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  1. I read that part of that was a means to allow ease of service and training. The more the ships were the same, and the more the functions of each type were common with one another, the easier to scale repairs, service, supply, and training. When I read that, it made sense, so I never researched it. I found it interesting nonetheless.
  2. Tier 5 is great for flooding. I seem to get a lot of floods that go on, and on, and on, against T6 and T7 BB's. They appear to have enough armor to resist instant destruction and sufficient hit points to rack up the flooding numbers. What I really thought was wild was getting Liquidator, Dev Strike, and It's Just a Flesh Wound from one torpedo.
  3. CE. I think that IFHE will not help the 203's. After CE, I like AR and BFT on my Pensacola. It comes to personal preferences.
  4. Why is it so easy to hit cit an Atlanta?
  5. I misread that, but the Law of Large Numbers will still apply. Okay, so in that case, the >60% are driven down to a lower league and the >45% are driven up to a higher league. They still will meet each other until they once again achieve above or below the mean, or whichever point MM has been programmed to recognize. Three leagues: (1) Below average in a particular ship, fighting to reach average, (2) Above average in a particular ship, fighting to stay there, and (3) average in a particular ship. Group # consists of the players that have been bounced out of the first two groups seeking to find their WR level based on individual skill (W/O the intervention of this SB MM.) My Hypothesis: Most players will progress or regress into group 3 cyclically. Therefore, group 3, which will see the lion's share of battles, will be as the MM is today.
  6. If the teams were balanced by skill, half the higher skilled players lose every time due to lower skilled teammates. What does it solve?
  7. I got that one with a Mitsuki. The battle prior had 18,000 plus in flooding. Why didn't I DD sooner?
  8. Hitting wasn't the problem. It was surviving long enough to make a difference. I repurchased the Omaha last night. I need some more XP on her for the Dallas. I am going to give it another try. I still think the Cleveland is a great ship, especially in two specific roles. AA which may be to deny a portion of the map to the CV. The second is to interdict the sneak attacks by DDs that set out too far ahead of their CL/CA or BB support. This happens more often in standard battles. The RoF and DPM of the Cleveland is deadly to DDs. The slower turret rotation really helps this role rather than hinders it. Many times, I have used the rudder to hasten the turret swing and, because of that rudder shift, I avoided a salvo of torps from the hunted DD. The other role that the Cleveland works best for me is finding an island and denying passage to red ships with a reduced exposure to fire. Thus my contention that the Cleveland is a ship of positioning. It can dodge torps with the best of them and stand in the fire of DDs to good effect. It suffers if exposed to CA and BB fire, even if it is juking and jiving.
  9. I lost a battle in epicenter that just stunk. The CAs and DDs on the green team pressed the outer ring with one BB. We didn't capture, but we stayed in the outer zone and destroyed six of the red ships in the center. Two BBS stayed out at the northern border of the map and fought two red DDs. Two of our CAs had to interrupt the capture to help with the torpedo threat. It came down to an 8v4 match in our favor, but time expired. It was a disappointment.
  10. Cleveland: PT, EM, DE, IFHE, AR, AFT, BFT. (In that order) MFCAA makes AA fierce, but sacrifices range. AR is too valuable for a second four point AA skill.
  11. The Cleveland is a ship of position against CA, CL, & BB. A ship of movement and dpm against DD's. Harder to counter, and more flexible. I have a bias against Omaha though. I could not produce damage in her. Low skill.
  12. Two Atlanta's to exploit? The only thing better in a Pensacola is to see two Omaha's. Seriously, I would, in a cruiser, rather see two Atlanta's than two Cleveland's. In a DD, not so much.
  13. Fun mission. Nice free XP to go with a nice flag.
  14. Won;t the Cleveland Captain go to the Dallas? That would be the replacement for that ship and would maintain the integrity of the CA/CL distinction. If the CL captain were to be moved into a CA command, I would expect WG to offer free respec similar to the one that was proposed with the now-dead nerf to IFHE.
  15. I have experienced chain firing the turrets on the Cleveland in the area a ship had just disappeared and being rewarded with hits. I would continue to fire until I no longer got any hits. With the reload time and the detection range of the Cleveland, there is no real penalty for doing this. The reload time on the Cleveland makes it the best CA/CL in the line to prosecute destroyers. So, when I have the opportunity, I will take the improbable shot. Also, a Cleveland could shoot while you are spotted, and five seconds after you are unspotted, the shells arrive and a second volley is on the way to the general area, with greater dispersion to land some lucky hits.