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  1. I got torped on 2 brothers when I took my Pensacola back to intercept the dd coming down the gap. I could have sworn I was going to get out of the way of his torps. After battle, I saw it was a green dd that had shot me. I turned into his torps, yes. I was 1) avoiding red torps, and 2) using the rudder to more quickly bring guns to bear. The green dd needed to wait until he was between me and the red dd. You can't assume that someone won't have a reason to turn into the torps you have fired. Once the torpedo alarm is sounding, I don't scan for a new spread before I swing the rudder.
  2. When I enter a game in my New Orleans, the guns are chain firing like the mouse key is being held down. I have only had the problem in the New Orleans. I had a similar problem once in the Cleveland in a tier 8 game. It was stuck in free look. RMB. Only these times have I had the issue. I can't duplicate the mouse button hang, and it's only happened on load-in.
  3. Warships Today allows you to track hit percentage by ship at custom intervals.
  4. The binary nature of armament load-outs are really cool. It allows us to identify with a dilemma similar to the one that Nagumo faced at Midway.
  5. I disagree. It wouldn't make sense. See Jeff Cooper's rule 4.
  6. I think it's more a result of deviation to the mean rather than mm messing with us. Combine that with the Dunning-Krueger (aka Lake Woebegone) effect and confirmation bias, and we will swear that mm has once more served us up on a platter for a better team to club. Sometimes it's not even bad play. Sometimes it's incompatible play.
  7. My bad. It happened. Move on. I have sometimes had it happen to focus and fire recklessly. Fortunately I haven't started a fire. It's part of the game.
  8. How many salvos before you figured that out? The warnings in chat are clear it is your shots hitting an enemy. Hold fire until you discover what you are doing wrong.
  9. It's learning to anticipate where the CV's will amass. I have got better at that in my Cleveland. With CV's in the game, I usually get in the double digits for plane kills. Sometimes I get a CV captain, or even two, who didn't get the memo. I had a battle on Two Brothers Saturday where two Bogue's sent two strikes over me and two strikes 4km me. I was able to down 39 planes. No CS this time though. Earlier today, I did not get any plane kills, but a Midway avoided the western half of the map to avoid me, so our CV could work his magic.
  10. When two CV's coordinate their attacks and fly an escort with them, and the three squadrons are annihilated by a green cruiser next to their BB target, I would say, The threat was countered. Both CV players suffered in the ability to affect the rest of the game. Deleting a squadron of TB's or DB's before they are able to drop is fun. Deleting over twenty of the planes in a single game is loads of fun.
  11. It's a team game. Many find that a coordinated push is more effective than entering the fight piecemeal.
  12. I enjoy the double Bogus games when the CV drivers rush my Cleveland. MFCAA is Awesome.
  13. I had an Omaha act like it was making a torps run against my Cleveland. Six citadels and a devastating strike in one salvo.
  14. Did the RMB lock?
  15. The only thing I see wrong is everyone's AA equipped, so there aren't enough planes to go around. I'm barely able to get more than 10 each game. OTOH, Cleveland gets to be in same tier most games. TY CVs