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  1. I like how noone ever has accused MM of pushing stats up
  2. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Why does MM inject CV's into Co-op games?

    I really like it when there is a red CV and the map has a cap point that is red at the beginning. I go to coop either for damage or ribbons. If the reds are not generating points, green wins by mercy rule before I can collect.
  3. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    With torps permanently knocked out on most IJN dd's in the Shima line, he is reduced to a role as a spotter. That is negating combat effectiveness on an RNG roll
  4. What if you drop into a streamed game? I have seen several streamers in-game. I have seen many. I am sure I have been in even more that I did not recognize the streamer. It is implied consent.
  5. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    There is nothing wrong with divisions in this game

    Maybe we can get a new premium Literal Combat Ship to defeat the dreaded Metaphors.
  6. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    There is nothing wrong with divisions in this game

    I have been in a few solo randoms that we only won because of the div on our team. Several players had very low scores, sometimes even one of the div members. Some of the div members and one or two others had really big games that overcame the weaker allied players. But why all the disrespect for divs? If divs are unfair, what about the 14 point captain I have on the Mutsuki? RDF is op at Tier 5.
  7. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Spotting video shows how bad this game is...

    I don't do CV, but a flanking DD can wreck a camping CA and harass a camping BB. Especially ones that are using their shell arc or range to prevent return fire. Some positions are harder to root out, but looking for the opportunity is "fun and engaging."
  8. Ensign_Pulver_2016


    Just did work. Thanks.
  9. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Accidental fratricide penalties

    I like the way you think
  10. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Just got accused of cheating in ranked

    Yeah, I was fighting a Smokensk and a Haragumo in my Shima. I torped the DD's smoke and scored a hit. I launched torps on the Smolensk before he disappeared into said smoke. Before the torps caught up to him, he sank the Haragumo by ramming. LOLs in chat
  11. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    When To Use Signal Flags and Camos?

    I try to always use premium consumables, at least in PvP. I have gone from PvE to PvP and forgotten to load them. Signals, not so much. I use some combat signals in regular play. Ranked, always. Economic signals are useful when the missions require XP, CXP, or Free XP. Some of the signals are self sufficient: the signal that gives extra xp repair will give more than one dreadnought every ten games. Even without hoarding, I have hundreds of combat and economic signals. I have a lot of special signals in quantities of 40 to 60.
  12. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Accidental fratricide penalties

    Some folks are so irresponsible in their rumor mongering I so agree with this. I have likely caused more team damage than I have taken, but I still don't like the idea of removing it for so many reasons;