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  1. IJN DDs are Tough // Power Creep // General Rant

    I think they are a blast. I only started the IJN about 8 months ago, and compared to the USN CL/CA, they are so, well, awesome. I still like some of the Cruisers, the Cleveland and the Des Moines, but all the IJN DDs are fun.
  2. What's a Shima need to do to save a star?

    I don't play a lot of ranked. I have played the New Orleans, mostly last season, and the Harekaze/Kagero this season. I can help the team win in a DD, but forget me getting high score. Now in the New Orleans, I can lose, think I did terrible, and come out on top of the score. One of the things that make me say, "Hmmmmm."
  3. My Path To LARP

    I will try to find time to watch this. I get the chance to drop in on your streams sometimes. I find it only slightly less entertaining than helming my own pixels. You do a good job.
  4. Tachibana Lima Mission

    Missions have started
  5. time needed to grind to baltimore

    Will it be more or less if I wait until Friday evening to leave?
  6. WG: A Solution to Captain Re-spec saltiness

    Thanks a lot for the help there. I wasn't griefing it too much, since the Dallas will need a captain, but this really makes WG shine in all aspects of this shift. I like that companies care to give to the customer when they can. Thanks, again.
  7. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Admiral_Thrawn_1on North in his Yamato. Sadly, it was my first standard battle on North in the shimikaze and I was too focused on honorable service missions to not get hung in the eastern channel. At least we won and I was able to sink a red AND complete my mission.
  8. How to Shimakaze

    Don't forget though, with the 12 km torps, you can hit your "target" with one or two out of a salvo and have 13 or 14 that will wreak havoc on the ships behind it. It doesn't seem to matter that the torps have been spotted. The red ships still get in the way.
  9. Who have you seen in game

    I sent 12 or 16 torps into your smoke. I didn't see it was you until I was looking at results.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    @JessieTheKittyin her British CL on trap. Good game.
  11. Request: Forgiveness ability

    I do this. Every time I dodge the white torps that are launched from behind me, I allow the offender to not incur a TK penalty. Yes, I have put torps where an ally has hit them. Not his fault. Mine. Every. Single. Time. Most of the time it is my mistake in the assumptions of which way my ally will turn. OTOH, there are the times that I am focused on the enemy and my torp alarm goes off. I am scanning, scanning, scanning, oh no it's from behind. Hit A. Again. Harder. Too late. Or soon enough, but now, I am dead anyway due to position and my ally does not get a TK penalty.
  12. How Will One Acquire Cleveland in 0.7.5?

    You are quoting about the PT server. I was quoting from the game server update . ( I think).
  13. How Will One Acquire Cleveland in 0.7.5?

    From the news page: Good ol' VI Cleveland is taken two tiers up to her new place in the split line of light cruisers. We've improved the ship's parameters by giving her a faster main guns reload time and a higher turret traverse speed, more HP and an option to equip "Hydroacoustic Search", "Surveillance Radar" and "Defensive AA Fire" at the same time. In Update 0.7.5, VI Cleveland will be the only representative of the line of U.S. light cruisers. The other ships will join the fleet very soon.
  14. Who have you seen in game

    @NotoriousRNG battled the center on Shatter in the Fiji. Well done, mate. With team support, I recovered from over-aggressive positioning on the western flank.