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  1. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    Dude, I think I did miss out! Welcome back! May the buffs be ever in your favor.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Better than losing a close one because I did something D. U. M. B.
  3. Who have you seen in game

    @poeticmotion was in a US DD on Two Brothers and I in the Buffalo. Suddenly, we were not only fighting the reds that were in front of us, but they had rolled through the opposite flank and were bearing down from the rear. Not a very auspicious battle.
  4. WWII Book on DD's Tin Can Titans

    Another good one about a desperate battle.
  5. How to Shimakaze

    @Destroyer_KuroshioKai That was a really good game. I think that Trap is one of the better DD maps. There are a lot of places to go to land torps on the flanks and to provide vision. If your allies are take advantage of the vision, the reds can be rolled up rather effectively. I have had a lot of games where we lost on number of ships destroyed, but were able to keep the reds bottled in C with vision and torps.
  6. The Worst Super Container... Of All Time

    I agree with you. I don't remember the colors, but it does look like containers that I received when I was low on credits and trying to get a concealment module.
  7. The Worst Super Container... Of All Time

    It looks like a credits container. The TYL containers that I get have two dice on them. SC's are bigger, and a different color. On Edit: I do not recall pulling an SC on a credits choice, so, maybe? I get that in regular containers though.
  8. IJN DDs

    Wait for it, wait for it, torpedo: LOOSE! I really enjoy Shima and Yugumo play. 90k and more of spotting even gets to be fun once in a few games. It shows teamwork, even if accidental, and out playing the red DD s (The opposite of eating an early torpedo).
  9. How to Shimakaze

    Not on the replay. I've either hit an 11 game streak in the Shiratsu, or I am starting to figure it out. At 29 games I had a 31% WR. At 40 games it's 44%. Woot woot.
  10. DD's going the way of the CV's

    DD's are the easiest type to play. Every game I am in, it seems, the 's CA and BB players Tell the DD's exactly how to play. It has to be easy if they can sail their ship and the DD also. Even when I am in aCA, someone is telling the DD how to play their ship. PS: If I do something you don't like, it's because I've learned to trust my instincts (And have better awareness of my detection range).
  11. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Doesn't mean the contribution was minimal. It means you had a kicking team who did things too.
  12. No Skype , no Echolink, no nothing. Not sure exactly what it lacks.
  13. DD's going the way of the CV's

    They're back!