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  1. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Tears of the Desert Map tactics 101

    I have won a hard battle at a only to be swamped from c... or vice versa. There is nothing like pushing a dd unopposed through b (or the midddle) and into the red spawn. Especially on Faultline or 4 cap version of Sleeping Giant.
  2. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Who have you seen in game

    I was in Des Moines and saw @YeOldeTraveller in his Kurfurst. He had a really good game.
  3. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Just Drove A Carrier For The First Time Today

    Yeah, it was bad. Not only that, but aircraft don't seem to be able to maintain vision on a dd if you toggle aa. Unless they drop fighters, which melt under any aa.
  4. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    I get that. I had 19% and only because I had collected three stars and wanted 500k silver. An unconventional game mode was created. It will create unconventional gameplay. I am well within average (from both sides) in randoms but couldn't reach 20%. Probably attributable to my (forced) choice of ship type.
  5. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Please get rid of karma. Please please please

    I know what you mean. Useless, but in your head. At least he's good enough to not have a zero. OP is evidence that it works.
  6. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    That sounds like bad maps for DDs. Put two separate and well-spaced caps on a map, and it's a different tale. It would allow a boring meta of cap, hide, stop the ticker of the red, hide some more. OTOH, even at <5 minutes per game, I don't enjoy this meta. YMMV
  7. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Reward Code: JinglyJoy

    Got lots of camo and extra xp flags.
  8. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Free XP Ships

    I used some of it to get a Montana so I can get the UU.
  9. Ensign_Pulver_2016


    I forget what I did get from the tier 10 boxes, except I did get one ship from them. And I had plenty of steel from 8 and 9 to get my Black. So, color me happy.
  10. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Reward Code: JinglyJoy

    I can only hope.....
  11. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Reward Code: JinglyJoy

    Still working. Thanks mate
  12. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    Torpedo-proof ships - how is this not a game breaker?

    If you bought it, you chose the mechanic. That's not average.
  13. I had a really funny game in my Harekaze vs a Benson. My XYL had an issue with our 1 week old grandchild. I went afk with rudder full right. I came back the Benson was 1.5 km away shooting the stuff out of me. Torpedoes LOOSE. Dead Benson. PMSL
  14. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    Supercilious. The only word for it.
  15. Ensign_Pulver_2016

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    The object of the game is to win. No type can deviate far below 50% even in coop as long as you track every ship in battle. Only within types can there be substantial deviation from 50%. Since the object is victory, that has to be the measure. If I can win by controlling vision, there is less damage I need to do. Yes, that is a measure of other players' damage, but this is a team game.