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  1. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Who have you seen in game

    I didn't see what happened to you. I think that's the one I had to take evasive action because I was surprisingly by a Cleveland taking a roundabout route into cap. Bots are getting sneaky.
  2. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    French Destroyer containers question

    I got the Tier 6 mission on my first or second container from the directives.
  3. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Who have you seen in game

    Atago.... at the top of the team.
  4. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Who have you seen in game

    @AdmiralThunder in coop. Getting some Repubic tokens in my Colorado. GG Admiral.
  5. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Too much bbs...

    It was a comment in the other thread.
  6. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Too much bbs...

    In less than a minute....
  7. I hate having to play low hp. I love when I wreck the reds when low hp.
  8. You gotta finish the job, though. I have overextended many times and come out living on the edge I was given be SE. Then I switch to total stealth mode. I have run up some scores in a low hp DD.
  9. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Why can't we have two of the same ship?

    Harekaze, Kagero, Asashio, and Asashio B. Solved.
  10. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Okay WG, You Owe Me 16 Dubs!

    Mine only resets if I uncheck the replenishment and then check it again.
  11. Imagine the torque inside that big ole block.
  12. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    AFK in Ranked

    What I hate is when the red team has an afk and my team still loses. Actually, I've been on the team with an afk and have still won, so I know that an afk in random battle is not an automatic loss.
  13. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Co-op question: What makes you prority target in bots minds?

    Works for Worcester