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  1. DarkwingGlacier

    Anchors Away USS Massachusetts

    A quick video about the Anchors Away tour when it stopped by Battleship Cove to see the USS Massachusetts, and I also attempt to wheedle a few tidbits of info from @FemennenIy! https://youtu.be/1g_Rc3Vzf3o
  2. DarkwingGlacier

    Who have you seen in game

    Hey, I replied, I said "Good day, sir" or something like that. I remember it was on Two Brothers and I was defending my cap against way too many reds (of which you were one) approaching from the west side. Pretty sure i didn't live long after that... In any event, if you missed it, I'll say hi now. "Hi!"
  3. This one has it all: A "terrible" premium ship, an impressive comeback, a gunnery duel, some Notsering, and all of it covered in a thick layer of SALT. Or, alternatively, how I joined the Krasny Krym Krazy Kaptain's Kraken Klub! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYRRrEMeQLM
  4. DarkwingGlacier

    To ALL The People Claiming The Belfast is Still OP

    Belfast is so ridiculously unbelievably incredibly understatedly overpowered that sometimes extreme measures are necessary to deal with it...
  5. Salt is probably the second most common thing on the Internet. World of Warships is not immune to its corrosive nature, and to my shame, neither am I. I take a look at saltiness in games, where it comes from, and how to fight it.
  6. DarkwingGlacier

    Vanguard - First Look

    My First Look at HMS Vanguard. https://youtu.be/Sm6qkCSct3c
  7. DarkwingGlacier

    Dreadnought - First Look

    My "Vanguard - First Look" video is next in the queue. Short version: Dreadnought = Tier III Warspite Warspite = Tier VI Warspite Vanguard = Tier VIII Warspite Fun ships all.
  8. DarkwingGlacier

    Dreadnought - First Look

    Here is my first game in HMS Dreadnought. The verdict: It feels like a Tier III Warspite.
  9. I know that many WoWS players are parents, and kids can sometimes get in the way of our gaming obsession. So in order to play the game as well as keep the kids entertained, I frequently have to bring in Kapitan von Gletscher, a rather silly captain and commentator. Watch at your own risk, for the level of dorkiness goes up to 11. I do have to say, however, that when you play the game with a light-hearted attitude, it pretty much eliminates any salt. That isn't to say I don't try, but it does mean that when things go badly, I don't get all upset about it. And the kids like it, too.
  10. DarkwingGlacier

    Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    Thanks for the feedback! I thought my narration style was boring as hell! :)
  11. DarkwingGlacier

    Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    Thanks! If I didn't have to work a day job I might have the time to do a sample size of 100. :)
  12. DarkwingGlacier

    Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    Oh, I use AP plenty in the Monarch...in fact, that's why I made a video specifically about that. :)
  13. DarkwingGlacier

    Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    My analysis video of Tier VIII Battleships (well, the ones I have in my port anyway: Bismarck, Kii, Massachusetts, Monarch, North Carolina--I'll add more if and when I get them) Basically I played 50 battles in each, recorded their stats and did a comparative analysis to see which one works best for me. And before you bring it up, yes I know, various stats websites do track stuff already, but I tracked some things that those sites don't track, such as the tier of the battle, hit percentages of main vs. secondary batteries, and so on. Hopefully some may find it useful, or at least interesting.
  14. DarkwingGlacier

    How to pronounce Worcester

    Good to see all the New Englanders represent!