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  1. T9/T10 Japanese DD Play

    Paging Admiral Halsey, Admiral Bull Halsey.
  2. feeling is MM is definitely not random

    Could be that with a random MM. It would be an asymptote. An "upper limit," if you will. It happens to all of us. The limit is just different for each player.
  3. 39 and a Clear Sky in the Cleveland with MFCAA and premium DF. Two Bogues made combined attacks... Twice.
  4. Mutsuki or USELESStsuki

    Not an easy ship. Stay alive, first. The more time you are in game the more torps you can launch; the more likely you will catch someone looking the wrong way at the wrong time. In standard, scout the flanks, but advance slowly. In domination, grab a cap, but don't contest it. If you outspot the red dd, let the CL's handle the gunfire. Early in the game, torp smokes. Stay alive. Later in the game, BB's will appear out alone. Stalk and torp them. Or at least try. Watch the score. Don't do anything late in the game that will interfere with the prime directive unless the team is behind: STAY ALIVE
  5. New to the Des Moines

    I have a 15 point commander in the Des Moines. I am satisfied with (1)PT, (2) AR, EM, (3) SI, DE, (4) CE. I have an 18 pt commander in the Baltimore, and, unless my experience changes in the next 20 battles, I think I may go with the RDF as the final skill. I am so tired of popping radar and my guns not being trained in the proper direction. So far, my contribution to the AA war has been more deterrent than live fire. Attack squadrons begin an approach, see the Baltimore, and withdraw.
  6. Skill based match maker?

    If we get this, we will get threads complaining that the low-skilled players are being spawned near the high-skilled players. We are experts in finding external reasons for our setbacks.
  7. Best line. For me, though, it's: "I'll sink 500 time before the day is done."
  8. Run in on an advancing BB and drop torps. Stay undetected and reverse course while setting a smoke screen. Circle while your torps are reloading. You will have a nearly point blank shot when you get back through the smoke. Don't miss. This tactic works especially in late game. Beware of hydro and radar ships that are in the area. I used it on a NM early in the game and he had a German CL come and support him. The CL sunk me after I sunk the NM. Now the red team had about 1/3 of their ships behind the island at J8 on Two Brothers. Fair trade.
  9. It would. Then AFT or MFCAA would be a skill that all the CL's would take. Now we have created a must-have skill that a CA now gets as a tradeoff for slower-loading batteries.
  10. Mutsuki or USELESStsuki

    Right there. That's the problem. The Mutsuki is nearly always the stealthiest ship in its matches (CE + Camo). Stay silent. Stay unseen. Keep CL's handy for the DD's you spot. Torpedo BB's. The Texas seems especially vulnerable. Don't stay in cap if contested. Flank and do torp damage on the supporting larger ships. Oh, yeah, never engage a DD with guns unless you have a really large health margin and there is no one around. (Remember "Stay Silent?")
  11. Mammas don't let your DDs grow up to be BBs

    How can someone downvote that?
  12. Sunk a friendly. Really pissed.

    Kinda fun in the DD or CA/CL. I am not even trying that part of the mission. In the CA/CL, I get to punish the agressive DD's. In my DD, I get to pick up the pieces since I am not caring if I get a kill. I am happy just landing torps and causing 30K/0 kills of damage IF we win.
  13. Missions unintended consequences

    Those were happy times in the Mutsuki and Akatsuki. Torpedo, LOOSE!
  14. Battles are Crazier than expected

    CV's are looking for the 10 plane kills in a win for the Aftvent mission, maybe? I was hoping for them to be out so I could complete it in my Cleveland and not have to sail the Langley into randoms. Took five battles, but "Mission Accomplished," as 43 said.
  15. I enjoy my Cleveland versus Atlanta, Pensacola, Indianapolis. AP is harsher on them than the Cleveland.