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  1. First one to fire rockets off a submarine. And the Barb "sunk" a train!
  2. Game Unstable since patch

    Oh man. I've not been able to load into a battle without critical errors crash. And I just bought some premium time. Uninstall and reloaded once. Took all the wg stuff off and reinstalled. Will try tomorrow.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    @Haze_Grey_And_Underway we met again. Your z and that DM were formidable. Sunk my shimi, at a cost.
  4. Who have you seen in game

    @Haze_Grey_And_Underway in ranked today. We were on opposite sides of a nail biter in Shimikazes.
  5. A [edited] Dasha is bad

    I'll just get Pan Asian Dasha. Makes as much sense as English on those ships.
  6. Who have you seen in game

    @Haze_Grey_And_Underway in ranked today. We were on opposite sides of a nail biter in Shimikazes.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    I don't recall any chat directed at us. Given my results that day, you were either really happy or really frustrated. All my games seemed to be blowouts... in one direction or another.
  8. Karma/Complaint

    Or you did better than 10 other players, but the dead ones thought you cost the game.
  9. Anyone Else Feel Paranoid Playing?

    I don't get paranoid until my PT exceeds 6. Then I begin to wonder. Is it me? The color of my ship on the Minimap? The fear of torpedoes running amok in the red spawn? IDK. Except that one time. My palm tree was missing. That battle stunk.
  10. Your GO NAVY results

    I got the Wooster camo. Now I need to break out CL 55 and grind. My DM has its permanent camo, so I got one in advance to put on another T10. I have permanent camo on shimikaze also. It makes those ships an option when I play without premium account. I let 30 of my tokens roll into credits. (I let it make a down payment on the Wooster. ) And now IJN DDs are out. So many ships, so little time.
  11. Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Herr_Reitz on the red team in battle today. I completely forget the outcome of that game.
  12. DD Lesson of the Day.

    Yeah, I run smoke in ranked also. I am just not as proficient as I could be.
  13. Harekaze Skills

    I usually run my Akizuki Capt. PT, PM, LS, SE, IFHE, CE, and RPF. Sometimes I will use my yugumo captain and have TAE and AR instead of IFHE and PM. RPF is powerful on IJN DDs. I use the special speed boost mod and TRB.
  14. DD Lesson of the Day.

    Yugumo does better without smoke for me. I am able to keep moving and, if confronted by enemy DDs run or shoot, depending on the HP balance. If I have a good team, I watch the sporting damage indicator go ching ching ching.
  15. Any Advice on Kagero?

    You gotta have SE on that boat. It doesn't make you bullet proof but I have lost count of the damage I have done with an hp level below stock. The only thing that can outspot me is a rarely complete stealth yugumo. It is a beast also. I think it's the kagero outspotting the yugumo. It is one or the other by a few meters.