening to DDs with her fast, high-volume HE shells. She has concealment and smoke to create positional advantage for your team. This is a completely different beast than your average Conqueror who sit 20km+ and try to light fires.
  10. No. It is not a failure by any means. Even the initial live version of action-combat CV(which was clearly OP) is better for the game than RTS. It is easier to learn and improve. So it also reduces player skill gap. There is much less impact on game outcome. It may still be the most impactful class but not by much compared to other classes if you look at winrate distribution. The only thing problematic was how they implemented the rework into the live game. They just blindly put the whole thing in without careful testing, let alone fixing lots of balance issues. As band aids, they made many large balance changes and have players suffer through them. They even sell premium CVs in mass when the balance process is clearly not even close to being done.
  11. Exciton8964

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    Because it would be the best way for them to maximize their earning. For now, they keep her behind a long grind and RNG loot boxes so players have to either keep playing their game or spend big money. After the event is over, they can put her back in premium shop at, say, end of the year to earn even more money from those who missed the event.
  12. Exciton8964

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    I think eventually they will sell her in premium shop. But now they want to get the most benefit out of her. Players either have to keep playing to get through the grind or spend $200+ on crates to get the ship.
  13. I agree that Salem is overall a worse Des Moines since she gives up a good radar for a slightly better heal. However, I still find her quite unique and fun after playing hundreds of game in Des Moines. In Des Moines, you usually want to make the most out of your radar so you spend more time on map/vision control. In Salem, I can focus entirely on doing damage and have plenty of excuses to take a more selfish playstyle.
  14. Exciton8964

    How much $$$ do I need to spend for Beham?

    I will never buy these crates in large quantities. If you only need one certain thing e.g. tokens from these crates, they are way overpriced. Just be a bit more patient and wait for the ship to come back to premium shop in the future(maybe even armory). It will save you a lot of money.
  15. Exciton8964

    Can we say no to Kutuzov next CW? Please?

    Honestly, I think Akizuki will be just as powerful as Kutuzov.