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  1. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    doubloons disappearing

    125 sounds like a camo
  2. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Ranked Battles and how to not be an ahole

    Telling others to uninstall or to go to coop is also unproductive.
  3. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Cthulu's How-To: On Pacing the Grind.

    That is why I have respect. I would either be self-loathing over giving up high tier ships that are loads of fun, or so hating trying to re-earn a ship that is so meh.
  4. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    commander retraining

    I can't play enough to even think about getting another 21 point commander. I have one commander generating 100% ECXP. If I use that to make another commander 21, I will have missed the opportunity to promote two from 10 to 14. Or, a whole lot more from 12 to 14. For me at least, there is much more utility in getting the 14th point than in getting the 21st. Now, if my 20 point captain gets within 250-300 k of maxing out, dipping into ECXP might make sense. No, it won't make sense, but I can rationalize that much ECXP to max him out.
  5. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Cthulu's How-To: On Pacing the Grind.

    I can understand that. I have a metric s-ton of Tier 6 premiums and a lot of unexplored types, especially BBs to motivate me to play at 6. I haven't had the heart to play the CO enough to get the Kansas. I am like 2/3 of the way there. I went through the European DD in the early fall and the Pan-Asian DDs in winter. Now, I am playing my RN Premiums and seeing the enormity of those last two captain points. I am trying to get at least a little steel and some FXP for those ships. I have a few of the UUs, but, don't really play many of them. UU Shima is fun in ranked.
  6. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    What takes out secondary mounts better, AP or HE?

    What is hilarious is zero hits for a kill.
  7. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    A thought....

    I would settle for a little support from all the dead eye dudes.
  8. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Cthulu's How-To: On Pacing the Grind.

    Anyone regrinding for RB has my respect (and sympathy). Some things I am not going to do.
  9. Projection can be such a fickle mistress. I like your approach to interpret it as generously as possible.
  10. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    The Standard for Chat bans is broken

    Maybe try just not insulting?
  11. I have GG'd in a blowout when the enemy I fought was more tenacious than the team. I have had that my way too.
  12. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Torpedoes Destroyed!

    Kitikaze breaks a lot of torpedo modules.
  13. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    WG, please take the bots out of ranked.

    I saw an Alaska with 27 games and a 0 PR/27.xx WR. SMH Edit: 27 games in the ship
  14. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    When 4 of your DD"s rush out to die in two minutes...

    Hey, DDs, I am using my dead eye skills. Y'all got this, right?
  15. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Text book German destroyer game play

    Good game @Meta_Man . That allied aki seemed to not appreciate you out in front taking on the reds. I have blundered into friendly torps like that more times than I would like. I really like your playstyle. I am working on getting more aggro. I have been using Daring/Cossack/Kitikaze to channel my beast mode. Learning curve is steep.